Teenage acne in girls: drug treatment and folk remedies

Good appearance in puberty can mess up teenage acne. Their appearance is quite expected, as there is a change of a hormonal background of an organism. You need to consider why there are teenage acne girls treatment all features and prevention methods.

The content of the article

  • Causes of acne in girls
  • The choice of method of therapy
  • Drug therapy
  • Recipes of batter and masks
  • Recipe No. 1
  • Recipe No. 2
  • Recipe No. 3
  • Potato mask
  • Mask based on eggs
  • Cucumber mask
  • Folk remedy for teenage acne
  • Calendula tincture
  • Oil-based Hypericum
  • A decoction of birch buds
  • Chamomile for acne
  • When the pimples disappear?
  • Preventive measures
  • Conclusion
  • Video on the topic of acne in girls. The main reasons
  • Most Teens, reaching the age of twenty years, forget about the pathological changes on the skin. Correctly chosen scheme of treatment allow to get rid of the problems, but also to avoid residual effects in the form of scars.

    Causes of acne in girls

    Timely elimination of the etiological factor in the formation of ulcers accelerates the healing process. Cosmetologists and dermatologists believe that the main etiological factor of teenage acne are hormonal changes in puberty.

    In the body of a teenager increases the level of androgens – sex hormones men. This applies not only to boys but also girls. Steroid hormones accelerate and increase the number of sebum glands. Increases not only the amount allocated secretion glands, but their viscosity, which hinders the flow of content. There is a blockage of the ducts and the accession of bacterial infection, thereby developing inflammation.

    The other causes of of age acne:

  • hyperkeratosis;
  • violation of fat metabolism in the body;
  • diseases of the stomach and intestines;
  • increased levels of stress;
  • malnutrition;
  • the lack of observance of rules of personal hygiene.
  • Подростковые прыщи у девочек: лечение медикаментозными и народными средствами

    Hyperkeratosis occurs on the background of hormonal changes, mechanical effects or hypovitaminosis A. against the background of increasing the size of the dermis appear not only abscesses, but also acne.

    The violation of the processes of food leads to the deficiency of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids, which increases the absorption of carbohydrates in the body. Accordingly, the development of secretion of the sebaceous glands is disturbed, which leads to the appearance of abnormal cells in the skin.

    The development of dysbiosis also affects the condition of the skin. Violation of detoxification of toxic substances from the body at once, causing the imprint. The intestine gets overwhelmed processing, and slag, in turn, provoke the reproduction of pathogenic microflora.

    Nervous condition of teenagers directly affects the appearance of pimples. The transition to adulthood is characterized by emotionality, stress, irritability, tearfulness, conflicts. These emotional responses cause an imbalance in the body that affects the skin.

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    Also has a huge impact immune system disorders incorrectly selected cosmetics, the impact of medicines and squeezing pimples.

    Important! Squeeze teen acne is strictly prohibited. This leads to the spread of bacterial infection in the deeper layers of the skin.

    The choice of method of therapy

    It is desirable that the treatment prescribed by a dermatologist, because the self is not always yield positive results. Therapy, selected complex. Remedies for external use combined with medication for oral.

    Подростковые прыщи у девочек: лечение медикаментозными и народными средствами

    Preparations for oral administration can be selected depending on the etiological factor of the problem. The girl should be sent for consultation to the gynecologist to clarify the possible hormonal surges. The detection of increased level of androgens, the teenager assigned to contraceptives with low dosage of estrogen. These drugs are used to prevent pregnancy, but they can help to improve skin condition and reduce inflammatory symptoms.

    Folk and medications are used alone or in combination with each other to enhance efficiency. Thus, the facial skin is cleaned, eliminating the factor of acne, and the appearance is admirable.

    Drug therapy

    To combat age-related acne uses the following hormones:

  • «Diana-35» — the drug is well relieves inflammation and acne, but it has a high level of estrogen. The facility has contraindications, so the feasibility of its application must be confirmed by a gynecologist;
  • «Yasmin» is an effective preparation to cleanse the skin. Low estrogen allows the use of most adolescents;
  • Подростковые прыщи у девочек: лечение медикаментозными и народными средствами

  • «Three-mersi» — low-dose a drug used against both unwanted pregnancy and deal with pathological lesions.
  • Be aware! The intake of contraceptives are discussed with the gynecologist-endocrinologist. Self-medication and the wrong choice of dose may lead to irreversible consequences from the reproductive functions of the body.

    Differin – means is applied once a day, preferably before bedtime. Before the treatment of problem areas the skin should be cleaned with special cosmetic means to remove excess sebum and reduce bacterial flora.

    A popular remedy for acne is the ointment Levomekol. Reduces signs of inflammation, has antiexudative effect, draws out purulent contents to the surface and accelerates regenerative processes. The application is quite simple: the drug is applied to a cotton pad and applied to the place of occurrence of zit. Can be fixed using adhesive tape.

