The best candles from warts: what you should choose for the treatment of disease?

Лучшие свечи от кондилом: какие стоит выбрать для терапии недуга?Hello readers! Today we introduce you to one of the most popular forms of medication for the treatment of warts.

This candle from warts, which may be rectal or vaginal, and aimed at different stages of the development of the disease.

Some of them boost the immune system function, others have antiseptic properties.

What are the candles?

As mentioned above, candles are rectal and vaginal. Rectal, in turn, can have systemic effects or local vaginal always only local.

What plugs to use and what course, solves a doctor. There are candles only with antiseptic, e.g., Betadine, which are often prescribed for concomitant bacterial, fungal and papillomavirus infections vaginally.

Лучшие свечи от кондилом: какие стоит выбрать для терапии недуга?There are drugs that are used rectally, while possessing not only the local (antiseptic) and systemic (antiviral and immune-stimulating). This Panavir, Genferon ® and interferon.

The active substance of the drug is not only able to stop the infection, but to provoke their reverse development (involution).

Treatment of condylomatosis is usually long. After all, besides the removal of external manifestations, it is necessary to reduce the number of viruses in the body, otherwise relapses will immediately make themselves felt.

To maintain strength in your body there are many tools: a proper diet, mode of work and rest, reducing emotional stress, various traditional recipes.

It is through folk methods can effectively clean the body of toxins, to remove the annoying growths on the skin without visiting the doctor and using expensive procedures.

If you are interested in alternative healing can learn more about him in this book. It shows the full course of treatment, so that you 2-3 months to get rid of warts on any area of the body.


Лучшие свечи от кондилом: какие стоит выбрать для терапии недуга?First and foremost, it is a known drug Betadine. The candles contain the active substance is povidone-iodine, which is a broad-spectrum antiseptic.

It is not absorbed into the General circulation, only works locally, while effectively inactivating fungi, bacteria, viruses.

Candles release for vaginal use. After their introduction, povidone-iodine comes in contact with mucous membrane, forming active iodine, which neutralizes the pathogen.

Often prescribed Betadine after removal of warts by surgery or by chemical means, as it does not stimulate the body’s defenses.

In parallel, the doctor prescribes drugs which can affect the immune system, we will talk about them later.

The use of candles is simple: impose after a preliminary cleansing of the vagina (for example, through irrigation), once a day, usually at night.

The course of treatment is 2 weeks. Contraindications to the use of an hypersensitivity to iodine, impaired thyroid function, pregnancy up to 12 weeks caution during lactation and in patients with dermatitis during.

Immunostimulatory drugs

Лучшие свечи от кондилом: какие стоит выбрать для терапии недуга?These drugs represented mainly antiviral Interferon, Genferon®, Panavir.

The latest comes in the form of rectal suppositories and vaginal from genital warts and other infections with bacterial, viral, fungal nature.

Panavir contains 200 mg. of active substance, acts as antiviral and immune stimulating substance. In the complex treatment of condylomatosis Panavir prescribe one every 3 days or every 4 days.

So repeated three times. Candles have a mild analgesic effect, they are administered once a day, at night, a course of 5 days.

Indirect impact on the human papilloma virus suppositories genferon ® (there are like rectal and vaginal).

The main active ingredient interferon Alfa is recommended in many infectious diseases both in men and women.

To domestic drugs having an immunostimulating effect, is Kipferon. The drug has both local and systemic effects.

Лучшие свечи от кондилом: какие стоит выбрать для терапии недуга?The drug is administered rectally twice a day 1 candle. The course is limited to 10 days, possible a second stage of treatment.

It is available in rectal and vaginal plugs, is a combination: the first component is a complex immunoglobulin preparation, the second is the human recombinant Alfa-2 interferon.

The use of the medication has shown good therapeutic results, the relative safety and rare side effects.

Widely used in the treatment of warts in gynecological practice. No matter what treatment you choose, remember that both and your partner need to undergo drug therapy.

The human papilloma virus is considered a sexually transmitted infection. In recent years, the number of infected persons with cutaneous manifestations of the disease have increased significantly.

The virus threat first and foremost the ability to cause cancers, severe pathology of the respiratory tract in neonates, in addition, always confuses patients a cosmetic defect, so most of them seek medical help in a timely manner.

Before treatment be sure to consult with the experts! Follow our news, there is a lot of useful new information.

The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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