Solar dermatitis: how to protect yourself from the sun and to cure the disease?

Солнечный дерматит: как защищаться от солнца и вылечить болезнь?We are happy to see you again on our website! We are awaiting the release for a long time, and dream about how we will bask in the sun by the sea.

But solar dermatitis can thoroughly spoil our holiday. Let’s discuss how we can help ourselves in the case when a trip to the doctor is impossible, and allergic to the sun made itself felt away from home.

Manifestation of reaction in the sun

For starters, you need to clearly understand how to distinguish solar dermatitis from other skin diseases.

So, the main symptoms you may notice after a short spent in the sun, not necessarily in hot weather.

Severe burning and redness like a burn accompanied by itching. You can also see pimples, similar to hives.

In order to clearly understand how does sun Allergy you can see in the photo below.

Солнечный дерматит: как защищаться от солнца и вылечить болезнь?


Both direct and indirect factors that affect the skin under the sun abound. First you need to select the medication for which you can get a similar reaction:

  • contraceptives;
  • antibiotics;
  • drugs that are composed of nalidixic acid;
  • antidepressants with St. John’s wort;
  • some anti-inflammatory pills.

Before visiting the beach skin could be applied means:

  • cosmetics with musk, benzocaine or benzophenone in composition;
  • inappropriate or poor quality cream from exposure to ultraviolet light;
  • getting SAP on the skin, such as borovnik.

Disease present at the time of sun exposure can also trigger allergic reactions:

  • diabetes;
  • obesity;
  • chronic hepatitis;
  • renal failure and others.

A completely healthy person sun Allergy can arise on an empty place in the case when a much lowered immunity.

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How to treat?

Солнечный дерматит: как защищаться от солнца и вылечить болезнь?The first and most necessary action before therapy will limit UV exposure.

In the period of exacerbation better not to leave the house in Sunny weather, and wear fully covered clothes.

In remission you can be in the sun for a short time in morning and evening hours of the day and carefully examine the body for changes of the skin.

Otherwise, if to prevent a relapse, and many times, you can get a more complex form of the disease – solar eczema.

Allowed the use of anti-inflammatory ointments, which relieve swelling and redness of hormonal creams to doctor’s visits should be discontinued.

Inside, you can take paracetamol if the outbreak of allergies brings discomfort, you’ll feel better, and to reduce the inflammatory process will choose an antihistamine, such as loratadine, fenistil suprastin or.

During therapy it is important to drink plenty of pure water. It will significantly improve the condition of the body and also have a beneficial effect on the skin.

Care should be taken to clothing: avoid synthetics and reduce its touching patients. Pick up anything loose-fitting natural fabrics.

In General, the treatment of solar dermatitis may last a few days, subject to the fulfilment of the main requirements – to be protected from the direct impact of ultraviolet radiation on the epidermis.

A separate case is necessary to highlight the manifestation of this skin reaction in children. When you notice the child has a sun Allergy, you need to immediately contact a doctor. Only a doctor can make correct diagnosis and prescribe an effective treatment.

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If you failed to protect yourself from an Allergy to the sun, to take all measures to prevent further recurrence, you simply must.

The first thing you need to purchase sunscreen. It needs to be of good quality and not contain dangerous to the body components.

The cream should be applied before each access to the beach. And sunbathe only in the inactive period of the sun, morning and evening. In the afternoon, to avoid the risk of solar dermatitis, better of premises not to go.

To prevent this disease should be maintain the immune system at the appropriate level:

  • rational to eat small portions throughout the day and do not overeat;
  • sports;
  • sleep at least eight hours per night;
  • walk in the fresh air;
  • to include in your regime hardening.

I recommend to watch an interesting video where women share their tools and creams for sun protection:


Today we figured out that the sun Allergy is manifested for a variety of reasons, most often it is the medication, wrong cosmetics or reduced resistance of the organism.

Symptoms of the disease is this: redness, burning and intense itching, but to cure it easy. Enough to avoid direct sunlight for several days and take antihistamines.

An important factor in this disease strengthening immunity by all known methods. Prevention of dermatitis, lest he again plays a very important role.

We wish you a bright holiday and even beautiful tan! Up to new meetings!