Strawberry Allergy: symptoms and treatments

Аллергия на клубнику: симптомы и методы леченияGood day, regular visitors and guests of the site. Allergic to strawberries belongs to the list of the most common allergic disorders. It occurs due to certain properties of the berries.

Strawberry is very useful, so in the summer the parents trying to feed their children. Unfortunately, such care is not always good.

Dear reader, I hope you’re not allergic to strawberries? If so, please read this article and learn how to treat your sensitivity.

The reason that provokes reaction to the strawberries?

Vitamins in the composition of berries are unable to harm humans, but other components, about which few people know, is quite capable of causing severe attack of hypersensitivity.

Аллергия на клубнику: симптомы и методы леченияStructure berries — porous, which in the process of growth it absorbs a variety of substances, including its pollen.

Hypersensitivity when eating strawberries often causes it is the pollen that had accumulated in its pulp. This type of disorder is called hay fever.

In order to calculate an intolerance to strawberries, you need to know how to manifest this disorder. To ignore it is impossible, as it shows bright and aggressive.

Symptoms of hypersensitivity strawberry

In the case of the above-described berry, allergens-irritants enter the body through the mouth, throat and intestines. Therefore, the primary symptoms will be associated with these bodies:

  • tingling in the throat;
  • swelling of the tongue and larynx;
  • itching in the mouth;
  • sore;
  • watery eyes;
  • a runny nose accompanied by sneezing.

If hypersensitivity will continue to develop actively, you will experience the following health issues: redness and a rash (as pictured); asthma attacks; diarrhea; cramps; fever; swelling Kwinke; as anaphylactic shock.

Symptoms may appear suddenly after an improper and excessive consumption of strawberries. By the way, how you need to eat a berry, so nothing bad happened. Below you will see simple tips to help prevent an allergic attack.

The correct use of strawberries — home preventive principle

Аллергия на клубнику: симптомы и методы леченияThis berry is strictly forbidden to drink milk. In raw form it is a severe irritant.

Thus, you are going to bring in your body a few of the strongest allergens. In such a situation, allergic after the berries can become even completely healthy people.

In addition, to consume the berry with caution necessary for those who have allergic heredity. Not necessarily to abandon it. Simply reduce the amount of berries in the diet.

Strawberry Allergy in pregnant women and infants

Reaction to berry during pregnancy is very dangerous. To protect yourself from allergies, the future mom needs to stop using the berry with the 22nd week of pregnancy. Since then, the baby’s immunity begins to work independently, and as it is still not fully formed, highly susceptible to allergens.

Babies have a sensitivity to strawberries caused due to the same factors that babies in the womb — weak immature immune system. With age, allergies can suddenly disappear.

Аллергия на клубнику: симптомы и методы леченияIn this case we say that the body of the child outgrew her. However, it is better to prevent a reaction than to wait when it will be on their own, which may or may not happen.

How to protect baby from strawberry intolerance?

Quite simply: mom, breastfeeding should be limited in use berries or quit drinking it altogether if signs of hypersensitivity have appeared.

Also you need to carefully choose artificial feeding. It should not be flavors and other chemicals.

What if to avoid the attack failed?

If the attack there, then you need to think about how to treat him now? First, you should immediately discontinue use of the berries. Treatment with standard deterioration in allergic soil is done with the help of antihistamines. At the present time popular are:

  • Tavegil;
  • Suprastin;
  • Desal;
  • Claritin.

This is a small list of highly effective antihistamine. Each of the listed drugs are described in detail on this site. If you are wondering how to make them, and is it worth it, then read a separate article on this website.

Not the superfluous will clean the body, or rather the intestine, using sorbents: Activated carbon, Lactofiltrum, POLYSORB. Modern sorbents can be given to babies from the first months of life, and to drink for pregnant and nursing mums, but only under the supervision of a physician.

Аллергия на клубнику: симптомы и методы леченияLocal symptoms can be controlled with ointment: Bepanthen, Fenistil.

Popular recipes in reactions to pollen need to use extreme caution, and it is better to refuse them.

Almost all the folk remedies that contain herbs, or dried flowers which also includes pollen.

Are you curious about how long aggravation of allergies after consumption of strawberries?

Standard symptoms have an adult pass for week, on average. Kids can get sick longer, especially if immunocompromised.

If you experience severe allergic of deterioration (shock and angioedema edema) as soon as possible to hospitalize the victim. Antihistamine tablets will not help him. In such a situation the necessary adrenaline and more serious anti-allergic therapy.

That’s about it. I hope you liked the article and helped to solve my problem. If you suddenly showed signs of hypersensitivity (regardless of the allergen, they are almost always the same) and you don’t know what provoked them, then consult an allergist and take Allergy tests.

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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