The air of nail fungus: an effective remedy for home treatment

Аир от грибка ногтей: эффективное средство для домашнего леченияHello, dear readers! Nail fungus is a phenomenon extremely unpleasant, accompanied by deformation of the nail plate, loss of color, delamination and other deterioration of aesthetics nails.

Fortunately, fungal diseases in modern times easily treated. For this there are special medicines, but if you do not wish to be treated with the traditional method, try national funds, for example air from the nail fungus.

What this means and how to use it? The answers to these and similar questions are present in the article.

Symptoms of nail fungus

Just so you don’t start treatment for a certain disease. This should appear in the symptoms by which to recognize it. Symptoms of nail fungal infection looks like this:

  • between the toes cracks, which gradually turn into oozing wounds;
  • the epidermis begins to rogobete gradually flake off;
  • nail plate changing shape is changing structure of the nail, it splits and begins to change color;
  • foot very itchy, itching is not more than two days;
  • on feet formed a rash folderico with clear content;
  • feet start to stink, and even when not much sweat.

Air is a great antifungal nail

In folk medicine, often used calamus root. It is a marsh plant that has many beneficial properties, which is discussed below in the article. And now I propose to find recipes against fungal infections of nails:

Аир от грибка ногтей: эффективное средство для домашнего леченияCup boiling water pour 15 g of ground dried rhizomes. Boil the solution for ten minutes on low heat. Then remove the broth from heat, wait until cool, strain it. Take the remedy 3 times a day before meals tablespoon.

From the rhizomes, you can make a compress. To do this, mix 10 g of sweet flag with the same number of burdock root and 5 g of dry calendula. Fill the collection with sunflower oil and leave in dark place for a few weeks (2-3).

The resulting treatment mixture should be handled in the affected areas (nails in this case) two times a day throughout the month.

Using the above remedies for fungal nails, you will be able to overcome the disease for a month and gradually restore the original aesthetics of the nail plate. These medications can be combined with traditional.

Thus, you will increase the effectiveness of treatment and achieve the desired faster. Now let’s find out what is so useful has rhizome.

The effect of Acorus calamus on the body

  • increases appetite and speeds up metabolic processes in the body;
  • restores the digestive tract, regulates;
  • improves the immune system, its protective functions;
  • has protivolodochnyi property;
  • soothes inflamed skin;
  • relieve;
  • tones;
  • is a powerful antiseptic;
  • heals and restores regeneration;
  • has fungicidal effect.

How to get a rhizome of their own?

The ideal time for collecting Aira — September and October. It is a marsh plant, so it will have to go to the forest. Sweetflag roots dig, wash off the earth without touching the cork (brown top).

Аир от грибка ногтей: эффективное средство для домашнего леченияThen the plant must be dried, cut into pieces 20-30 cm, and finally dried at a temperature of 25-30 degrees until dry.

To keep dry air over two to three years in tightly closed glass jars. If it will flow the air, it can become moldy and rot.

Can be a calamus contraindications?

Despite the fact that the rhizome is considered to be safe and useful, it has contraindications, namely:

  • pregnancy (all trimesters);
  • the period of breast-feeding;
  • hypertension and serious failures in the functioning of the liver and kidneys.

These contraindications apply only to those prescriptions which are taken inside. To treat nail fungus with local folk remedies based on the above root is not prohibited.

Why nail fungus is considered dangerous disease?

Аир от грибка ногтей: эффективное средство для домашнего леченияSome ill live with the fungus for months or even years. Thus, it is not considered dangerous, but in vain. In the process of life fungi secrete a lot of harmful substances: xanthomelas, penicillin, villlain similar to the antibiotic substances.

Getting into our bodies, these substances can provoke serious complications. Therefore considered safe fungus disease properly. It should be treated, and in a timely manner.

Feedback about the recipes based on Aira

Now you know how to treat nail fungus with the roots of marsh plants. Reviews about this anti-fungal therapy is presented below.

Natalia writes:

Аир от грибка ногтей: эффективное средство для домашнего леченияTreated air (taken inside) for months. Simultaneously, smear the nails with antifungal drugs. Within a month, the body stronger, feeling better as the state of the nail plates. I recommend to try the miracle air.

Olga writes:

Аир от грибка ногтей: эффективное средство для домашнего леченияRubbing the nails with tincture of sunflower oil. Have used this tool for two weeks. The result was a pleasant and even unexpected. Never thought I will be able to restore your damaged nail plate so quickly.

Andrew writes:

Аир от грибка ногтей: эффективное средство для домашнего леченияDrinking the decoction of rhizome, together with the special antifungal medications. Feeling better after a week. The fungus gradually began to pass, and nails to recover. Very happy with the result.

Eugene writes:

Аир от грибка ногтей: эффективное средство для домашнего леченияIt was treated only by air and won a fungus nail plate for a couple of months. This treatment I liked it because of affordability, simplicity and practicality. Recommend trying it to anyone who is faced with a fungal disease.

That’s all the information about the useful properties of calamus, and how it can be used for the treatment of fungal lesions of nail plates.

I hope you liked the article and helped to get rid of unpleasant disease. Share read with your friends on social networks and subscribe to the updates of the site which are now. All the best to you!

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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