Solar shingles: how effective are topical preparations for the treatment?

Солнечный лишай: эффективны ли местные препараты для лечения?Hello, dear readers! Details continue to consider the themes depriving the person. Today I will talk about the treatment of solar or tinea versicolor.

A little bit about the disease

Solar ringworm is fungal in nature. Pathogen causes damage to the stratum corneum of the epidermis.

Often the fungus is found in men and among the population it is found in 10-15% of cases. Title solar shingles received because of deterioration of clinical manifestations during summer. In some patients the disease has a chronic treatment, but may disappear spontaneously.

Manifest disease is manifested by the appearance of yellowish dots, which are confined to the hair follicles.

The primary element — stain pink-yellow. Then its color changes to brown, appear on the surface of the scales yellow.

The primary elements merge, forming large pockets with scalloped edges. A distinctive feature is that the color may vary from white to dark brown, so solar shingles have received another name «colored» (photo).

When the scraping surface is separated scales, and most affected area of seborrheic: scalp and upper torso.

After bathing and removal of seborrheic scales and you can see that the color of the lesion is lighter than the healthy skin.

The pockets are arranged asymmetrically over the surface of the skin do not speak, do not cause itching (rare exceptions may be minor itching).

Experts believe that the development of the disease important role played by such causes: excessive sweating, chemical composition of sweat, the predisposition of each patient.

How to diagnose ringworm?

Солнечный лишай: эффективны ли местные препараты для лечения?Much difficulty diagnosis is not. In most cases, the look of ringworm.

In order to differentiate with other pathological conditions, apply the additional methods. For example, iodine, a sample of Balzer.

Skin in the affected areas and the healthy part of the skin smeared 5% iodine solution. The lesions of lichen are colored more intensively, because the Horny layer is loosened there.

You can substitute a solution of iodine in solutions of aniline dyes.

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Doctors use also a symptom of Beignets. When scraping the surface of the hearth appear small scales, causing the disease is also called «pityriasis».

Hidden lesions, for example, on the scalp, looking for using mercury-quartz lamp. The spots of lichen are visible as dark-brown or red-yellow.

The diagnosis is confirmed by the discovery of the bodies of the fungus by microscopic examination.

How to treat?

Солнечный лишай: эффективны ли местные препараты для лечения?The disease is caused when changing the shape of the mushroom from saprophytic to pathogenic, so it is important in the early stages to identify the cause of balance disorders.

For example, solar shingles can be a «witness» of tuberculosis, rheumatism, diabetes, AIDS.

Therefore, examination of the patient involves a lot of analyses on these diseases. Since shingles occurs most often in individuals aged 15 to 45 years, but if the patient does not fall into this age category, it is worth paying special attention.

Often there are cases sun depriving patients with cancer after chemotherapy. But after intensive treatment they usually on their own.

Why is the treatment of lichen start with the application of external means? As mentioned above, ringworm affects the Horny layer of the epidermis, so this type of keratomycosis begin to treat it by local medications.

Medications for local treatment are divided into the following groups:

  • Drugs with fungicidal action;
  • Keratolytic agent;
  • Medications with zinc pyridinato;
  • Funds with a combined composition.
  • In General, the treatment is entirely dependent on the extent of the process and the area of destruction. Previously used funds from keratolytic properties.

    It is, first and foremost, salicylic alcohol with 2-5% concentration alcohol solution of the preparation of resorcinol.

    Солнечный лишай: эффективны ли местные препараты для лечения?

    Modern approaches to treatment include antifungal drugs. It is noticed that 24 hours after their application there is the death of fungi, so specific therapy is given preference over a keratolytic.

    As the surface of the lesion is usually significant, for skin treatment apply solutions. They are applied on the affected by fungal lesions of the skin, gently rubbing. Of the drugs can be recommended lamisil, drug zistan, Clotrimazole, Ivanek.

    All of antimycotic drugs in solar shingles is prescribed for one week, applied twice a day.

    High therapeutic effect was observed for funds with pyrithione zinc. It Parrom and Skin up. They are available in the form of spray and cream.

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    The patient can use these drugs as a preventive means, to reduce the frequency of relapse at least 1 times in two weeks.

    Than treat the scalp? Widely used other cosmetics for the treatment of fungal infections containing zinc pyrithione. This is mainly for the care of skin in individuals suffering from dandruff.

    Since the fungus mainly affects the scalp, patients are prescribed remedies in the form of shampoos that contain medicinal substances.

    It’s Nizoral, Ketoconazole, Kelual, Sebazole. They are used every day. After applying the soak time from 2 to 5 minutes.

    So continue treatment for 7 to 10 days. And to address the other manifestations of the disease such as flaking, swelling, infiltration, erythema, prescribed shampoos with tar (Psorinum).

    Солнечный лишай: эффективны ли местные препараты для лечения?For the fastest and versatile effect can be assigned to a combination of shampoos, for example, Node DS plus.

    If the patient has resistance of the pathogen to the topical medications or frequent recurrence, resort to treatment with systemic medications. For example, Intrakonazol, which is best taken with food for absorption.

    The second drug is Fluconazole. Antimycotic means you can assign courses with a break of 2 weeks.

    After taking drugs not recommended to take water treatments for 12 hours, as it will allow the drug to accumulate in the skin.

    Some experts believe that for a fast recovery, and recommend a change of underwear every day for a month.

    The patient should be explained that the appearance of bright spots is the result of the disease and may persist for a long time.

    The help of medicine

    Солнечный лишай: эффективны ли местные препараты для лечения?How you can help yourself at home using folk remedies? In nature there are herbs that can effectively cure ringworm, and also help you in preventing relapses.

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    For example, marigold and blackberries. For making funds take calendula flowers and leaves of BlackBerry. The ratio is 1 to 2, mix and pour the boiling water.

    In an hour you can drink the infusion of half a Cup. If you drink it three times a day, your body will gain strength to resist disease.

    Sore spots can be cleaned with a swab moistened with a decoction from buckwheat. The most affordable and effective is the Apple cider vinegar, which grease spots up to 6 times a day during the week.

    In 10 days will help get rid of the disease ointment slurry of sorrel, sour cream or cream. Apply up to 3 times a day.


    As a rule, the course and prognosis are favorable. But the discovery of the disease in one of the family members, it is recommended to conduct a survey of all family members using fluorescent lamps.

    When excessive sweating, you need to visit a dermatologist and solve the question of its elimination, as well can not wear synthetic fabric.

    Solar shingles is one of the most favorable in terms of prediction of diseases, so you quickly eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of the disease, if you just do the treatment.

    In conclusion, the article put an interesting video about the disease:

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