Skin dermatitis: how to treat the disease?

Кожный дерматит: какими средствами лечить болезнь?We are glad to see you on our website devoted to skin diseases! Are you worried about the skin rash that defies treatment? May is skin dermatitis. How to treat it, about it we shall tell you now!

The term skin dermatitis combine several similar symptoms of diseases which is the main symptoms of inflammation of the skin under the influence of different factors.

Today the topic will be about different types of dermatitis than they appear, methods of treatment.

Consider the causes of inflammation of the skin. It is often the reason gives the name of the disease:

  • Allergic;
  • Contact;
  • Focal;
  • Trophic;
  • Toxic;
  • Bacterial;
  • Infectious;
  • Fungal;
  • Medication;
  • Steroid;
  • Exudative;
  • Radiation;
  • Seborrheic;
  • Solar;
  • Dermatitis caused by plants and herbs;
  • Herpetiformis.

The reasons may be different.

Кожный дерматит: какими средствами лечить болезнь?One of the most common is a simple or artificial. It can be caused by an obligate irritants: clothing, plants, effect of temperature and radiation, the friction of the Shoe.

This form can be both acute and chronic. Other forms (of allergic and atopic) occur when the effect of the optional factors, for example, any allergens that sencibilisiruet the body.

Every year the number of patients with pathology is rising. This is largely due to the increase in the number of stimuli.

This and household chemicals, poor quality food, a large number of semi-finished products that require the use of preservatives and dyes, cosmetics, perfume, medicines.

Susceptibility to the development of the disease is observed in persons with vitamin deficiencies, Addison’s disease, disorders of endocrine organs, any metabolic disorders.

Any person in his life met with the inflammation of the skin. During contact with the stimulus or immediately after it develops dermatitis.

Severity of clinical manifestations depends on the type of allergen, the time of exposure and power of action.

The allergic dermatitis in its manifestations depends entirely on the state of the autonomic nervous system and the predisposition of the organism to the response (atopy).

From the anamnesis of the patient is transferred to find out and chronic diseases, type of work, possible contact with an irritant over the last few days, the immune system, heredity.

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Acute dermatitis

  • Кожный дерматит: какими средствами лечить болезнь?From abrasions of the skin. Occurs when the rubbing shoes during work (reveal blisters on the hands), and obese people in the folds of the body. You can see edema, but when the stimulus stops, in place of the friction blister appears. This is a dangerous condition as a violation of the integrity of the skin leads to the accession of purulent infection. Frequent exposure to a stimulus leads to roughness of the skin in this place — amosulalol (see photo);
  • Solar form. Develops under the action of sunlight for a long time. While the dermatitis is say 1 or 2 tin of burns. First symptoms appear a few hours later. Subsequent changes in pigmentation of the skin. A similar effect has UV and lamps UV;
  • Radiation. A very dangerous type of disease, regardless of the character of the radiation, the symptoms will be the same. Stage: erythematous bullous and necrotic. Received ulcers cause severe pain that can last for months. At the same time there is a change in the composition of the blood. In chronic forms the patient will be pronounced dryness and atrophy of the skin. They are covered with scales, which may form a malignant tumor;
  • Dermatitis burns by acids and alkali. Pathology is manifested in the form of burns bullous, necrotic or erythematous form. There is a chronic version of the flow when the skin is constantly exposed to acid or alkali in low concentration.
  • Toxicodermia

    Кожный дерматит: какими средствами лечить болезнь?The disease is called toxic-allergic dermatitis. Develops even with the introduction of substances into, so often it is necessary to observe toksikodermiyu medicinal origin.

    Diverse manifestations: erythema, papules, vesicles, and papules vesicular option.

    Often this type of pathology is manifested on the mucous membranes of the oral cavity in the form of a catarrhal, haemorrhagic and erosive lesions.

    Some drugs typical typical manifestation: for preparations of iodine and bromine acne, tuberous — iodine and bromoderma.

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    At a fixed toxicodermia formed round or oval spots, of a diameter not exceeding 2-3 cm, they first red, then brown. At their center form a bubble.

    After discontinuation of the drugs recovery occurs after 10 days. Re-treatment with this drug leads to a similar clinical picture, and the spots appear in the same place and spread to other areas of the body.

    So, the rash is often found on the skin of the genitals, perineum, oral mucosa.

    Toxicodermia often accompanied by General symptoms: insomnia, emotional instability, irritability, malaise, fever, arthralgia, hemorrhage, pain of skin, their tension, itching and burning.


    Кожный дерматит: какими средствами лечить болезнь?The primary factor for successful treatment is the removal of the irritating factor, the allergen.

    How to treat the disease? The leading drugs are antihistamines, and ointments based on corticosteroids.

    If the dermatitis is weeping, appoint a local antiseptic and medicinal plants for drying.

    Severe require detoxification therapy. It is performed intravenously. In addition, some patients are prescribed sedately.

    The presence of bubbles requires opening with observance of measures of asepsis and antisepsis.

    Dermatitis are treated with the mandatory appointment of probiotics. Prolonged dysbiosis significantly degrades the predictions of treatment duration.

    Treatment of toxicodermia carried out sometimes with the help of a surgeon. Nekrotizirovannye portions of tissue are excised. Erosion is lubricated by such means: chymotrypsin, procaine and aniline dyes.

    If localized erosion of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, the patient is prescribed a gargle with infusion of chamomile, solution of boric acid, furatsilina, potassium permanganate.

    If the dermatitis is accompanied by symptoms of conjunctivitis, in the treatment of add sofradeks, hydrocortisone ointment or drops to dexamethasone.

    Wounds are disinfected and treated with local anti-inflammatory drugs. A positive effect is observed when using epitelizirutmi drugs, combined glucocorticosteroid aerosols.

    Important in the treatment of toxicodermia has the power. The diet of the patient should prevail cottage cheese, cream, and other protein sources.

    In violation of the integrity of the skin patients lose a lot of fluid, so it is important to establish the abundant drinking regime.

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    Exclude from menu, salt, extractives, carbohydrates.

    To apply medications should moderate, strictly by appointment, as they can aggravate allergic reaction.

    Toxicodermia refers to diseases, which may be emotional in nature, so mental balance and tranquility are the key to successful treatment.

    I recommend to view the video, where the doctor tells in detail about this disease:


  • Ointment and cream. Laticort — anti-inflammatory, antiedemic, antipruritic effect. Pimafucort — with dermatoses which are complicated by a fungal or bacterial infection. Kortomicetin — atopic dermatitis, but not in violation of the integrity of the skin. Hixson — if allergic dermatoses complicated by bacterial infection, burns and frostbite. Skin cap spray no hormones used in seborrheic;
  • Antihistamine. There are three generations of drugs. From the first generation is justified to appoint her second-generation — loratadine, which is often used in itching dermatoses. Third-generation — Trexel, is effective in the contact form of the disease, atopic eczema. You can substitute Zyrtec;
  • Drugs to improve regeneration. Actovegin — for burns and wounds. Bepanten — with dryness, nourishes the skin.
  • Often the uncomplicated form of the disease are treated with folk remedies. This is valid in case of sunburn or the formation of blisters in mild dryness of the skin after using household chemicals.

    That’s all, stay tuned! See you soon!