Tea tree oil warts: the miracle tool of ancient healers

Масло чайного дерева от бородавок: чудо средство древних целителейHello, dear readers. Today I will tell you about the effective remedy for such diseases as warts. This viral education on the skin that cause a lot of inconvenience.

They are contagious and can recur again after a few months or years. At the present time there are many ways to remove warts is cryotherapy, laser cauterization and medication.

However, there is another effective and highly popular method of dealing with warts is with tea tree oil.

Those who have ever tried this method of treatment, leaving only positive feedback. This drug is available to everyone and that is why it is so popular.

What are the properties of this oil?

Масло чайного дерева от бородавок: чудо средство древних целителейTea tree oil or another oil of tea tree is created from the low leaves of an evergreen tree.

This tree of the family myrtaceae, which is native to Australia. Scientists have proved that tea tree oil has very strong antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

It contains more than 100 terpenoids substances that are able to penetrate the membrane of microorganisms, thereby disrupting their functioning.

That is why, for many years, folk medicine advises to use tea tree oil warts, cuts, fungal infections and other unpleasant ailments.

How to avoid mistakes when buying oil?

First, find out what his lineup. Usually for the treatment of genital warts is used 100 percent oil. The pharmacy often offers the diluted drug, where the content of the feature that you can reach only 10%.

Typically, clean oil is a bit expensive, but not worth saving. Otherwise you will be long enough to get rid of skin lesions or the medication will not help at all.

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The correct application tools

Масло чайного дерева от бородавок: чудо средство древних целителейTo apply the medicine need only externally. It is a very strong drug and care must be taken when using it, otherwise you can get severe skin irritation.

Oil can be applied in diluted and undiluted form. It all depends on where you have warts. When breeding usually follow a proportion of 50:50.

Make it with aloe juice or plain water, but you can change the concentration depending on the sensitivity of your skin.

Better before applying to conduct a little test. Apply a little of the solution on the elbow or the back of the wrist. Will wait for some time.

If during this time period you do not feel a strong burning sensation or other discomfort, you can leave the drug unchanged.

Otherwise, add more water or aloe juice. It should be noted that burning may appear in low concentrations of oil, but if it’s after 2-3 minutes, it is quite normal.

The application of medication the first is well steam out in hot water. Then you can just RUB the oil or make a gauze bandage and leave it overnight.

The solution destroys the wart blood vessels, so that it just dries up due to lack of blood supply.

I enclose our video detailing about beneficial oils of tea as well as other folk remedies for the treatment of psoriasis:

Treatment of warts on the skin of the feet

Масло чайного дерева от бородавок: чудо средство древних целителейOn my feet the skin is coarser than on other parts of the body. Therefore, to apply the drug on the lower limbs in the pure form.

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Procedure is repeated several times a day. If you think that your skin is quite sensitive, it is better to dilute the oil.

Plantar warts

For the fastest recovery it is better to do foot bath with the addition of 10-15 drops of the drug. The procedure should last about 20 minutes.

It is not necessary to repeat the treatment more than 3 times per week. On average, to completely get rid of warts on the soles of the feet required 2-4 weeks. However, if you have a strong tumors, the course can take several months.

Growths in intimate places

The intimate area is often genital warts appear and the woman experiencing a very unpleasant sensation. The skin here is super sensitive.

That’s why you should very carefully apply oil on the area. Use a gauze bandage or a cotton swab dipped in a diluted solution.

Leave the bandage on overnight. If you feel uncomfortable burning sensation, then the solution you need to add more water. Repeat until the entire getting rid of warts. Full recovery may occur within a month.

Warts on other parts of the body

Масло чайного дерева от бородавок: чудо средство древних целителейFor other parts of the body is used only diluted the drug. If this is not done, the skin may be red and start to itch.

You can manually adjust focus. It will depend on the reaction of the skin on its application.

Remember – the cleaner the oil, the faster you get rid of skin lesions.


Despite their amazing medicinal properties, some categories of citizens to apply the oil you should not.

  • You should refrain from treatment in this way pregnant and lactating women.
  • Children up to 6 years this kind of getting rid of warts is also contraindicated.
  • If you have asthma or any other allergic aggravation.
  • If you suffer from allergic dermatoses.
  • The drug use against warts for burns 3 and 2 degrees.
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    Side effects

    Масло чайного дерева от бородавок: чудо средство древних целителейIf you can help tea tree warts to get rid of completely without risk for your health? Of course, Yes. The only bad thing that can happen in case of improper use – skin irritation and itching. To avoid this, increase the level of dilution with water or aloe juice.

    Despite the availability of modern technologies and methods of getting rid of warts – tea tree oil is still very popular tool among the owners of tumors. This is quite an effective and cheap method of treatment.

    In the comments please share your opinion about the article, you have probably already had experience using this tool, and what are the wishes of future patients. I wish you all good health!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)