Superchatel from warts: can I apply myself?

Often in the fight against skin tumors want to use a proven method, which has long been known. A pretty efficient use of celandine and superchatel from the warts at home. Is it possible to use this drug? How safe is the treatment?

But first I want to recommend you the book «the Treatment of warts folk methods», which describes the full course of treatment. Following it you can get rid of growths on the skin for 2-3 months.

What are the properties of the method

The plant has long been famous for its healing properties, which found application in various fields of medicine. In dermatology keratolytic appreciate his ability, that is a quick exfoliation of dead skin cells.

This method was used by our ancestors, but then in most cases, used the juice of celandine, to get rid of warts on any area of the body. Today on the shelves of pharmacies represented different forms of the drug active substance which is a poisonous plant. They are more gentle to the body as a whole and reduce the risk of developing side effects.

Суперчистотел от кондилом: можно ли применять самому?

First, there is cauterization of the abnormal growths, and then areas of necrosis begin to flake off. Thus, there is a gradual getting rid of unwanted entities, and in their place no trace remains. But for positive results, certain conditions are necessary.

Whether it is necessary to consult with your doctor

You might think that the drugs of plant origin, and also time-tested, absolutely harmless. Whether so it actually?

Do not forget about the poisonous properties of the plant, which can lead to the cure of papillomas and work against you. Improper use of any useful tools can cause irreparable harm. It is therefore necessary to follow all the advice and instructions of the doctor, which is half the battle.

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The important point is a comprehensive examination and correct diagnosis. In fact there are many similar other diseases that are easily confused. Here at force to understand only to the specialist.

Wrong treatment may be the cause of the complications of the disease or in accelerating its development. Therefore, to determine whether to remove warts using a plant with poisonous properties should the health worker.

How to apply superchatel

This ointment is presented in drugstores, has a slightly different composition than the title says. The medicine contains herbal ingredients and is a concentrated chemical compounds.

It is more dangerous than analogues of natural origin. The use of the drug helps to quickly remove warts, but should strictly follow the user manual of the application.

Before applying liquid or ointment on the skin education, you should handle healthy parts cream. This will reduce the risk of burns. Must adhere strictly to the recommended doses, because the excess causes the formation of scars.

Before you use the medication, be sure to, if not located close to the growths with broken skin, moles or dark spots.

Whether to use recipes for home cooking

To make medicine at home is easy. It is best suitable for this decoction for lotions and compresses. To prepare the grass can collect it during flowering. After that you need to dry raw material in a dark place and cool environment. You can also buy the blank at the pharmacy.

A decoction is prepared for treating warts is easy. Dry powdered herb pour hot water in the ratio 1:3, boiled for 15 minutes. The broth should infuse for about 4-5 hours. Compresses on pathological proliferation put all night.

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Суперчистотел от кондилом: можно ли применять самому?

You can also make ice, to RUB the warts several times a day. Treatment is quite long, but at the same time be reduced to zero side effects that may occur when using methods of a higher class.

In some cases, the method is contraindicated

Cauterization papillomas always gives good results, but is it possible to use celandine in any case? Clearly, some categories of people can not enjoy such treatment. The female body during pregnancy and breastfeeding are particularly vulnerable to the influence of different factors. All that not even harms the mother negatively affects the child’s health.

Children are a special category which is more exposed to the occurrence of undesirable effects. Even small doses of the active substance can cause burns or poisoning.

In the presence of warts on the genitals from the use of superchatel should be abandoned. For sensitive and delicate mucous membranes of the drug is fairly aggressive, and can leave scars for life.

View from different sides

Method of removing unwanted growths, the tool is very affordable and inexpensive, can be applied even on their own. It is only necessary to pass the examination to confirm the diagnosis and get advice from a specialist about the desired method of treatment.

A definite positive is considered a painless procedure. Does not require any additional machinery or tools, which greatly reduces the cost of the service.

As with any means of folk medicine, this plant can bring papillomas after regular and prolonged use. Is required detailed instructions and instructions.

Positive feedback after application of superchatel depend on the individual reaction of the body, following all recommendations and the severity of the pathological process.

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)