Solkovagina when warts: effective or not?

Солковагин при кондиломах: эффективен или нет?A modern problem that deserves serious attention, are of cervical pathology.

Often caused malignant transformation of entities on this on, so it is important to ensure quality and timely treatment of benign processes.

In medical institutions widely used solkovagina when warts. The human papillomavirus, which causes this pathology, is often dormant.

You can get it through sexual contact, so the growths appear on the surface of contact.

It can manifest itself in a few months, depending on the condition of immunity that stresses the importance of regular preventive examinations by a gynecologist. This would ensure timely diagnosis.

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What is the drug

Drug remedy contains acetic, nitric, oxalic acid, and nitrate of zinc. Due to the multicomponent and General mechanism of action achieved good treatment results.

Formula is specially designed for vaginal use. This takes into account peculiarities of the structure and sensitivity of the mucous membranes.

What is the mechanism of action

During the procedure is cauterization pathological growths using solcovagin. Acid destroys protein compounds of cells, which leads to the loss of their viability. The result is visible immediately in a few minutes. To completely get rid of tumors might require multiple procedures.

It could happen burn healthy tissue?

At first glance, it seems that the application of acids in such an intimate place entails a high risk. Whether so it actually?

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Солковагин при кондиломах: эффективен или нет?

Definitely, the risk is there anyway. But only for gross violation of the rules prescribed in the regulations. The concentration of active substances is not so great to cause pathological damage.

Only the modified portions of the epithelium of the hard to absorb the treatment solution solkovagin. They are like a magnet, attract the drug, while the healthy part is not the harmful effects.

Exceeding the permissible dose or ignoring contraindications can lead to unpleasant consequences. Then you have to get rid of the adverse events in the form of burns or allergic reactions.

The stages of the procedure

After visiting the doctor, delivery of all necessary analyzes is the procedure of getting rid of growths. Everything is conducted in the hospital by a qualified technician.

The doctor uses a gynecological mirror to display the cervix. When it can be clearly seen, using a clamp and a cotton ball to remove mucus. For testimony is more time to spend examination with a colposcope, which produces an increase in hundreds of times.

The next step is treatment of the cervix 3% acetic acid. This allows you to see the boundaries between the changed and healthy surface. A normal reaction is the constriction of the vessels and blanching of the tissues. Areas with the pathology remains unchanged.

In a few minutes the treatment is performed cervical solkovagin. Cauterization occurs on the eyes, and is outwardly manifested by the formation of a protective crust.

You should wait 1-2 minutes and repeat treatment. This technique is considered safe and effective. Rinsing is not necessary.

Is it possible to treat with the erosion

The method is contraindicated in pregnant women with suspected a malignant process. In the presence of pathological changes, you need to conduct a study to confirm the purity of the process. And only then to apply solkovagina for the treatment of erosions.

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The disease is characterized by ectopic growth of tissue in places where they shouldn’t be. That is, the cylindrical epithelium, which normally covers the inner surface of the cervix might begin to develop on its surface.

It is considered a pathology and is called fake by erosion. In such cases, the drug perfectly copes with the disease.

Is it normal to discharge after treatment

After cauterization of the warts, the resulting top layer is a protective. It is not possible to penetrate the infection and complicate the recovery period. Beneath this crust are growing normal cells, which themselves are rejected are no longer needed layer.

In the first week can be observed separation, after using solcovagin. A small number sukrovichnye fluid indicates normal development of the healing process.

If you find a drop of blood, you should consult a specialist for advice. This may indicate mechanical damage to the wound formation. If there is no need for concern, your doctor will send you home.

As the drug is tolerated by patients

All components of the drug are not dangerous for the body of women. As a rule, solkovagina collects good reviews and is an effective remedy for warts. Adverse events are very rare, often caused by individual intolerance of the drug or an overdose.

The treatment does not interfere with normal life. Not observed pain, burning, or violation of the General condition. Sexual relations is also not reflected. It is only to avoid prolonged use of hot baths, douching.

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)