Solkoderm warts: the reviews of the people and our opinion

Солкодерм от бородавок: отзывы людей и наше мнениеHello, dear readers. Doctors-dermatologists often turn patients who suffer from various skin formations, in particular warts.

It is a viral disease that can be transmitted by household or through direct contact with a sick person. Causes the disease is the human papilloma virus.

To avoid the appearance of warts should be to strengthen the immune system and maintain healthy life. If you are the owner of unpleasant excrescence on the body, the first thing you need to consult a specialist who will prescribe effective treatment or removal of warts surgically.

In today’s article we would like to tell you about this drug as Solkoderm which has proven itself in the people as a very effective and efficient remedy against the unpleasant warts. Consider it in more detail.

Read more about the drug

Solkoderm – a solution that can be applied at home. It does not cause the body negative impact because it does not contain toxins.

It consists of acetic, nitric, lactic and oxalic acid and copper (II) nitrate trihydrate. The drug is available in vials with a plastic applicator in the kit.

Also prescription ointment Solkoderm with the same effect when applied.

In the photo below you can see how looks the solution Solkoderma.

How does Solkoderm wart?

Солкодерм от бородавок: отзывы людей и наше мнениеThe drug Solkoderm warts affecting the affected areas that the infected tissues are burned, dehydrated and are mummified. Formed the scab peels off after a few days and disappears.

The treated area heals quickly, and recurrences are virtually eliminated, because the wart is burned with the root.

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Also after treatment remains of scars eliminating skin lesions on exposed parts of the body.

If you notice that after the application of funds has been a change in the color of the knot on grey or yellow, it means that Solkoderm worked, and soon you will get rid of warts.

Because Solkoderm to cure genital warts, common (vulgar) and even plantar warts.

Usage instructions

Солкодерм от бородавок: отзывы людей и наше мнениеIf you asked for help to a dermatologist, he will tell you in detail how to apply the remedy of warts. Otherwise, carefully read the instructions yourself.

Initially, the affected wart area of skin should be wiped with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol. You can steam build-up and remove dead skin layer that will ensure getting the drug directly into education.

Try to apply the liquid very carefully to avoid contact with healthy skin.

In the kit you will find a special applicator, which can be easily applied to the drug. Different end of the tube is designed for entities of different size (acute — small, obtuse – large).

Солкодерм от бородавок: отзывы людей и наше мнениеAfter you apply Solkoderm, skin color will change to yellow-grey or white-grey. Don’t worry – as it should be.

This means that have started to operate active components of the drug. Wait until the liquid is completely dry.

After these manipulations no longer lubricate the skin and does not soak water. Make sure that the drug did not get on mucous membranes.

If you have a lot of warts, one procedure you can not do. The use of Solcoderm in this case, perhaps in several stages. Each successive stage should be after a period of 3-4 weeks.

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If after the procedure, the wart is gone, you can repeat the treatment manipulation to its complete disappearance.

Contraindications to the use of funds

  • malignant tumors, and propensity for metastasis;
  • if the skin is susceptible to the formation of scars;
  • the presence near the target area for damage and inflammation;
  • you cannot use product for the removal of keloid scars and freckles;
  • do not apply the solution on the skin of children up to 5 years.

Use in pregnancy and lactation

Солкодерм от бородавок: отзывы людей и наше мнениеTo date, studies on the possible effect of Solcoderm on the female body in these periods was conducted.

Consequently, the use of the drug is possible only on prescription, and only then, when the potential benefits of the drugs exceed the risks for the unborn child.

The use in children

If the warts are observed in a child over 5 years, in respect of the application of Solcoderm no restrictions.

Side effects

In the process of using the medicinal solution possible local reactions, which are manifested in the form of mild transient erythema and appearance for some time white ischemic ring, localized at the healthy skin around the treated area.

Also you may feel a slight burning sensation after application, which will be held after a couple of minutes. Very rarely has scarring and discoloration of the skin.

The price of the drug

Actually this tool is not cheap. In Moscow the cost of the solution Solkoderm varies from 600 to 1000.

Of course, in regions the price is lower, but not much. Unfortunately, this drug has no analogues, which causes such a high price.

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Patient testimonials

Солкодерм от бородавок: отзывы людей и наше мнениеAlmost everyone who fought the warts with the help of available medicines, celebrated one hundred percent recovery.

Of course, there are negative reviews but they are either wrong actions during treatment or with the presence of ignored contraindications.

That is why before medical procedures, we recommend you to consult a dermatologist, who will not only familiarize you with the drug Solkoderm, but will also talk about preventive measures so you never encountered such unpleasant phenomenon as warts. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (doctor dermatolog)