Skin pigmentation in vitiligo: how to recover it?

Пигментация кожи при витилиго: как ее восстановить?Welcome, dear friends, on the website on dermatology. Skin pigmentation in vitiligo is noticeable changes. These changes can remain for a lifetime, but sometimes are themselves.

Vitiligo can occur in anyone, regardless of age and gender. Modern medicine knows about this disease yet not all, so it is difficult to treat. Are you curious what and why is happening with the skin from ill? If you’re interested, then read.

What is vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a pigmentation disorders of the skin, where certain areas are losing melanin — the pigment and thus the color. The skin is discoloured gradually, the spots grow and merge. Because of this on the body ill are formed with intricate patterns resembling a map.

Color spots can be:

  • white;
  • milk;
  • ivory color;
  • slightly pinkish.

Пигментация кожи при витилиго: как ее восстановить?In light of the nature of the skin vitiligo is noticeable only in summer months when other parts of the body tan. On dark skin in African-Americans the disease is constantly noticeable.

It is because of the depigmentation has changed the skin color of famous musician Michael Jackson. What other stars are sick of vitiligo? Read about it on this site.

The disease is an acquired chronic. In the process of development genetics is not involved. Therefore, it is rare in children under the age of three years.

What happens to the diseased skin?

Normal skin gets its color due to melanocytes — cells that contain the pigment. In healthy melanocytes contain a particular set of enzymes that convert substances such as amino acids and tyrosine in melanin.

The maximum number of melanocytes located in the deep epidermal layers and in the shafts of the hair.

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Пигментация кожи при витилиго: как ее восстановить?It is worth noting that fair-skinned and have black the number of melanocytes in the skin are the same. Differs only in the amount of melanin produced by these cells.

If the melanocytes are working normally, the color of the skin will be even and natural. But at any moment in the body can happen something blocking pigment cells. What? This will tell the following paragraph of the article.

Causes of vitiligo: the most common

To provoke the depigmentation can a variety of factors. Scientists have not yet fully explored vitiligo, so in some clinical cases, the cause cannot be established, but often the disease is triggered by:

  • disorders of the endocrine balance (diseases of the thyroid and other glands);
  • psychological trauma, constant stress, depression;
  • autoimmune disorders;
  • infectious diseases of different nature;
  • helminthic invasion;
  • disorders vitamin balance and metabolism;
  • hereditary predisposition.

The appearance of depigmentation occurs equally often in men and women. Despite the fact that the disease is not completely studied, we can say with 100% certainty that it is not transmitted from person to person.

So do not be afraid ill! This will make them mentally hurt, and they have a hard time in life because of the ridicule of others.

Symptoms: the first and subsequent

Пигментация кожи при витилиго: как ее восстановить?Vitiligo begins gradually — first, there are small oval spots, the color of which are a little lighter than the primary skin. Spots have the clear border, it is absolutely not disturbing.

Gradually they grow, they acquire various forms, merge. The growth of spots is ongoing.

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The vitiligo lesions can be single, multiple.

Are the spots predominantly on the exposed parts of the body: face, neck, chest, limbs. A distinctive feature of this depigmentation is no peeling, redness, itching and other common symptoms of dermatological diseases.

Often the lesions are symmetrical. In very rare cases, depigmentation affects only one half of the body. Hair spots also lose melanin and discolored. In addition, impaired sweating, and sensitivity to stimuli.

In severe cases all the skin ill lose color. In the period when the disease progresses, the appearance of a new spot could trigger anything:

  • pressure on the epidermis;
  • integrity violation;
  • burn (solar);
  • friction.

That’s all the symptoms of the depigmentation. Patients do not feel the system worsening, you feel totally healthy physically. From vitiligo suffers only the aesthetic appearance and psyche.

Patients is very difficult to come to terms with his second feature, and ridicule others only aggravate their psychological disorders.

Is the disease incurable?

Пигментация кожи при витилиго: как ее восстановить?In the history of medicine, there are cases in which depigmentation of the skin took place spontaneously. But, unfortunately, is a rarity.

Most have to treat stains over the years and sometimes unsuccessfully. How to restore the color of the affected skin?

At the present time there are special drugs against vitiligo, for example, Vitasan cream.

In the cream are natural components that enhance the sensitivity of the epidermis to UV light and trigger the development of skin dye in the discolored areas.

Vitasan and drugs against vitiligo, like him, apply to the skin:

  • normalize the number of melanocytes;
  • stimulate the production of coloring pigment;
  • prevent the development of free radicals;
  • modulate the immune system;
  • improve blood flow and nourish the dermis with vitamins.
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In addition to traditional medicine, the ailing resort to unconventional means, such as infusions and decoctions of medicinal herbs. Many argue that the combination of folk and traditional medicine provides the most rapid and noticeable result.

Still the depigmentation cure UV lamps with a length of the rays of 311 nm. Before the application of the lamp is applied to a special gels and creams. Instead of lamps you can use the Solarium.

In foreign countries becoming increasingly popular methods of surgical treatment of vitiligo. During the operation involves transplanting donor skin to the body ill. This treatment helps to get rid of spots faster than the others.

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Author: Ksenia Borisova (dermatologist)