Tar soap from the mold: patient feedback and effectiveness

Дегтярное мыло от грибка: отзывы пациентов и эффективностьGood day to you, dear readers. Traditional medicine often advises us to use a tar soap from the mold. Why this tool is so popular?

Tar soap is produced based on natural component of birch tar. Let’s look at the positive properties of this substance.

Help tar soap for athlete?

Birch tar is a powerful natural antiseptic that has an additional fungicidal properties.

The substance stimulates blood flow to the tissues, so there is a natural effect of anesthesia and recovery.

Most interesting is that coal-tar soap, despite its naturalness and simplicity, acknowledged even by the official medicine. It can help you to get rid of many dermatological problems:

  • eczema;
  • teenage skin defects;
  • seborrhea;
  • ringworm;
  • dermatitis.

Fungus on the feet and hands with coal-tar soap to treat simple. Want to know how to do this? The following detailed instructions.

Methods of using antifungal soap with lye

Use this tool in two ways:

Дегтярное мыло от грибка: отзывы пациентов и эффективностьThey can RUB the affected nails with fungus. Due to the fact that the soap crumbles, its tiny particles will get into cracks in the nail plate and stay there for a long time.

The effectiveness of such treatment is confirmed by a lot of positive reviews. If you do this procedure every day, then in six months you can grow a perfectly healthy nail plate.

Used for steaming the affected athlete’s foot. Rasprava infected foot, you will be able to soften the keratinized epidermal layer. However, he easily comes off, giving access to the habitats of fungi.

People’s anti-fungal recipes with soap-based tar

Дегтярное мыло от грибка: отзывы пациентов и эффективностьSoap birch tar can be used as part of the national antifungals:

Two liters of boiling water add two tablespoons of grated soap and mix until dissolved. In the prepared solution, when cooled to a tolerable temperature, soak the feet for ten to fifteen minutes.

After the procedure, carefully wipe the feet with a towel until dry.

With this recipe you soften the epidermis and the nail plate and disinfects feet. By the way, these baths can be used as preparatory to a treatment of the affected drugs.

Dissolve a tablespoon of grated soap in a little water and add to the mixture the baking soda to the state until the slurry.

Дегтярное мыло от грибка: отзывы пациентов и эффективностьThe pulp should be rubbed into the affected nail plate daily (one time) using an old toothbrush.

Lather the affected fungus nail tar soap, and then sprinkle with salt. Wrap the treated area with a bandage, so nothing dirty. The procedure is best done at night and in the morning the compress can be removed, then thoroughly rinse feet.

Contraindications: can they be from tar soap?

Despite the fact that the main component of this soap is of natural origin, it can be contraindications. The list of such bans include:

  • increased sensitivity of the epidermis;
  • a tendency to excessive dryness;
  • too small thickness of the skin;
  • hypersensitivity to birch tar;
  • photodermatitis.

Дегтярное мыло от грибка: отзывы пациентов и эффективностьIn the composition of the tar are substances that enhance the impact of UV rays on the epidermis. Despite the fact that this soap is easily washed off, use it it is necessary very cautiously.

Some of the components can linger on the surface of the epidermis during the day and more.

And if you find coal-tar soap failed, than to replace him?

This folk remedy is sold in any pharmacy and store household chemicals. But if you find it, you failed, you can make it yourself using this recipe:

  • take 100 g of baby soap and chop it;
  • pour 100 ml of water;
  • melt the soap using a water bath, to complete dissolution;
  • add to the mix a tablespoon of tar (can be extracted independently from birch bark);
  • pour it in the molds and wait until dry.

Some argue that the use of soap is homemade, even better than store bought. Cook it simply, agree. To use the homemade soap would be much nicer than store bought, which may be present chemical.


Now you know how to treat a fungal infection of the nails and feet with tar soap. Are you curious about any feedback people who have tested the recipes from this article. If your answer is positive then read them.

Opinion Of Maria:

Дегтярное мыло от грибка: отзывы пациентов и эффективностьWas steam out feet in soapy water, and then applied a special anti-fungal ointment. After a couple of months can legs looked like new. Loved this treatment. No «side effects» tar soap I did not notice, despite the fact that I have sensitive skin.

Victoria writes:

Дегтярное мыло от грибка: отзывы пациентов и эффективностьRubbed marigold soap-soda mixture. The effect surprised me. Six months later, a fully grown healthy nails are the right shape and color. Suggest to combine popular treatment with traditional. Convinced by his experience that it turns faster.

And here is a comment of Sergey:

Дегтярное мыло от грибка: отзывы пациентов и эффективностьDidn’t pay attention the fungus until, until my wife said that my socks to wash unbearable. I am not a fan of traditional medicine, so I decided to look for a safe non-traditional means.


Came across recipes with lye soap. Tried everything and after a month noticed a positive effect. Six months later my nails were completely healthy. Very pleased with this treatment.

Here is all information about antifungal properties of soap with birch tar in the composition. I hope you enjoyed reading the article. Share read with your friends on social networks and subscribe to site updates. Up to new meetings!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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