    Effective means against adolescent acne POLYSORB, Enterosgel. Drugs are used for getting rid of toxins and toxic substances that accumulate in the body due to disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Make the drugs should be not less than two weeks.

    Recipes of batter and masks

    Подростковые прыщи у девочек: лечение медикаментозными и народными средствами

    Use the batter well so that they represent the combined funds. The necessary components for manufacturing can be purchased in the nearest pharmacy paragraph. The price of such funds is much lower than ready-made products.

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    Recipe No. 1

    Need to mix 5 tablespoons of calendula (tincture) and 2 tsp. of liquid ammonia. To this mixture, add the camphor in the alcohol, in the same amount as ammonia. The resulting lotion used to wipe the problem areas on the face and neck.

    Recipe No. 2

    The production of a mash from fruits. Need 3 tbsp of vodka or diluted half of ethanol to mix with the same amount of citrus juice.

    Recipe No. 3

    The tool is used in severe inflammation on the face, the formation of infiltrates and subcutaneous nodes. You can mix zinc oxide and erythromycin each 4 grams, add 3 tbsp. of a solution of salicylic acid and boric alcohol. Long use the talker is impossible, because in its composition contains anti-bacterial properties.

    Potato mask

    One big potato need to wash, peel and finely grate to form a paste. Apply on problem areas immediately, until the potatoes were not soggy. Before applying the mask, it is desirable to steam the skin with chamomile.

    Mask based on eggs

    1. Take a fresh egg.
    2. To separate the protein from the yolk.
    3. Whisk the protein and add a few tablespoons of sugar.
    4. Again beat the protein and half applied to the skin.
    5. After drying is applied to the remaining part.
    6. When the second part is dry you need to wash off the mask with water.

    Cucumber mask

    The skin to steam, to increase the access of the sebaceous glands. Cucumber wash and finely grate them with a grater. Add 3-4 drops of olive oil and apply the mixture on the face. After – rinse.

    Подростковые прыщи у девочек: лечение медикаментозными и народными средствами

    Folk remedy for teenage acne

    Aloe Vera is a plant which has proved its effectiveness in the treatment of acne. Use the juice and infusion of its leaves. To prepare infusion from the leaves of aloe to cut a few leaves and leave them for 10 days in a cool and dark place. Then grind them until a paste is formed. Add water to 5 times more and leave for insisting for an hour. The mixture is then boiled, but not more than three minutes. Infusion is ready for use.

    Подростковые прыщи у девочек: лечение медикаментозными и народными средствами

    Calendula tincture

    You need to prepare:

  • 2 tbsp. l. flowers of a medicinal calendula;
  • ¼ Cup of vodka;
  • 1/5 cups of water;
  • 1/3 Cup of Cologne.
  • Mix all ingredients and leave for several days. Next, add a teaspoon of glycerin and boric acid solution. The resulting lotion used to wipe the face morning and evening.

    Oil-based Hypericum

    50 grams of dried flowers of St. John’s wort grind and connect with a Cup of vegetable oil. The mass is infused over several weeks. Periodically, the mixture should be stirred, and in the end drain. Oil to lubricate the face for 10 days.

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    A decoction of birch buds

    Tablespoon chopped buds of birch pour a glass of boiling water. Let simmer for 15-20 minutes. The filtered decoction is used as lotion on the problem areas.

    Chamomile for acne

    Chamomile tea used as a lotion and compresses. The course of treatment – a month. The first half of the month of lotions and compresses, applied daily, in the second half through the day. A tablespoon of chamomile, pour two cups of boiling water and insist, then filtered through several layers of cheesecloth.

    Be aware! All drugs and plant origin, need to check on individual sensitivity, to avoid side effects.

    When the pimples disappear?

    In most cases, acne disappears after the elimination of their causes. Many teenagers can prevent the appearance of new ulcers. It is considered that teenage acne disappear after the age of 25, however, this period is individual. In order to get rid of unwanted pathological formations, it is not necessary to wait for the mark in 25 years, and should eat right, eliminate alcohol consumption, to nourish and moisturize the skin, and use the necessary cosmetics for care of problem areas.

    Preventive measures

    Tips to cosmetologists and dermatologists to be reduced to comply with the rules:

  • drinking the proper amount of fluid;
  • to eat more healthy food in the form of vegetables and fruits;
  • to increase the number of nuts in the diet;
  • periodically take vitamins and minerals;
  • do not push the pimples;
  • to completely get rid of unions is not to use makeup;
  • cleanse your face and neck before bedtime;
  • try to use natural cosmetics or one that contains a small amount of synthetic substances;
  • you cannot use the scrubs to treat pimples because infection may spread to the nearest areas of the skin;
  • need to contact a doctor for advice.
  • Conclusion

    Most used vehicles have a positive effect shortly after starting treatment. Correctly picked up complex scheme of therapy will prevent the emergence of complications and sequelae.

    Video on the topic of acne in girls. The main reasons