The analysis on antibodies to chickenpox: where to donate and how to decipher

Анализ на антитела к ветрянке: где сдать и как расшифровываетсяGood day, dear readers! In some cases, to determine the chickenpox is assigned to the analysis on antibodies to chickenpox. This unique procedure allows you to know whether you were ill with smallpox in childhood, do you have immunity, whether you get sick now.

The analysis accurately determines the presence of the disease in the early stages, and timely treatment is the key to a speedy recovery. Are you curious about what this procedure is? Read the article and learn everything about her.

General information about the procedure

The full name of this blood test — ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay). This laboratory method can accurately determine the presence and amount of different compounds, macromolecules, viruses, etc. the analysis is based on the specific reaction of the organism to the antigen-antibody.

The advantages of the above techniques of determining the windmill visible to the naked eye:

  • conveniently;
  • quickly;
  • high-precision;
  • opportunities.

Today IFA is one of the main methods of laboratory diagnosis. Now let’s define which cases are being analyzed for the presence of antibodies to varicella.


  • Pregnancy planning is a very important stage in every woman’s life. If she doesn’t remember, sick with chickenpox, it is best to undergo an examination and find out the answer to this question. The fact that for babies this disease is a serious threat. If you catch it during pregnancy before birth, the baby may be born with congenital varicella.
  • Atypical symptomatology and course of the disease — small pox sometimes runs an atypical (without specific symptoms). The carrier of the virus is not contagious and less dangerous than the standard normal course of the disease. If the doctor doubts arise in determining the diagnosis, he may appoint ELISA. To refuse it is not necessary.
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    As the analysis determines a windmill?

    Анализ на антитела к ветрянке: где сдать и как расшифровываетсяSpecific antibodies to the virus Varicella-Zoster appear in the human body after 4-5 days after the onset of the rash. This process is called seroconversion. Seroconversion is the appearance of IgG specific antibodies in their initial absence.

    Other antibody — IgM confirm the presence of disease. After recovery of IgG retained in the human body for life and indicate immunity to smallpox.

    The virus Varicella-Zoster have been ill can no longer be activated and provoke smallpox, however, can develop into shingles. These complications occur in people with weak immune systems from nature.

    In the blood of the newborn in the first months of life may be present IgG even if he is not ill. Antibodies are passed from mother to him.

    Where to hand over IFA? How much is it?

    Анализ на антитела к ветрянке: где сдать и как расшифровываетсяWhere to donate blood for the detection of antibodies to chickenpox? Today, there are 2 reputable laboratories, which conducted similar studies.

    This lab Invitro and Hemotest. These institutions are equipped with high-precision modern equipment and offer diverse services at affordable prices.

    For example, the price of the ELISA in Invitro equates to 700-800 rubles, and in Gemotest — 750-850 RUB.

    To give blood you need to prepare

    If you don’t want to get inaccurate results and to retest the blood again, I recommend to properly prepare for the procedure. For this you need to observe the following rules:

    • you can donate blood only after 8 hours after ingestion (preferably on an empty stomach in the morning);
    • before the procedure can’t drink medications;
    • if treatment has already begun, must be in the lab what drugs were taken;
    • the day before the procedure, it is better to cut out fats, alcoholic beverages, sweet and to exclude heavy exercise.
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    Take these rules seriously, and then the result after taking the test will be as accurate as possible. A specialist will be able to decipher it immediately and tell you the result. By the way, how is decrypted such tests? If you’re interested, then read carefully.

    Interpreting the results of ELISA

    Анализ на антитела к ветрянке: где сдать и как расшифровываетсяInterpreting the results of the analysis on antibodies to chickenpox — a complex process that requires certain knowledge. The results are recorded in a special form regulation and indicators.

    If to explain in simple language, decoding can be described as follows: if the number of antibodies is less than normal, the result is negative, if more, positive.

    If you want to better understand the ELISA, here’s the possible list of results:

  • If lgM antibody positive (above normal), and IgG negative, the disease is in the initial period and is acute.
  • If IgG positive and lgM, the disease is considered acute, primary, abiding in the late period or deaktivirovana (can start shingles).
  • If IgG and lgM negative, the person is healthy and chickenpox he’s never had.
  • If IgG positive and lgM negative, then the person has immunity to the virus, as it they had been ill or he produced a vaccination for prevention.
  • Agree, if you look, it’s not so difficult as it seemed initially. Now let’s take a closer look at the case where the IFA is assigned when planning a pregnancy.

    ELISA and pregnancy

    If the fairer sex decided to have a baby, you must pass the above analysis to know whether she’s immune to the virus Varicella-Zoster.

    Анализ на антитела к ветрянке: где сдать и как расшифровываетсяThis is really important, and to find out why, you can from a separate article on chicken pox in newborns that you will find on this site.

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    If in the course of research antibodies are not detected, then the woman is assigned to a prevention in form of vaccination. You need to hold it for 2-3 months before pregnancy.

    During the procedure, the woman is made with a weakened vaccine virus and antibodies. Thus, it produces immunity to the disease.

    If within the first 96 hours after injection, analysis of the virus Varicella-Zoster becomes positive, it is necessary to vaccinate specific immunoglobulin.

    That’s all the information on the analysis on antibodies to varicella, which in certain cases it is necessary to pass necessarily. I hope you have learned the answers to all your questions. Share this useful information with your friends in the social. networks and sign up for site updates. All the best and see you soon!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)