Small pimples on forehead: causes of rash and how to get rid of them

The skin on the forehead is prone to rashes, it has a large number of sebaceous glands. Small pimples on the forehead are common and appear at any age. Various internal diseases and external factors cause pimples in adolescents and in adults. Because of a rash in a place very visible, there are many effective ways how to get rid of them.

The content of the article

  • The formation of small pimples on my forehead
  • What contributes to the appearance of pimples
  • Treatment of rash on forehead
  • Medication
  • Remedies for external use
  • Preparations for internal ingestion
  • Traditional medicine
  • Masks and scrubs from small pimples
  • The mask of oatmeal
  • Blue clay
  • Aloe Vera juice
  • Prevention of pimples on forehead
  • Proper skin care
  • Food
  • Drinking regime
  • Methods of prevention of pimples
  • How pimples are formed

    The forehead is the area where there are many sebaceous glands, because there is a high probability of the formation of acne in case of violation of the process of sebum. Dust, impurities, excess sebum clog the pores, creating the perfect conditions for reproduction of microbes. The cause of the rash may be age and hormonal changes in the body in connection with him, especially a lot of pustules and small pimples in adolescents. Much more comedones appear along with menstruation and pregnancy.

    The formation of small pimples on my forehead

    Due to the blockage of the sebaceous glands, bacteria penetrate into the ducts and cause inflammation. Pimples on forehead often look like formation with a dot in the middle. They may not cause discomfort, but over time, comedones accumulates pus. Then inflame the surrounding tissue, because it is impossible to push such education and to self-medicate.

    Small pimples of red colour formed due to the inflammatory process in the hair follicles and often painful to the touch. This type of skin eruption later turning into pustules. If the skin had internal small pimples, then the skin layers accumulated pus who couldn’t get out. When the number of comedos or other entities small and they appear periodically, they can be removed independently. In the case of a large number of rash refer to a dermatologist.

    What contributes to the appearance of pimples

    Rashes never appear just like that, but to permanently get rid of them, you must first know the causes of skin problems. Not only the production of excess sebum clogs the pores and causes small pimples, but also many other external and internal factors affect their appearance:

  • failure to comply with daily personal hygiene;
  • poor quality cosmetic products for skin care;
  • improper cleansing and moisturizing;
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  • rashes as a result of an unbalanced diet;
  • the medication;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and other internal organs.
  • Pimples on forehead in many cases can be a sign of problems in the body, therefore it is better to consult a specialist to solve the skin problems.

    Treatment of rash on forehead

    Modern medicine and cosmetology offer a lot of ways just to get rid of acne. Masks and scrubs, various anti-inflammatory ointments, gels, which kill bacteria, are very good at their task. At home do steam baths, in order to reveal the pores. And then apply a special mask for a deeper impact.

    One cosmetic products in the treatment of small rashes on forehead not do, because the reason for skin disorders often hides inside of the body. Treatments for pimples on forehead a lot, as the reasons on which they appear. The correct course of therapy will be able to choose the doctor only after careful inspection. Today, apart from medicines widely used method of galvanization, UV irradiation and cryotherapy.

    Мелкие прыщи на лбу: причины высыпаний и как от них избавиться


    In the treatment of acne uses a variety of medicines both for external and internal use. After visiting the dermatologist, the patient with problem skin on the forehead is prescribed a course of drugs, if acne a lot and they are impossible to get rid of some ointments or folk medicine.

    Remedies for external use

    Various ointments, creams and gels give very good results in the treatment of pimples on forehead. Among drugs with antimicrobial action is not effective, metrogyl gel, which stops the inflammatory process. A drying effect simultaneously with the battle against infection has a popular today as well as others. Means with the local antibacterial effect is 1% of dalacin gel. Effective against small lesions skinoren gel, which includes azelaic acid.

    Popular ointments and lotions with salicylic acid, which is very well dries and disinfects the affected area of the skin.

    Preparations for internal ingestion

    When the outer drugs do not help to cope with skin problems, prescribe tablets for internal intake. If the cause of the inflammatory process in the area of the forehead are infection, prescribe antibiotics. For the treatment of lesions suitable amoxicillin, azithromycin, erythromycin and others. Sometimes in severe rashes need hormonal remedies that will help to regulate the balance of substances in the body.

