Superchatel warts: the correct use of medicines.

Суперчистотел от бородавок: правильное применение медикаментаHello, visitors to our site. Unfortunately, nowadays we can hardly find a person who is not experienced or has not heard about the warts.

This skin disease does not spare anyone, they are infected by adults and children. Causes the appearance of tumors not only dirt and uncleanliness, as many think, but also the human papillomavirus.

These growths are the most dangerous, because if HPV was intensified in the body, to get rid of it quite difficult. Moreover, viral warts are contagious.

In current pharmacology, there are many medicines, which, according to the positive reviews help to cope with unpleasant skin lesions.

One such tool today we want to tell you is Superchatel. In the photo below, you can see what it looks like this drug.

So is it possible to remove warts by this means or it is better to use other drugs? About it you now know.

Read more about the medication

Суперчистотел от бородавок: правильное применение медикаментаIn fact, the same plant Superchatel is irrelevant. The composition of this therapeutic fluid comprises a caustic substance, namely, a hydroxide, a bicarbonate and sodium chloride.

Thanks to ingredients on the treatment site remains burn, resulting in the wart just disappears.

Indications of Superchatel

  • Warts of any location. When the formations on intimate areas or the face to apply the medication costs more accurately.
  • Keratomas;
  • Dry corn;
  • Genital warts, which are located on the skin.

Usage instructions

Суперчистотел от бородавок: правильное применение медикаментаHow to use this tool? Superchatel warts should be used very carefully. When buying medication, carefully read the instructions.

First, dead skin area you need to steam in the warm water. Healthy tissue around the wart apply generously to children’s or other fat cream.

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Special applicator, apply one drop of the liquid on the warts. Prevent its spreading. Wait until the solution is completely dry.

If after treatment, the wart turned black, then came the action of Superchatel. It started dying off cells of the genital warts.

After a couple of days there will be peeling of the damaged skin, and 3-5 days the wart should disappear. How to bring a major education? If you have a large or plantar growths, the procedure should be repeated several times until complete elimination of the tumor.

Lekker superchatel

Суперчистотел от бородавок: правильное применение медикаментаThis is the same drug, just manufactured in the form of a pen. In their use of this medication more convenient because there is no risk of contact with caustic ingredients on healthy skin areas.

Pen compact, fits in a handbag or pocket, and liquid cannot spill out. The product has exfoliating and anti-viral effects, and the color of medicine – pink. Thanks to this application it is easy to control.

Cautions before using the product

Due to the possible formation of scars, better to refrain from treatment of warts located on the face.

If the growths is quite a lot, you can not display all at once. It’s too heavy load on the human body. If you do not follow this rule, you can cause serious problems. For one course, we recommend that no more than 5 warts of small size.

If warts are large, it is limited to one or two. After complete wound healing the application of fluid you can continue to treat other growths.

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  • The children’s age. Children’s skin is more delicate, due to which the burn will be strong and deep. Moreover, the removal procedure is very painful.
  • Breastfeeding and carrying a baby;
  • In the presence of warts on the injured, burned area of skin;
  • The location of growths on mucous membranes and around the edges of the lips;
  • The presence in the application of moles.

Side effects

Суперчистотел от бородавок: правильное применение медикаментаIn some cases, the treatment of this tool can cause pain. This is caused by the chemical composition of drugs. Moreover, there may be cases of allergic reactions.

To prevent these phenomena before treatment, remove warts, you should consult a specialist.

Also Superchatel to not remove the roots of warts, which relapse will occur.

Disadvantages of using Superchatel

Unfortunately, the use of this tool has its drawbacks.

In the processing of growth the patient may experience pain and burning sensation. Also on the site of the lesion formed a wound that will heal in a few weeks.

After Superchatel may form a scar, which is not so easy to get rid of.

The drug is very difficult to dosing. If you hold a procedure of drawing liquid carelessly, it is likely to burn healthy tissue.

The cost of the medication

Superchatel is a tool with a minimum number of ingredients. Due to this make it simple enough. This factor, in turn, is reflected in the price of the drug. Compared to many counterparts, it is available to everyone. The price varies from 50 to 200 rubles. Depends on the cost of the volume fluid and release form.

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The advantages of this medication

Суперчистотел от бородавок: правильное применение медикаментаThe positive effects of Superchatel felt by many patients. Those who violated the recommended dosages or treated without consulting a specialist was still not satisfied with the drug.

Among the advantages of getting rid of warts with this method it is possible to note the ease of use and speed of impact. The procedure is easily performed at home.

In fact, studies devoted to determining the effectiveness of Superchatel, was conducted. However, the doctors are rather contradictory. Some prescribe their patients a more safe and modern medicines, while others propose to use this proven method.

As with any medicine, Supercrystal has its contraindications and features. Unfortunately, until the invention of the means that would help everyone equally.

Before treatment you should definitely consult with a dermatologist. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)