Suprastin allergies: the terms of use for adults and children

Супрастин от аллергии: правила использования для взрослых и детейGood day, dear readers! Suprastin allergies is used for quite a long time due to its high efficiency and performance. Powerful but has earned a lot of positive reviews.

Let’s study it completely to understand why the call Her antiallergic drug, and to know how to use it properly.

As Suprastin effect on allergies?

This anti-histamine medication, which means that it acts on H1 receptors, sensitive to this substance that provokes an allergic reaction. Suprastin blocks the receptors, preventing, thus, the development of allergic attack.

The main advantages of the drug that make it more popular than analogues such as Tavegil, can be described as follows:

  • anti-allergic effect occurs almost immediately, so the condition of allergies is markedly improved already in half an hour after taking the medicine;
  • practically has no contraindications and does not affect the body adversely;
  • its cost is affordable for everyone;
  • available in two forms — tablets and ampoules for injection, so you can find the perfect option for each individual.

Cost is an important characteristic

Affordability of medicines is very important to us. At the price we first pay attention to when choosing. As for Suprastin, its price is equal to 120 (pills) — 150 (vials) rubles. If you compare it with analogs, then, perhaps, it is the cheapest anti-allergic agent.

In some cases, prescribed?

The medication stops the development of allergic reactions. Hence, it is advisable to drink at the first sign of her:

  • conjunctivitis;
  • runny nose with sneezing and itching;
  • hives or other skin rashes;
  • cough and bronchospasm;
  • hypotension;
  • swelling (angioedema or any other).
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Before applying this drug, be aware that it gives light effect is drowsiness. Therefore, it is better to drink at night.

Contraindications and risks

Супрастин от аллергии: правила использования для взрослых и детейAntihistamine drug in any case will ease the condition of allergic. But is it safe to take it?

Would it not be then allergies Suprastin? No, if you don’t have individual hypersensitivity to its components.

As part of this medication include: base material — chloropyramine hydrochloride, gelatin, stearic acid, potato starch, lactose monohydrate.

In addition, the drug is contraindicated during exacerbation of ulcerative gastrointestinal disease, as well as in open-angle glaucoma and BPH. This contraindications over, that can not but rejoice.

Side effects, which can provoke overdose, is a strong drowsiness. In addition, at the wrong reception, you may experience dizziness, nausea, bowel disorders.

Is it possible Suprastin women in «interesting» position?

Pregnant both pharmaceutical forms (pills and injections) are not indicated. The only case when they can be administered, this is a critical condition if the Allergy is life threatening.

Nursing mothers the drug is also not recommended to drink, as it can penetrate into the body of a child with milk. The question arises: is it possible Her children? You can, but in a certain dosage and age.

How to treat this Allergy medication?

Exact dosage of antihistamines can be defined only by an allergist, given the particular condition of allergies, age, gender, etc. Below are the approximate dosage prescribed in the instructions:

  • Injections are used for relief of acute allergic attacks, such as shock or Quincke edema. Adults enter 1-2 milliliter solution intravenously. Children with persistent allergic attacks recommended 1-2 ml of muscle inside a couple of times a day.
  • Tablets can be given to young people with allergies with months of age. Infants from one month to one year — a quarter of the pill a couple of times in 24 hours. Kids from one year to six tablets a third as many times. Children aged 6-14 — half pills twice in 24 hours.
  • Pills adults are prescribed one three times in 24 hours. Kids after fourteen years can take the adult dosage.
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    Need to be treated for five to seven days, but if the attack did not retreat completely, then therapy can be extended to a full recovery.

    As you know, babies can’t swallow the pill. How to drink the drug in this case? Giving Her the kids, pre-crush it into powder and mix with milk. So the drug is metabolized faster and easier perceived by the infant organism.

    Sometimes Suprastin used for cupping intolerance in animals. Dogs make shots and give pills. The dosage is determined by the veterinarian individually based on weight, breed, age and severity of symptoms. To appoint such a serious medicine to their Pets is not recommended.

    What is more effective — pills or injections?

    Супрастин от аллергии: правила использования для взрослых и детейIf the condition of allergies is not critical, it is better to give preference to the tablet to Her. Injections are assigned only in situations when you need immediate effect.

    Sometimes the liquid form of Allergy medication prescribed to little Allergy sufferers because it is more convenient to calculate the dose (tablets are difficult to split into three or four pieces perfectly straight).


    Concluding the article, I want to introduce you the most common feedback about the drug, which became her theme.

    Nicholas writes:

    Супрастин от аллергии: правила использования для взрослых и детейI first thought that these pills do not help. Two days later, my health has improved dramatically, so much so that I was able to go to work. Has spent on drink for five days and completely got rid of the disease. Since then I advise everyone to pay attention to Her!

    Elena writes:

    Супрастин от аллергии: правила использования для взрослых и детейTreated child by etc. His condition improved very quickly, with no side deterioration was observed. Now once a year I drink these pills for prevention.

    Now you know what Suprastin and how to take it anti-allergic medication. If you wish, you can share read on social networks with your friends and subscribe to site updates. I wish you good health! Up to new meetings!

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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)