Skin ringworm: what factors affect the successful treatment of the disease?

Кожный лишай: какие факторы влияют на успешное лечение болезни?Good day to you, our readers! The last few decades from all existing dermatoses lichen occupies one of leading places. This is primarily due to low public awareness of such pathologies.

After all, the most advanced cases of this disease are found, usually, when the patient has long treated dermatitis or acne and did not even know that it could be skin ringworm.

Let’s talk about the disease and find out what it looks like, what treats and what appears is this problem?

What is the disease?

Кожный лишай: какие факторы влияют на успешное лечение болезни?Let’s start with the photo on which presents the most common types of the disease. Lichen group of skin abnormalities, it is characterized by similar symptoms: redness, peeling, inflammation and itching of the skin.

People say that ringworm can be sick, patting a stray cat or dog, although it is not so.

The reason each form of the disease lies much deeper and factors, could provoke a similar reaction of the epidermis, much more.

How is the infection?

Ringworm is open for a century, however, scientists still have not come to a consensus on what external and internal problems can cause. The theory covers the following:

  • immune;
  • stress;
  • virus;
  • genetic;
  • allergic.

Кожный лишай: какие факторы влияют на успешное лечение болезни?And there are also variants of the disease that occurred from the bite of an insect or banal hypothermia of the skin in humans.

Some forms are capable of hurting people of all ages, others are mainly in children, and there are those which affect only at retirement age.

The disease may not leave the patient, although the acute phase cannot remove fast enough. Ringworm starts gradually, but under the influence of certain components may occur in one night.

Usually we run to the doctor when the itching is not removed nothing from those funds available in each house.

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And yet, why is it still not clear the mechanism of infection of this pathology? After all, it would seem that the answer is simple: it viruses and fungi.

But the problem is that infection can occur in completely healthy people, while those who may have a predisposition ringworm touches.

This baffled scientists and physicians. There is also the theory that the disease must be present two or more factors simultaneously, such as:

  • constant nervous strain;
  • heredity;
  • immunosuppression;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • disease of the digestive system;
  • illiterate hygiene, or lack thereof.


Кожный лишай: какие факторы влияют на успешное лечение болезни?There are several major forms of skin Stripping.What they look like, and what symptoms to separate we will see below. Now we list the most famous:

  • red flat;
  • shingles;
  • cutting;
  • pink;
  • pityriasis;
  • subcutaneous;
  • weeping.

Briefly we will try to tell you about every variety. Because depending on what caused the infection, the treatment the doctor prescribes accordingly also for each form.

Кожный лишай: какие факторы влияют на успешное лечение болезни?

Lichen planus is red papules all over the body. They can even appear on the mucous membrane.

He has several subtypes and treatment is complicated by the fact that one subspecies into the other can and they all are accompanied by severe itching.

The disease affects mostly women and often caused by genetic factors.

Tinea versicolor skin caused due to herpes virus, which is present in everyone who had chicken pox.

Compared to other infections, he appears in old age and is localized in the chest. Pathology is accompanied by not only itching but also pain.

In this case, treatment should start immediately, because this form has the strongest danger and the consequences of reckless disregard can be irreversible.

I recommend to watch an interesting video about the disease:

Ringworm – a contagious disease that is transmitted both from humans and from animal. It affects hairy areas of the body, the hair follicles in particular.

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Often they get sick children out of love to homeless animals and the high prevalence of the disease. Symptom it is a spot with a ring around and peeling inside. The hair on the plaque break off at the root.

Pink skin ringworm appears suddenly and can cover the whole body and separate parts.

The most mysterious species of lichen, as the versions of its flash most. This insect bite and the so-called cold skin, and reduced immunity.

If the disease does not bring discomfort and itching doctor it is recommended not to treat, usually after a couple months it runs independently.

Tinea versicolor or pityriasis versicolor affects the melanocytes and unlike other forms does not bear the inflammation, redness and swelling.

Spots can be a little lighter or darker than the General color of the skin and a bit flaky. The disease looks like for the reason that damage to the cells responsible for pigmentation, loses the normal metabolic process effects of ultraviolet radiation on the epidermis.

Meanwhile, the disease is contagious and caused by the spread of the fungus.

Make another video where Elena Malysheva in his TV show «Live healthy» with Sati Casanova told about this disease:

Subcutaneous ringworm looks like teenage acne, and only additional analysis that take the scales of the epidermis definitely in the evening – can reveal the presence of microscopic parasites – mites.

Affected by this disease Teens and people with increased secretion of the sebaceous glands.

Weeping eczema or lichen, very dangerous with the fever, although caused by internal factors. It can be allergic, dermatitis or stress. Eczema is not considered contagious to others, although the treatment lends itself quite difficult.


Кожный лишай: какие факторы влияют на успешное лечение болезни?After a brief discussion of each type of skin depriving we come to the fact that therapy in this disease should be prescribed only by a doctor.

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The standard treatment scheme is a tablet for oral and ointment for external treatment of wounds. Only here fungal in nature should be treated with antifungal drugs, and allergic antihistamine.

Cold sores in the form herpes zoster is treated primarily strong virus, and subcutaneous mite whole complex of measures.

The effectiveness of therapy depends on proper diagnosis and ability of the expert at the earliest stage to identify pathology, to distinguish its form and nature.


Кожный лишай: какие факторы влияют на успешное лечение болезни?Skin ringworm – a few are completely different diseases, which as you know, have something in common.

Not all of them are equally dangerous, but definitely on stage and variety can tell you only doctor. After accurate diagnosis, you need to methodically follow all the doctor’s recommendations and not to leave therapy after symptoms disappear.

Treatment should only be lifted by the doctor after repeated tests. Be healthy!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)