Tablets warts: the 5 most promising drugs to select

Таблетки от кондилом: 5 наиболее перспективных лекарств для выбораWe welcome you, dear readers of our portal about skin! Irritating warts, especially if they are localized in intimate places.

It spoils the aesthetic appearance and can bring serious discomfort. Today we will tell you what pills from warts use doctor and how effective they are.

But before talking about the treatments for this disease, we want to recommend you the book «the Treatment of warts folk methods.» It set out the full course of therapy, following which you can get rid of the disease for several months.

What drugs are used orally?

When it comes to genital warts, the usual antiviral pills are ineffective. Doctors believe more effective drugs with antiviral action only indirectly, as their main focus is still on the immune system.

In fact that immunomodulators. Thus, the task of medicines is to add to the body of interferons or to stimulate their production on their own.


Таблетки от кондилом: 5 наиболее перспективных лекарств для выбораTablets alpizarin the main active ingredient is magnified. It is extracted from a medicinal herb, which has the name Alpine kopeechnik or yellowing of Hedysarum.

Substance in each pill 100 milligrams. His direction is on the destruction of virus DNA, which is the human papilloma virus.

In addition to the impact on genital warts from the inside, by eliminating the virus from the cells, DNA, alpizarin used against microorganisms that cause tuberculosis.

Pills are trying to assign at the beginning of the appearance of warts either in the first days of relapse. So the treatment will be most effective.

Dosage in adult patient is one or two pills at a time, from the calculation: one tablet contains 100 mg of active ingredient.

No matter when it was or will be eating, you need to take medicine three times a day for three weeks.

Side effects on the basis of instructions can occur in the form of nausea, diarrhea, lethargy, allergic reactions and other symptoms.

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Таблетки от кондилом: 5 наиболее перспективных лекарств для выбораA very strong immunomodulator and antiviral drug at the same time. It contains a particularly large number of interferons, and why is considered effective.

In addition to HPV cycloferon is used in hepatitis, HIV, viral encephalitis and other complex infectious diseases.

The scheme of the drug will depend on the strain of the virus. As we already know, the test strain should undergo in the beginning to understand the effectiveness of treatment and risk groups.

Taking the cycloferon in a specific pattern, first through the day and after 11, 14, 17 and twentieth day of receiving one pill.

Therefore, this medicine should drink purely by the doctor, as the days that are indicated by the use of pills he will paint on their own.


The strongest antiviral drug that is both immunostimulant. It is used in the following ailments:

  • papillomavirus;
  • the Epstein-Barr;
  • cytomegalovirus, and others.

Таблетки от кондилом: 5 наиболее перспективных лекарств для выбораWell proved the drug when you assign it to relieve the acute phase in shingles.

Use these pills for two years, that is, they can be applied to children. Pills are taken one every four hours, which is five times a day, and in situations where the immune system is seriously weakened, two tablets.

The course of treatment from weeks to months or more. It all depends on the overall condition of the body.

Contraindications identified in the form of vomiting, nausea, allergies, weakness and other ailments. Acyclovir often is used as part of the complex: the outer application of creams and oral course.


Таблетки от кондилом: 5 наиболее перспективных лекарств для выбораMedicine is completely aimed at increasing immunity. After all, the failure of the immune system can trigger the growth of warts.

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The drug is prescribed for different ailments, as it is able to improve the natural protective function of the body as against fungi and viruses of different nature.

Likopid in parallel increases the effect of the parallel received by patient drugs. The tool is well tolerated and has almost no contraindications and side effects.

Used Likopid one tablet once a day for ten days. After a week break, the medication can be repeated.

The isoprinosine

Таблетки от кондилом: 5 наиболее перспективных лекарств для выбораIntegrated a tool, which is as an antiviral and affects the state of immunity.

Each pill contains 500 milligrams of a substance is inosine pranobex. The isoprinosine significantly enhances the action of antiviral agents, namely the protein alpha-interferon.

The drug should be sure to drink plenty of water, otherwise it will not bring the necessary effect.

Usually prescribed 2 tablets four times a day after meals during the course of treatment for four weeks. These sessions will need a minimum of three with a break of one month.

Side effect due to abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, itching, allergies and disorders of hepatic function.

Contraindications to the use of this drug available, so make sure to consult your doctor.

What else treat warts?

Таблетки от кондилом: 5 наиболее перспективных лекарств для выбораTurning to the doctor and after passing all the necessary tests, the doctor usually recommends removal of lesions by means of special apparatus.

It can be like a laser, and cauterization by nitrogen. Also quite possible to cure warts with ointments, when they are in an accessible place and you will be able to handle them several times a day independently.

In most cases, after complete removal of the formations comes remission for a long time. If the patient will follow the state of your body and support the immune system may warts never and will not have an effect.

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Despite the fact that we are talking about HPV, treat it, above all, the complete removal of skin formations. It was after this it can be noted that with the active phase, you did it.

By applying the oral medicines always need to be careful. Most of us listed drugs has many limitations to use and is not suitable for everyone.

Therefore, in any case, do not try to assign any of the above, on their own.

Only after all the necessary research, the doctor can determine what medication will suit you.

Everything will depend on form of disease, your age, complexity and the extent of the disease. And when treatment has begun and you have already started to drink medicines in any case do not forget and do not miss the reception.

When dealing with the immune system, pills need to be taken carefully, following exactly the doctor’s prescription. We wish you a speedy recovery and good health.

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)