Simple shingles: how to prevent the disease and to get rid of it?

Простой лишай: как предотвратить развитие болезни и избавиться от него?Hello dear readers of our website. Today in this article I will tell about simple lichen, or, as it is called experts, on dry streptococcal impetigo.

Especially useful article would be for parents, as the disease is very common in children.

Fear of contact with patients with exactly diagnosed «simple ringworm» is not necessary, as the disease is not contagious, almost aggressive, often spontaneously.

About the reasons

Simple, or white, or herpes used to be considered one of the forms of streptococcal. Sometimes you can find his second name «dry streptococcal impetigo».

In fact, the nature of the disease is uncertain. Recently, the experts consider it a manifestation of atopic dermatitis.

Thus, in the anamnesis of such patients, it is possible to encounter the following diseases: hay fever, asthma, eczema.

But at the same time, a significant role in the pathogenesis of the white lichen is given to fungi that are able to produce a substance that blocks the access of ultraviolet rays to the skin and slows down the transport of pigment substances in skin cells.

The disease is spread among the population of 5 to 9%, more exposed children, more often boys aged 3 to 16 years.

How to manifest?

Простой лишай: как предотвратить развитие болезни и избавиться от него?The main symptom is the stains lighter in colour than the skin (hypopigmentation). The preferential localization: the face, the cheeks, the skin around the mouth and chin. About 20% of patients have the same spots on the skin of hands and neck.

The spots feature: foci of rounded, white or light pink color, borders of the spots are blurred, the diameter ranging from 0.5 to 2 cm.

Stains located on the trunk, can have a larger diameter. Often on the surface of these lesions can be seen peeling-type thin plates.

Of subjective sensations: slight itching and burning. Especially noticeable stains on the background of tanned skin. The lesions persist for several months (even up to a year).


Простой лишай: как предотвратить развитие болезни и избавиться от него?White lichen is reminiscent of other dermatoses. Difference is a non-inflammatory background, on which there are spots characterized by localized, spontaneous disappearance.

However, when symptoms need to consult a dermatologist, as the doctor must differentiate lichen with such diseases: dermatomycosis, pityriasis versicolor, vitiligo, eczema, leukoderma and atopic dermatitis.

To diagnose a scraping is taken, which is analyzed under a microscope (study of scales).

How to cure it?

Простой лишай: как предотвратить развитие болезни и избавиться от него?White ringworm has a favorable and in most cases takes place independently.

If my patient has a cosmetic defect, you can use a cream or professional cosmetics (emollient-emollients).

To protect the skin from UV rays, as well as maintaining healthy sites from the sun (not different from the lesions of lichen), it is recommended to use cream with sunscreen effect.

In severe itching prescribed ointment hydrocortisone 0.1%, in more complex cases, Tacrolimus (Protopic) at a concentration of from 0.03% to 0.1%, the dosage depends on the age.

Sometimes the treatment prescribed 2-3% white mercury ointment, and the ointment with the antibiotic tetracycline. Bathing is not recommended during exacerbation of the process.

Dermatitis is often complicated by secondary infection, so your doctor may prescribe Ichthyol ointment, with streptocid 10% concentration.

I recommend you see an interesting video, and it is in the popular program «Live healthy» talked about this disease:

Patients should carry out a thorough skin care during remission. Washing, the use of thermal water to hydrate in the hot season, lipocream to prevent dryness and exacerbation.

Sometimes hormonal ointments, for example, hydrocortisone, as well as those which contain anti-fungal component.

If you still have spots of hypopigmentation even after treatment, we should again see a doctor, as in simple leaves the normal skin color is fully restored.

To prevent the development of simple lichen it is necessary to observe rules of hygiene:

  • After bathing in the waters of the wipe dry with a clean personal towel;
  • After bathing in the bath Pat dry the skin to avoid maceration;
  • If you have a tendency to atopic dermatitis, follow the rules of skin care, use special cosmetic means pharmaceutical companies;
  • Prevent chapping of the skin.
  • What should distinguish a disease?

    Простой лишай: как предотвратить развитие болезни и избавиться от него?Simple ringworm is often confused with a bubble. Disease differ not only in nature but also in the clinical picture.

    Herpes refers to an infectious disease by pathogen which is always a herpes simplex virus (shown in photo).

    In its development it is possible to notice a clear connection with recent fever, SARS, in disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Clinically, these two diseases also differ. With herpes zoster, as well as its localization in other parts of the skin formed small bubbles, which never happens with a simple white shingles.

    The disease is acute, and the white lichen is a chronic disease that is exacerbated in the spring and autumn period.

    However, localization of the rash is similar: herpes elements also occur around the lips, on the cheeks, under the nose, and when wrapped around the form on the skin of the body (especially on its lateral surfaces).

    Subjective symptoms in both diseases are similar (itching and burning), but herpes they are much harder to violate General condition of the patient, his dream and their way of life.

    In addition, herpes is accompanied by fever, a rash change in stages: vesicle, erosion, crust, hypopigmentation spot.

    At the last stage of the disease is possible to confuse the two diseases, but an accurate diagnosis will be sufficiently detailed history.

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