Sore throat with chicken pox can lead to unpleasant consequences

Ангина при ветрянке может привести к неприятным последствиямHello dear visitors of dermatological website! Chickenpox is a viral infection of the generalized type. It can reduce the immune resistance to pathogenic bacterial microorganisms.

Because of this sore throat in this disease — a very real phenomenon. But this only applies to bacterial. There is also «herpes» disease of the throat, which is often confused with smallpox, but with smallpox can not be.

Let’s define how to distinguish a sore throat (viral and bacterial) smallpox?. After reading the article, you will learn a lot.

How to distinguish a bacterial disease of the tonsils from the chicken pox?

We all know how smallpox begins:

  • temperature rise;
  • weakness and General malaise;
  • the appearance on the skin characteristic rash.

During the development of virus diseases immune system weakens, as it focuses on the fight against virus-the causative agent. She is always evolving quickly and dramatically gives the symptoms. For the first symptoms to distinguish it from angina is very difficult.

Ангина при ветрянке может привести к неприятным последствиямWhy? The fact that the disease of the tonsils, too, starts with a temperature and General malaise. Ill will complain of pain in the larynx, which, in turn, become red and inflamed.

When the chickenpox rash also often appears on the mucous membranes of the larynx and oral cavity. And how to distinguish the two diseases?

Pimples, when smallpox appears with increase in temperature. Therefore, if the child has sharply increased temperature up to 38-39 degrees., you need to search red bumps on the skin and mucous membranes.

By the way, in the first place, a rash appears in the oral cavity and larynx, as it is through the respiratory tract the virus enters the body. Attacking the mucous, he wasplay her, causing a cough, sore throat, fever.

If within three to six days after fever the body of the patient covered with a characteristic rash (her first few, but gradually the number of pimples increases), you are faced with a classical viral disease, which rarely occurs without pimples all over my body.

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But if this has not happened, and the throat continues to hurt, it is possible to suspect disease of the tonsils.

If the tonsils begins to form pus, the patient child or adult classic bacterial tonsillitis. This disease may accompany pox Varicella Zoster.

To treat bacterial disease so you need:

  • Often rinse antibacterial and antiseptic solutions. At home you can prepare chamomile or sage broth.
  • Treat (spray or smear) tonsils pharmacy antiseptics. In modern times they are represented in a wide range.
  • To stay in bed lying mode, drink more water.
  • But sometimes the pus does not appear. Instead, the sky and the throat is covered with small red petechial rashes, which gradually turns into Valderice. At the same time the pimples on the skin do not jump.

    This disease called «herpes» sore throat. How to understand the chicken pox or other illness, in such a case?

    «Herpes» specific angina

    Provocateur «herpes» disease of the throat is a malicious microorganism Coxsackie (there are various others, but with chicken pox it is impossible to confuse). Among the causative agents of smallpox and this disease almost nothing in common.

    Ангина при ветрянке может привести к неприятным последствиям«Herpes» sore throat called due to the fact that it is the same as the chicken pox: Valderice on mucous membranes. But, in fact, Coxsackie is not the herpes virus.

    As Coxsackie has nothing to do with the Varicella Zoster virus, the wrong will argue that the same disease can be contracted from another patient. Thus, rash after sore throat to develop in ill can not.

    But at the same time it theoretically can occur. But you need to get these ailments simultaneously or alternately, which is extremely rare.

    Often «herpes» disease of the neck confused with chickenpox. To prevent this error, you need to be able to distinguish one disease from the other.

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    It is easiest to distinguish by their appearance. For «herpes» sore throats are characterized by:

    • redness of the pharyngeal ring and posterior wall of the larynx;
    • the absence of pus;
    • tiny red bubbles, jumping on the surface of the palate, tonsils, uvula.

    The symptoms of the above diseases in children and adults alike. But the most interesting thing is that as adults, they are less pronounced. As you know, when smallpox is the opposite: the adults carry the disease harder. Here is another distinctive feature.

    «Herpes» disease of the larynx may not develop into chronic and last for months. Its duration to five days on average. The duration of the acute period of three days.

    How to treat?

    Ангина при ветрянке может привести к неприятным последствиямTo treat the disease and thus fight the virus provocateur, nothing. Such drugs simply do not yet invented.

    By the way, against the virus provocateur specific medication, too, is not invented. The body needs to cope independently and to develop him immune defenses.

    Angina «herpes» type, triggered by Coxsackie, will take place without treatment as fast that of him. Why take a medication when it is useless.

    The state of suffering can only be eased by using these tips:

    • give him plenty of fluids, as this will improve thermoregulation, after which he will not have to ride temperature;
    • often ventilate and clean the space where the suffering is most of the time;
    • to wear and wrap ill so that he constantly felt in the warmth;
    • limit physical activity (to walk in the fresh air while you can);
    • not to make is, if you do not wish to ill (a viral illness place great stresses on the liver and additional loads of food can aggravate the situation).
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    That’s all the information about varicella and flu, which can evolve along with it or instead of it. I hope the article was interesting and informative. If so, read share with friends and subscribe to site updates. Up to new meetings!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)