Sulfur ointment lichen: how should it be applied to the skin and to treat the disease?

Серная мазь от лишая: как ее правильно наносить на кожу и лечить болезнь?Good afternoon dear readers! If you or your loved ones appeared ringworm, this situation is very unpleasant.

And yet, the first step is to make an appointment with a dermatologist.

The fact that any ringworm, which can affect the human skin primarily is a dangerous pathology.

In order to understand the seriousness of the case and understand exactly which species you’ve got, the doctor will conduct a number of tests, and then prescribe the best treatment regimen.

What is shingles?

Серная мазь от лишая: как ее правильно наносить на кожу и лечить болезнь?This term is called several pathologies are very similar manifestations. It may be scaly areas, pimples with watery filling or just a vast red areas.

Form differing as symptoms and some of them can bring both aesthetic discomfort, and severe pain and cause.

Now we list the main known types of lichen:

  • Pityriasis rosea is non-contagious disease that occurs by itself and independently after a few weeks passing. His symptoms were pinkish spots all over the body, rarely requiring any special processing.
  • Ringworm – a contagious disease that appears on the head and contributes to the breaking of hair on the inflammation. The affected area looks like a smooth spot with Kant and scales or redness in the middle. The causative agent is a fungus, affects the hair follicle.
  • Pityriasis versicolor is also a fungal disease that looks like small peeling with a pronounced pigmentation. It is for this reason that the fungus feeds on the melanocytes and they are responsible for the reaction of the epidermis to ultraviolet.
  • Shingles – a form of herpes appearing at some related factors. By itself, the Herpes lives in the body from the moment of infection chickenpox in childhood, but as depriving may erupt only after 60 years.
  • Lichen planus – is autoimmune in nature and occurs only during stress or after suffering severe ailments. It provokes a malfunction of the immune system and it is characterized by papules on the skin and mucous membranes.
  • Psoriasis or psoriasis – red patches, slightly raised above the surface of the skin, causing itching and localized to the folds of the joints. The cause of psoriasis also lies in the response of the immune system to external factors, and treatment is complex.
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    What is the sulfur ointment?

    Серная мазь от лишая: как ее правильно наносить на кожу и лечить болезнь?Now let’s examine this drug, in order to clearly understand what kind of lichen it can cure and what does not help at all?

    Sulphur ointment, drugs, used against scabies, seborrhea, psoriasis and lichen. The main component is sulfur, as is clear by its name, and sub – emulsifiers, petrolatum and water.

    When the application of the ointment appointed by the dermatologist, usual recommendations are to be applied morning and evening on the affected area of the epidermis.

    During the application components of the drug included in the reaction with the organics of the skin, whereupon a number of substances capable of killing pathogens and provide antimicrobial action.

    When sulfur ointment lichen is recommended by the specialist, it is important to understand that it has a number of contraindications: pregnancy and age two, and can cause unpleasant side effects: itching and rash.

    This is due to the high toxicity of sulfur. But the reviews that we studied, do not contain any negative effects of the use of medications.

    Therapy lasts for 5 days, according to information which contains the instruction.

    I enclose an interesting video where a woman talks about low-cost tools that she uses to care for your skin:

    Doctors rarely prescribe sulfuric ointment for a longer period, but in special cases it is allowed the repetition rate after a short period.

    The drug is available with larger and smaller fractions of the main component in a tube or glass container, not necessarily dark, because the sunlight, the tool loses its properties. The price of the product is low and affordable, and you can buy it at any pharmacy in the country.

    From all of the above, it follows that sulphur ointment is possible as a basic tool in some forms of lichen the fungal nature.

    But applying it according to the recommendations, we should not forget about the following rules, accelerating the healing process:

    • take a shower instead of a bath;
    • wear clothes made of natural fabrics;
    • drinking enough pure water;
    • to comply with hypoallergenic diet;
    • not SuperCool;
    • to support the immune status.
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    Серная мазь от лишая: как ее правильно наносить на кожу и лечить болезнь?Applying ointment from depression it is important to remember that not every form of disease, responding to therapy with her help.

    There are varieties of the disease is very dangerous for its consequences and the mere external treatment with them will not help.

    Therefore, doctors prescribe anti-fungal tablets, antihistamines, and in certain situations, and antiviral drugs.

    In conclusion, you need to focus on the danger of depriving the poor condition and lack adequate treatment, as the consequences can be irreversible.

    Originally, the whole point of proper and effective therapy is to diagnosis. Only a series of tests suggested by the doctor are able to provide a full picture regarding the shape and duration of the illness.

    After that, doctors prescribe medicines taking into account all contributing factors and the General condition of the patient. Health to you!