Subcutaneous wart: treatment methods and removal

Hello, dear readers. Everyone knows that warts is nodules which are above the surface of the skin and would «stick out.»

However, few people know that there are subcutaneous warts. In today’s article we will tell you what formations are known as subcutaneous, what are the symptoms and treatment of such growths.

What are subcutaneous growths?

Подкожная бородавка: методы лечения и удаленияThis hard dense tumors, which slightly rise over the skin. We often see these growths in those places who are constantly under pressure.

There are two types of tumors of this kind:

Plantar warts, which have deep roots and just grow into the skin. They are commonly confused with corns or spurs. There are such growths due to wearing tight shoes.

Subungual education is a variation of the common warts that are located near the nail or under it. These growths are like the hands and legs of a man. They have a rough surface and flat shape. Below you can see a photo of subungual growth.

Subungual education

Подкожная бородавка: методы лечения и удаленияSubcutaneous warts located around nails are usually does not cause the owner any pain, unlike plantar.

The variety of benign formations can only be called a cosmetic defect. However harmless it also is not. If left untreated, then there are such effects as:

  • The occurrence of infection if bacteria gets in the cracks growth;
  • The depletion of the nail, as well as its destruction.

Plantar warts

If we talk about this kind of growths they cause their medium is very much suffering. This is due to the fact that man is constantly in a Shoe, your weight puts pressure on the wart, which leads to moral and physical inconveniences.

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The tumor on the foot is constantly exposed to pressure and injury.

What is dangerous plantar growths?

Подкожная бородавка: методы лечения и удаленияEducation on the heel can take some form of treatment or people’s pharmacy methods are useless or even dangerous.

If you once tried to destroy a wart and bacteria get into healthy skin, there is a risk of re-infection, and in more serious form.

There is a possibility of their growth on the entire surface of the foot. With such unpleasant phenomenon experienced by people with much sweating of the feet. In such a situation, ordinary-looking wart may cause malignant tumors.

The causes of such entities

Подкожная бородавка: методы лечения и удаленияAny neoplasms, including subcutaneous, appear due to the activation in the body of human papillomavirus.

It is transmitted through direct contact with an infected person, or through household items. It is not necessary that you have growths in the skin, as long time the virus can be «dormant».

Actively develop, he begins with:

  • The transferred stress.
  • A weak immune system;
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Subungual growths can cause damage around the nail. In such a disease prone people, biting fingernails, running water without gloves, are prone to excessive sweating on the palms.

This category of people infected with the virus and its further spread to occur very quickly.

To get rid of this skin disease is not easy. If you promptly seek medical help, the treatment process of the subcutaneous warts will be simple and quick.

How to get rid of warts of this type on their own?

Подкожная бородавка: методы лечения и удаленияIn fact, to remove subcutaneous education in the fingers as well as the usual knots. The only thing it may take more time and effort.

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We do not recommend treatment without consulting a dermatologist, as there is a risk of re-infection and relapse.

Most likely, you will be assigned to the pharmacy medicines which just a couple of weeks will save you from unpleasant skin defects.

How to remove plantar growths, because they are more rigid and extensive? To cope with this great drug Supercrystal, which is sold in the pharmacy.

This is the chemical composition of the tool, which simply burns the wart from the inside. Apply it costs very carefully, as they can be damaged healthy tissue.

Clinical methods for removal of subcutaneous growths

  • The laser treatment.

Thanks to the laser beam subcutaneous education are removed in layers. This is done under local anesthesia.

On the spot where formerly was the wart will remain a small indentation. It after a while even. This is a very effective method in which virtually no recurrences.

  • Cryotherapy.

Подкожная бородавка: методы лечения и удаленияThe tumor in this case is removed with the help of liquid nitrogen. Exposure temperature minus 196 degrees. Due to this, destroyed epithelial cells of the tumors, killing the virus and the warts is not a trace remains.

This is a fairly gentle way, but if the wart got the child up to 4 years, with liquid nitrogen cauterizing it impossible.

Also contraindicated is pregnancy and diabetes. The effectiveness of this method reaches 100% the likelihood of relapse.

  • Electrocoagulation.

With this method, the effects of subcutaneous lesions are removed using loops of thin wire. This loop is under a high-frequency current. This method is quite effective but requires local anesthesia.

  • The surgical removal.
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Подкожная бородавка: методы лечения и удаленияIt is used when the tumor is located under the nail or on the sole, and a very large area.

This exposure can cause relapse, and the effectiveness of 50-60%. It is therefore better not to bring to this state and still in the early stages of education to seek medical attention.

Frequently one removal of warts is not sufficient. In this case, you will be registered immunomodulatory and antiviral drugs.


Now you know that in addition to the usual knots, the body can form subcutaneous tumors that are quite difficult to remove.

If you find a wart, you should not self-medicate, and urgently run to the doctor who will be able to properly and safely remove the tumor without risk of recurrence and unpleasant consequences. Be healthy!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)