Than you can burn herpes on the lips?

Чем можно прижечь герпес на губах?Good day to you, dear readers! What do you do if you receive herpes? Probably cauterize it with something. What exactly is it?

If you don’t know what to cauterize, then read on because in this article I will list the most effective methods that I tried personally.

When I have a herpes on my lip, I take anti-viral drugs in pill form, but this is not enough, as unpleasant rash spoils the appearance.

It also needs something to handle, for example, ointments. But after the rashes become less visible. How to remove the rash completely or at least make it subtle?

For this you need to burn something more serious. Than to cauterize herpes on the lips?

Propolis tincture is a safe and effective means

It can be done by yourself or you can buy ready-made at a pharmacy that is faster and more convenient. Tincture on alcohol is as follows: we need to pre-dissolve the grated propolis in the ratio of 1:10.

Pour the finished tincture in a jar of dark glass and store in the fridge.

Tincture treated the rash three times a day:

  • apply on cotton wool;
  • gently smear the problem areas;
  • give to dry completely.

Most convenient to do this at home, since the tool must be poskot, wash and DAB it.

Ten minutes after treatment, apply to the problematic place any children’s non-greasy cream that hydrates the skin, allowing no feeling of tightness.

Zelenka and iodine – suitable or not?

Чем можно прижечь герпес на губах?If you are too lazy to prepare tinctures, then you can be cauterized with iodine or green paint. Just remember that this medication can cause serious harm – cause a chemical burn.

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They are too aggressive effect on the skin, excessively dry skin, so after this treatment can even stay scars!

Iodine and brilliant green should be used on the initial stage of girisindeki when the rash yet, but already there is a discomfort and you feel that soon it will appear.

In this case, the burn you will not provoke, most importantly, don’t hold cotton with the drug on the skin for too long. I’ve touched it, held it a few seconds and remove!

Calendula tincture – a great tool

This pharmaceutical preparation can be bought for a penny, and even be used when illness in a child. It is safe and effective, does not dry the skin as much as previous versions, and really struggling with a viral infection. Use the tincture of calendula:

  • apply on a cotton swab (if not, then on a cotton pad or just on a piece of cotton wool that you like);
  • Petronas stick to the rash, but no pressure;
  • hold 3-5 seconds and remove;
  • repeat the procedure as often as possible.

Do you like this folk remedy? If you try, then be sure to leave feedback in the comments. I liked it, the rash after it really is reduced, and calendula reduces inflammation and redness.

Toothpaste is a dubious method

Some suggest to cauterize herpes rash toothpaste, but to me this method seems doubtful, as nothing is so healing there. Rather, it operates because of the mint and eucalyptus in the composition.

Pasta you can just smear the initial herpes virus in which the rash is still there. The blisters to apply it in any case impossible, as it is not designed for such use.

Menovazin – inexpensive but really works

Personally, I like this tool more than others because to me it fits perfectly. And it should be noted that it is often advised by doctors as it really does help.

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In the early stages Menovazin can prevent the infection, it must be applied in a compress on the problem areas and hold for 10-15 minutes. The procedure is repeated no less than 3 times a day, and more.

The pills as a sedative drops rid of a viral infection?

Чем можно прижечь герпес на губах?No one can understand how, but the sage really works. It is a sedative (sedative) medication and why he so acts is unknown.

Some of it fit, others consider it useless. Most notably, it can be used during pregnancy, as well as to treat small children.

If you want to try Corvalol disease lip, then read a separate article on this website that will teach you how to use this medication correctly.

Alcohol solution of salicylic acid

This is a very powerful tool that is not suitable for sensitive skin (usually sensitive skin is thin, light, distressed).

Salicylic acid can smear not only primary but also late herpes (when Valderice already appeared). To treat the rash so you need:

  • definitely a cotton swab and briefly (for a couple of seconds, hold and stop);
  • apply gently only on the problem area without affecting healthy skin (otherwise irritation);
  • repeat the procedure twice a day (morning and bedtime).

Is it worth to try the above methods?

Doctors give different answers to the question: is it possible to cauterize a herpetic rash? Some believe that it is possible and even necessary to decontaminate and dry, others are against and say that the way to make things worse.

Personally, I think that is possible, but only you know the measure, do not use alcoholic solutions very often and do not let them long time in contact with the skin.

The above methods will be the best out of the situation, if you have nothing in the house, in addition to these medications, and the rash is an urgent need for something to handle.

Then you can safely use iodine, calendula, etc. But the main treatment is better spend with the help of specialized medications antiviral.

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To find such a drug, contact a dermatologist, who will advise exactly what would be better for you based on your condition.

That’s all, dear readers!

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