Take the army with urticaria or not?

Hello, dear readers. Many young people are concerned with the question of whether to take them into the army with such a diagnosis, as hives.

In today’s article we will try to respond to all of the existing about this questions.

Whether you take to the army with the disease?

Берут ли в армию с крапивницей или нет?Urticaria is an allergic condition that can occur for various reasons. It can be chronic or acute.

The acute form occurs after exposure to the body or skin of a allergen and disappears as quickly as it appears. Chronic can last up to 6 months and can recur throughout life.

So, take the army with urticaria? If you have history of the disease is diagnosis of chronic urticaria and a record that lasts at least six months, under the call you do not get.

It doesn’t matter what reasons or factors caused by the disease (mechanical, medical, marine, solar or other types of urticaria).

Explained in detail: for example, your childhood was a form of disease, such as marine urticaria with constant relapse, then you have been diagnosed with «chronic urticaria».

In this case, your card will be a corresponding entry. If you are trying to deviate from the service, went to the local clinic, the records will be less than 6 months and in this case, you’re in the army.

The disease is regulated by article 62 of the schedule of diseases – diseases of skin and subcutaneous tissue.

It says: chronic urticaria, Quincke edema, chronic and absorbent pyoderma, common psoriasis, numerous acne conglobata, photodermatitis and atopic dermatitis characterized by focal lesions of the skin, lichen planus.

That is, if you have such ailments, then you are exempt from conscription under the item «In». The young person will be considered to be partially fit and will be credited to the reserve with results in the hands of the military ticket.

How to prove that you have urticaria?

Берут ли в армию с крапивницей или нет?If you have a card, there is a corresponding entry, then just take the act by a dermatologist or an allergist. However, there are cases that the military does not accept such acts (assuming that they are fake).

In this case, the recruit should write the name of a senior doctor of the military statement, which will indicate the request and direction of the survey according to the existing diagnosis.

Your request must meet, then you are going to an allergist or a dermatologist and go through the necessary tests and examination.

Then, if the diagnosis is confirmed (or not) you can get the documents (certificate) on passing the examination and give it to the military. Already according to the act doctors the Commissar will make the decision on whether the recruit is fit or not.

As a rule, such examinations are appointed in case of loss of medical card, the suspicion of evasion of conscript and other factors.

Note that in any case of chronic hives cannot be diagnosed at the first medical examination. It occurs throughout life. That is why, it is very difficult to prove to the doctors in the presence of the disease (if it had not previously been identified).

What do you mean «partially fit»?

Берут ли в армию с крапивницей или нет?If you have the recording «partially fit» you get a military ID. But in this case, the young man enlisted in a reserve of the armed forces of the Russian Federation.

If a country is declared war, the recruits will be subject to call to military service.

Note that previously (before 1 January 2005) to 27 years old young man was once in 3 years to pass mandatory re-examination.

Since 2005, this clause had been rejected, owing to what must once come to the draft Board to prove his unfitness for army service, to get a military card and never worry that you will call.

Is it possible to go to a paid clinic for diagnosis?

Берут ли в армию с крапивницей или нет?Remember, any evasion of service shall be prosecuted criminal liability. If a citizen without a good reason did not appear in the military enlistment office to staff of the Russian armed forces, that fact will be evading his military obligations.

Of course, this point of law has its own norms and when entering and dodging the many acts of the recruit, after which will be interpreted its responsibility.

Note that the evasion in the Russian Federation is punishable by a fine up to 200 thousand rubles or in the amount of 18 wages or other income of a citizen.

Also provides for the seizure of up to six months or imprisonment up to 2 years.


Of course, in our country, not all young people want to serve in the army. Do not go to serve those recruits who have the diagnosis of «chronic urticaria», and it can be caused by various factors and reasons.

If such a diagnosis you have previously had, and you just want to escape from the army, this fact a criminal. Good luck to you!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)

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