Tavegil Allergy: rules of acceptance and efficiency

Тавегил от аллергии: правила приема и эффективностьHello, dear readers! If there is an allergic attack, then the doctor will prescribe antihistamine. One of the most popular these days is Tavegil Allergy. The drug has three varieties: pills, syrup and solution for injection.

Often prescribed first form, but in some cases it is better to use the other. In addition to people Tavegil helps to get rid of allergies to animals, e.g., dogs and cats.

Want to learn a lot of useful information about this drug? Then carefully read the article, which is dedicated to him.

Old Powder: why this day is in demand?

The foregoing preparation of the antihistamine means the first of the old generation. Modern allergists prefer the drugs of the second and third generations.

Тавегил от аллергии: правила приема и эффективностьBut despite this, Tavegil continues to be appointed as suffering from hypersensitivity to this day. Why?

The key to the popularity of this antihistamine was high efficiency. In addition, it should be noted heightened its security, thanks to which Tavegilom not afraid to treat young children.

The current component of the drug is clemastine — a substance that blocks H1 receptors, which catch the histamine.

The latter stands out in the course of the reaction of the immune system to a foreign allergen-irritant. Therefore, after getting clemastine in the body an allergic reaction is terminated.

Indications antihistamine Tavegil

  • hives and other rashes allergic background;
  • edema, including angioedema;
  • serum sickness — an acute reaction in the face of hypersensitivity;
  • hay fever;
  • complications of allergies on the breathing system;
  • conjunctivitis, increased lacrimation and inflammation of the eye;
  • rhinitis — runny nose, accompanied by paroxysmal sneezing.

If you have appointed Tavegil, then most likely it will pill. But, I want to note that there are also injections clemastine. The question arises: which is better to use allergies?

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Pills or injections — which is better to use?

Pills are prescribed in those situations, if the disease proceeds in the standard way (without deviations and complications). While such formulations would be sufficient. Pill starts to work in about an hour after getting into the intestines.

Injection, in turn, gives the most rapid effect. Therefore, to use this kind of Tavegilum useful in situations where allergies need a quick help. These situations include swelling of the angioedema, and like allergic complications.

Manual: how to accept Allergy Tavegil?

Treatment with Tavegilom should be under the supervision of a specialist-an allergist. Appoint such drugs for themselves or their children alone is not worth it. Before use, be sure to read the instructions. The article provides the most basic and important information from it.

Тавегил от аллергии: правила приема и эффективностьSo, how do you take an antihistamine with clemastina the basis of the kiddies and adults? The dosage from the instructions look like this:

Allergies-adults and adolescents after 12 years it is recommended one tablet twice in 24 hours. Antihistamine is better to drink morning and evening.

After a morning of treatment is not recommended to sit behind the wheel and do hard work that requires care, as Tavegil causes slight drowsiness.

For children from 6 years to adolescence should drink half the above dosage is 0.5 pills twice in 24 hours.

Solution injecting intramuscularly twice a day for 2 mg, which is equivalent to two pills. Pills in such numbers to take contraindicated.

Тавегил от аллергии: правила приема и эффективностьFor the very young (two years) the dosage of injection is determined by calculating 25 mcg/1 kg of mass. But better such allergies to treat syrup — a little-known form of Tavegil. The amount of syrup for a single dose is measured with a special spoon, which can be found in the package.

As Tavegil — it’s a rather old antihistamine, it has side effects and certain contraindications. Let’s examine them.

Side effects, which can provoke overdose

  • severe drowsiness;
  • bowel disorder;
  • an increase in intraocular pressure.

If you suspect an overdose, an urgent need to wash out the stomach (drink plenty of fluids and induce vomiting) and call an ambulance and detail the situation.

Often when overdoses (minor) are assigned to the sorbents, which displays the remains of the antihistamines from the body.


Tavegil should not take

  • women bearing and nursing;
  • if you have individual hypersensitivity to clemastine;
  • in gastric ulcer;
  • suffering from glaucoma or enlarged prostate.

Price is an important factor

One of the main advantages of Tavegilum is its low price — 150-160 rubles.

Clemastin animals

In veterinary injections clemastine (the main component of Tavegilum) frequently given to dogs with allergies and large farm animals. The dosage is determined by the veterinarian individually, taking into account age, weight, severity of Allergy attacks.

Tavegil or analogs?

Тавегил от аллергии: правила приема и эффективностьThe main counterpart of the above is an antihistamine Suprastin. So between doctors and Allergy sufferers often have disputes on the topic: which is better of these two drugs. It is useless to argue, as the fundamental difference between Her and Tavegilom no.

The only thing they differ from each other, is the Foundation. Suprastin created on the basis of chloropyramine and the second clemastine. Even the price of these medicines is almost identical.


Choosing an antihistamine medication, we would like to know what the reviews about it left by people who have tried it. So you do not waste time looking for reviews, this article presents the most common ones.

Andrew writes:

Тавегил от аллергии: правила приема и эффективностьWas treated for hay fever tablets, which I liked. Plug effects was not, but the desire to sleep, accompanied me throughout the course Tavegilum. But an Allergy attack has passed just a week. Me this treatment like.

Anna writes:

Тавегил от аллергии: правила приема и эффективностьVery sorry Tavegil should not be given babies. For me it really helped. Now here began the reaction of the baby. Need to find a more modern equivalent.

Eugene writes:

Тавегил от аллергии: правила приема и эффективностьMy wife regularly (annually) make injections to prevent reactions to pollen. She Tavegil helps to prevent the disease. Can’t say anything bad about him.

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The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)