Symptoms and treatment for herpes in your hair

Dear readers, Hello! In your hair, jumped up herpes? What to do now? Don’t panic, but better to read the article in which I will teach you to deal with it.

Personal experience

Симптомы и методы лечения герпеса в волосахRecently I was faced with this disease personally. The employee at lunch came up to me and says: look, please, that I have been there, and it shows on the scalp.

At the back under her hair I found a classic symptom of girisindeki – rash in the form of small foldericon. I asked: how did you go there to get infected?

To which she replied: I don’t know, I was recently on the lips, and now they jumped. And then it all became clear – there was a classic case of samsarajade.

Due to careless treatment of the rash on lips employee independently contracted an infection on the scalp, as it happened, most likely, so: touched rash, scratched his head. And what was she doing then? Now everyone will know!

Symptoms: how to recognize the problem and distinguish it from other diseases?

Look closely at the photo, it looks like herpes in your hair. Disease specific, is of local (skin) and systemic (General) symptoms, so it can be easily confused with something else, for example, seborrheic dermatitis, etc.

To distinguish girisindeki in the hair from other diseases, need to know how it develops. The symptoms depend on the stage:

  • In the initial phase of deteriorating health. Fever (in adults slightly), dizziness, nausea and weakness.
  • Then comes the main feature – herpetic rash in the form of small blisters that are located close to each other. The rash itches and bake, maybe even to hurt and fester.
  • Eventually the blisters burst, the affected area turns into sores which then is covered with a crust. The crust may look better with the hair (in many patients there is a slight loss), and the hair looks like large dandruff.
  • Gradually (2-3 weeks) the affected area of the skin is healing. The rash usually goes unnoticed.
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    What are the diagnostic methods?

    All the symptoms my employee match. It remains only to determine which virus caused the disease and how to remove it now from this problem.

    It was the standard diagnostics – passed an ELISA that looks for antibodies to herpes viruses in the blood. It turned out that she pirotipii virus – simple, which causes sores on the lips. Besides him, a rash on the head could provoke other types of herpes viruses:

    • the second is genital;
    • third – chickenpox and shingles.

    My co-worker, you can say lucky, as it grapples with the most simple form of girisindeki. We picked up her treatment that she now passes. Want to know how to treat this condition?


    First and foremost, you need to inhibit the activity of viruses, otherwise the possible complications. What?

    Well, for example, a rash in the hair will get more of the pathogenic bacteria and other microbes, which easily can fall into it. And can be more serious complications, such as the defeat of the virus of the CNS and brain.

    To fight the virus is assigned antiviral therapy drugs through:

    • Acyclovir (Virolex, Zovirax);
    • Of Valacyclovir (Verdel, He Needs Therapy With Valtrex, Vairava);
    • Of Famciclovir (Minaker, Famciclovir, Amatuer, Famvir).

    The sooner treatment begins, the better, as antiviral medicines lose their power if the number of viruses are too high.

    Симптомы и методы лечения герпеса в волосахTreatment usually lasts 5 to 7 days, and then continues without drugs, like ointments.

    Personally I like protivovirusnaya ointment Zovirax, I would recommend to use along with antiviral pills or even tablets instead.

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    In addition to the ointment Zovirax, a rash can be treated equally effective ointment Gerpevir. And be sure to carry out a bactericidal and wound-healing treatment. Suitable drugs are:

    • eritromicina ointment;
    • zinc ointment;
    • Streptocid;
    • Panthenol;
    • hydrogen peroxide;
    • ointment on the basis of Lidocaine (for pain relief).

    If erisipela too often gives relapses, then you need to strengthen the immune system drugs based on interferon. They are appointed not all and not always, so do not even think to self-medicate!

    Physiotherapy with antiherpetic action for the scalp

    If due to a viral illness, there are further problems with the head skin (e.g., hair loss, fungal infections, dandruff, etc.), then you need to complement treatment with physiotherapy.

    The most effective in this case will be: ultraviolet radiation and a quartz lamp. During such exposure of virus cells die, so the disease stops developing and goes faster.

    Traditional methods of treatment

    My colleague tried many folk remedies, while treated from girisindeki. She liked the following so you too can try them, if necessary:

  • Smear rash Valokordin. About why heart drops help with herpes, see the separate article on this website.
  • Wash the hair after shampoo herbs – lemon balm, chamomile, Helichrysum. Herbs make a decoction (like tea), and then mix it with clean warm water and rinse your hair.
  • The same decoction can be used for compresses. Don’t forget to try compresses with oak bark and calendula.
  • Burned rash alcohol tincture of calendula. Excellent and safe vehicle!
  • Proper care will speed recovery

    Симптомы и методы лечения герпеса в волосахCare for inflamed skin needs special. Firstly, it is impossible to wash your hair frequently, namely more than twice a week. AK as in they have solid chemistry.

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    Choose a tool and odourless, preferably transparent and pharmacy. Very well, if the shampoo has chamomile, calendula and other herbs.

    Combing hair, remember that the rash highly contagious – the fluid inside the virus that can easily infect healthy skin.

    If you don’t want to spread infection all over the head, then do not scrub the affected place with a comb. Comb the hair not touching the skin.

    Now you know how to treat girisindeki on the head. In spite of this, be sure to consult a dermatologist or a physician, if faced with a similar problem. Should treat the doctor! Do not experiment on your health!

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    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)