Suppositories of herpes: TOP 4 tools

Свечи от герпеса: ТОП-4 лучших средствHello my dear readers! Today I will talk about what candle from herpes the most effective and popular.

This form of medicines is beneficial in that it could and should be used for treatment is vaginal infection similar viral diseases in children and in pregnant women.

Want to know what plugs are worth a try and how to use them? Let’s see.

I suffered from herpes for over 5 years. Relapses have appeared regularly, the pills did not help. Then I tried candles, which saved me from frequent recurrences, and significantly reduced the duration of illness. And now I want to share my experience with you!

Why candles?

Treatment of herpes candles is usually performed in the anal or urogenital infections. And they are convenient to use for children as it is possible to accurately calculate the dosage of the drug and reduce the likelihood of side effects.

After the introduction of the candle immediately begin to melt under the influence of body temperature.

All active substances are absorbed in the mucosa directly into the blood, and also epithelium, which prefers to dwell virus. Therefore, the effect of the candle you wait for the faster than from tablets.

What should I try?

When genital or rectal form of hermesbelts worth a try:

  • Genferon ® – price from 400 to 800 rubles, depending on the number of active substances in the composition, just like the other candles;
  • Viferon – from 250 to 900 rubles;
  • Panavir – about 1700 roubles;
  • Candles Polyoxidonium (especially with frequent recurrence) is 700-900 rubles.

What do you like best for the price? All of these drugs act almost identically, but at different speeds and have different contraindications. Let’s look at each of them in detail and then decide.

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Genferon ® is a modern, powerful, safe

Свечи от герпеса: ТОП-4 лучших средствThis option is not only antiviral, but also immune-stimulating action, which means that it not only blocks virus, but also stimulates the immune system to defend against infection.

Such properties he was granted special components: human interferon, benzocaine, taurine.

Candles for genital herpes use vaginal, if you are a woman, twice a day.

The course is 10 days, and if the disease often returns, is accepted, then one candle a day during the month (1-3 months, actually, but the duration of treatment chosen for each individual doctor).

Men are treated according to this scheme: one candle twice a day rectally for 10 days. Feedback about the genferon ® is different, but often positive.

«Treated intimate cold sores this drug. The effect surprised me: after 4 days, the disease began to rapidly pass.

I’d rather drink the pills, but the doctor advised this form of medication. Enter unpleasant, but for the sake of effect can be patient.»

Genferon ® should not try intolerance to at least one of the components of the composition. In rare cases, develop negative consequences in the form of allergies.

Viferon is a proven, reliable, versatile

The effect of Interferon is the same as the previous medication. It also stimulates the immune system and quickly relieve erisipela 2 type.

Feedback extremely positive, for example, the opinion of my cousin:

Свечи от герпеса: ТОП-4 лучших средств«Great medicine, works quickly and efficiently. Got rid of the sores with it for 5 days! Any discomfort felt. I advise everyone to try!»

Viferon can be used for the treatment of children, as well as during pregnancy, but only from the second trimester. Manual standard: spark twice a day for 10 days, but you can only enter rectal.

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If you have time to start the treatment before the rash appears (at the first stage of infection, when symptoms are minor and oiled), then you can prevent the infection.

This medication has a minimal list of contraindications is it not worth it to try people with intolerances substances-interferon. Allergies and other negative effects appear very rarely.

Panavir – fast, but not all will fit

The main drawback of Panavir – it is impossible to try pregnant, lactating and children, despite the fact that it incorporates natural plant extracts: extract shoots Solanum tuberosum, exony glycoside.

Свечи от герпеса: ТОП-4 лучших средствI would advise you to combine it with other antiherpetic drugs, and what exactly, learn from your specialist.

Not all speak of Panavir well. For example, one of the negative comments:

«After the introduction felt a burning sensation and itching, we had to go to the toilet. It’s probably an allergic reaction, but more to try these candles, I will not. Better pills drink, though they are slower.»

The dosage of Panavir is chosen for each separately, based on the severity of symptoms and presence of complications. Side effects are rare, but not necessarily in the case if you apply the medicine incorrectly.

Polyoxidonium – great for kids and adults

Drug Polyoxidonium versatility and safety. It is possible to enter rectally, and vaginally, which is convenient.

The treatment scheme is quite complex: the first three days at one time per day, and then break for one day, then the course is repeated.

The main contraindication of such candles is intolerance of polyoxidonium, the main component. But, judging by the reviews, it occurs very rarely.

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Rules of operation antiherpetic candles

Well, we got acquainted with the most popular medicines in the form of candlesticks that are worth a try against girisindeki.

I hope the information helped you make the right choice. Now let’s learn how to use the drug.

Protivovirusnye candles are vaginal and rectal. The first are used mostly by women and another for men and children.

Enter the drug you need in a comfortable position e.g. lying on your side with tucked to chest feet, clean hands, preferably in disposable medical gloves, the sharp end forward, pushing with your finger.

The penetration depth of two – thirds of the length of the index finger. Remember, the contents of the herpetic rash is very contagious, so it is best to avoid contact with the skin. After the introduction you need to lie still for 10-15 minutes.

That’s all, I hope I answered all the questions. Read, share with friends through social networks and be sure to subscribe to our updates. I wish you a speedy recovery! Up to new meetings!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)