Suprastin when the chickenpox: the rules application and feedback on performance

Супрастин при ветрянке: правила применения и отзывы об эффективностиGreetings, dear readers! When the chickenpox suffering from tormented by constant itching. Adult still somehow can control themselves, but the child can make is not to itch sometimes very problematic. To alleviate suffering, you can give him protivozudnoe drugs with antihistamine effect.

Can I give Her at chicken pox? This tool recently became very popular. Let’s see what makes it so attractive and why it is advisable to drink at the above viral disease.

What is Her?

It is a strong tool that has the following effects:

  • relieves the symptoms of allergic reactions (main serve itching and swelling);
  • prevents the development of complications, such as rhinitis (when the chickenpox this complication in children, too, happens);
  • relieves itching (a very important effect in viral smallpox);
  • soothes irritated skin (due to this Valderice reduced and begin to heal);
  • removes the inflamed and swelling (due to this vetryanaya rash stop worrying about the cares).

The main action Suprastin can be described as follows:

  • sedative;
  • antispasmodic;
  • antihistamine.

Супрастин при ветрянке: правила применения и отзывы об эффективностиVaricella to apply such medication is appropriate. It is available in two forms: tablets for oral intake and fluid in vials for injection. To purchase the drug at the present time at the pharmacy at 120-130 RUB.

To achieve maximum effect Suprastin, you must correctly select the dose. How to do it? Read the response below in the article. But in the meantime take a look at the composition and duration of the medication.

The composition of antihistamine tablets

The main active ingredient is chloropyramine hydrochloride. This substance is quickly absorbed and with the blood almost instantly spreads throughout the body. Its removal follows a standard pattern through the kidneys along with the urine.

Супрастин при ветрянке: правила применения и отзывы об эффективностиCan a drug to give to children? I believe that it is possible, as it has few contraindications and is very soft action.

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By the way, as far as the effect remains? Everyone suffering from chicken pox really want to get rid of the itching for a long time. With Her to do this work, because he acts for 5-6 hours.

In some cases, in addition to chicken pox, prescribe Suprastin?

The indications considered to be:

  • sharp diseases of an infectious nature of the mouth and throat;
  • atopic dermatitis;
  • acute rhinitis, triggered by allergies;
  • insect bites, after which there is swelling, itching, burning.

Another drug sometimes taken for prevention of allergies complex before inoculation and after it. Such complex vaccines include vaccines against varicella.

Her child if itchy rash vetryanaya

Many people wonder: is it possible to drink such tabletochki small children and babies? The answer will please you: it is not just possible, but necessary.

To explain a two — or three-year-old child that can’t itch, is almost impossible. He will tear sores, yet they do not cease to itch. And itchy they will not cease until until it’s sterile and won’t heal.

Супрастин при ветрянке: правила применения и отзывы об эффективностиThe itch of chickenpox is exacerbated by the fact that naked or traumatized pimples is the infection. To prevent this, it is better to give the child protivozudnoe drugs.

The dosage should be established by the doctor. Babies (from one month to years) with mild chickenpox designate the fourth part of the pills two to three times a day. Before taking the pill it is better to grind into powder and mix with baby food.

Kiddies from a year till six years is prescribed as the third part of pills three times a day. More eldest (6-14 years) you can drink a half of a pill so many times in a day.

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Suprastin adult suffering from chicken pox

To date, the treatment of itching in viral pox in adults is carried out using a new more powerful drugs of the fourth generation:

  • Fenistil;
  • Fenistil New.

Супрастин при ветрянке: правила применения и отзывы об эффективностиHowever, many doctors continue to give preference to Suprastin. Adults and Teens (over 14 years) you can drink one pill three times a day. By the way, in one pill is 25 milligrams of the drug. Allowable dose for an adult for a day is equivalent to 100 mg.

Before taking the tablets can be crushed to a fine powder. So she quickly learned. Therefore, in order to soothe their itching will occur sooner.

Side effects and negative actions

Contraindications of medication, which is the focus of this article, a little bit. But to read them it is necessary, as this is important information that can protect against side effects. Contraindications include:

  • the age of one month;
  • the acute manifestations of bronchial asthma;
  • individual intolerance to the components of the composition.

Side effects most often the result of overdose.

Overdose in turn, appears as follows: after taking the pills the child becomes irritable, agitated, anxious, he has retention of urine, the warm rhythm becomes frequent.

Negative possible action Suprastin:

  • the appearance of drowsiness and lethargy;
  • or, conversely, a strong nervous excitation;
  • tremor of the limbs;
  • the gain or lack of appetite.

Speak about the cure mostly good, especially the doctors. If taken strictly dosed correctly, there are no side effects will not occur.

Varicella it is always effectively: quickly relieves itching, eliminates inflamed vetranary folderico, soothes the skin. Injection of varicella are not assigned.

That’s all the information about popular and affordable antihistamine medication. I hope this article answered all questions about Her. I want to remind you that choosing a medication for the treatment of chickenpox alone is highly undesirable. This should be done by specialist doctor.

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)