    Among the most commonly used drugs are metronidazole, which is considered Antiprotozoal agent. When acne does not respond to treatment, prescribed drugs group of systemic retinoids, for example, Roaccutane.

    Мелкие прыщи на лбу: причины высыпаний и как от них избавиться

    Traditional medicine

    Since ancient times in the struggle with acne on any part of the body used tested recipes of folk medicine. Such treatment in combination with proper skin care and diet will help to get rid of the inflammation on his forehead. When the disease is at an early stage, the effectiveness of natural remedies is no doubt. If skin problems are in disrepair, traditional recipes will only act together with the special medical treatment.

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    Useful is washing of a variety of herbal infusions. You will need two teaspoons of sage and chamomile per Cup of boiling water, infusion of which is used for hygienic procedures in the morning daily. For herbal remedies also use a tablespoon of birch buds in a glass of boiling water.

    Of herbal teas is useful to make steam baths. For the procedure, lean over a bowl of hot liquid and cover with a towel. Session duration 5-10 minutes. After bath, the pores are well open and they can deep clean or moisturize a special mask. Among contraindications there are minor cuts and scrapes, burns, and allergic reactions.

    Мелкие прыщи на лбу: причины высыпаний и как от них избавиться

    Masks and scrubs from small pimples

    Natural ingredients for the preparation of masks and scrubs gently clean the skin and deliver all the substances necessary for its health and purity. The area of the forehead also can clean away small pimples with home treatments.

    The mask of oatmeal

    One of the most effective is the mask of oatmeal and honey. To take one part honey and two parts of crushed cereal. Apply on forehead and leave for 15-20 minutes.

    Blue clay

    For deep cleansing suitable blue clay, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. A small amount of clay diluted with warm water until a thick cream. Instead of water you can take any herbal decoction.

    Aloe Vera juice

    Quickly soothes and relieves inflammation on forehead aloe Vera juice or pulp of plants as a mask. Take one tablespoon of the pulp of plants and the same amount of honey, mix and apply on clean skin.

    As a scrub using ground coffee, fresh fruit, such as strawberries, kiwi, raspberries.

    Prevention of pimples on forehead

    Not to run your skin to the point where without the help of doctors can not do, you need to perform simple but high-quality prevention methods.

    Proper skin care

    The face and body should always be kept clean. The skin will be cleaned daily with a soft cosmetic high quality. It is not necessary to apply every day a large number of makeup, because they often clog the pores and cause inflammation. It is important to remove the makeup and all the other contamination before bed, the pores could breathe. If skin is oily, it should be one or two months to visit a beautician for a professional cleaning. Cosmetic products are selected according to the type of skin.

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    The diet need to make diverse, with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Meat is better to choose low-fat varieties should be in the menu, seafood, kefir, yogurt. You need to follow the diet and do not eat just before bedtime. Eliminate fatty, spicy, smoked dishes.

    The skin reacts to excessive consumption of sweets and bakery products. In addition to excess weight will start serious problems with the skin. Useful benefits of olive oil, walnuts, low-fat varieties of fish. The important point is the method of cooking. It is better to bake and stew foods rather than fry in a large amount of vegetable oil.

    Drinking regime

    Do not forget about adequate fluid intake per day. You need to drink at least two liters of clean drinking water per day. Eliminate or minimize carbonated drinks, coffee, strong tea and alcohol, which affected skin and the entire body.

    Methods of prevention of pimples

    Simple tips will help to prevent the appearance of acne:

    1. As prevention every morning the skin is rubbed with ice cubes, which is made from various herbal infusions and decoctions.
    2. Daily water for washing add a few drops of lemon juice.
    3. It is forbidden to squeeze any pimples, because then the skin scars and stains, which are hard to get rid of.
    4. You can’t comb your pimples with strong itching, and it is better to seek professional help.
    5. Regularly clean your skin with masks and scrubs.

    Pimples on forehead usually indicate problems and various health problems the body that need treatment. To get rid of the nasty blackheads or pustules, use a holistic treatment, the correct scheme is appointed only the doctor. Proper nutrition and skin care, vitamins, minerals, timely treatment of acute pathological processes will help to prevent a nasty rash on his forehead.