The causative agent of ringworm how to get rid of the bacteria and other parasites?

Возбудитель стригущего лишая: как избавиться от бактерии и других паразитов?Welcome to our portal dedicated to skin diseases. A good thing to adopt a homeless animal.

But it often happens that with the pet we bring into the house ringworm. This disease is spreading very fast and to be protected from it almost impossible.

Let’s see what contributes to the rapid contamination? And why this kind of lichen is considered infectious?

Let’s start with the fact that ringworm is a skin disease that is caused by a fungus. It occurs most often in children but sometimes in adults.

Contracting ringworm as possible from the person and from a sick animal. Infection can occur in the following way:

  • direct contact with person or animal that already has the disease, it is not necessary to touch the wound or the inflammation;
  • the use of someone else’s clothes, especially hats;
  • someone else’s towel or other personal hygiene items.

Возбудитель стригущего лишая: как избавиться от бактерии и других паразитов?It should be noted that shingles, obtained from an animal treated longer and more complex than that patient has infected person.

The causative agent of ringworm is a fungal flora, which is fast taking root on the scalp or in the place of a beard in men. Medicine distinguishes between three types of fungi that can cause this disease:

  • Trichophytosis;
  • Microsporia;
  • Athlete

All three bacteria are very similar and only differ outwardly in form and scientific classification. But their essence does not change.

No matter how precisely a fungus of the above neither initiated the disease, its symptoms are exactly the same.


Возбудитель стригущего лишая: как избавиться от бактерии и других паразитов?The incubation period of ringworm lasts from several weeks to several months.

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Because of this, it is considered to be so easily distributed, because for a long time the patient is being infected and not knowing about it, continued to lead a normal life, to communicate and to contact with other people.

Meanwhile, sick ringworm should be isolated from others until full recovery.

Besides the rash, other symptoms, the disease has not. If, moreover, that the body is stained, the patient experiences malaise – it is not ringworm, but a completely different pathology.

When the disease which is now going on on the skin of a person appears clearly bordered spot, with a pink outline. In the center of the circle first may be a healthy skin.

As current pathology content within may change color from pink to red, wet, dry, covered with crust and scales. In addition to aesthetic discomfort, the patient may experience itching.

Diagnosis of the disease

Возбудитель стригущего лишая: как избавиться от бактерии и других паразитов?As we have seen, the disease is almost impossible to diagnose in the early stages with the naked eye without the help of a doctor.

It is very rare to see a site with broken hairs and a small flaking under them. Under the fluorescent glow, which is usually present in the doctor’s office, you can see that porajenie hairs glow bright green.

This is due to the direct impact of fungal microflora, or to be precise, all the three main causative agent listed earlier, feed the hair follicle.

For this reason, a hearth, usually it was on the hairy part of the body, and the hair on these places is unhealthy and weak.

In the popular program «Live healthy» a detailed analysis of the disease:

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To prescribing, specialists usually hold a number of other tests and take note of the patient’s age, General condition organism and how the case started Stripping.


Возбудитель стригущего лишая: как избавиться от бактерии и других паразитов?Based on the above and knowing what it is called ringworm we can conclude the following: what kind of funds and ointments or used for the treatment of inflamed skin, the first step is to remove the hairs from the root.

This is done with the help of forceps, and by the way, because of unhealthy follicles, they pulled out very easy.

In the course of treatment, and it can take several weeks, it is imperative to monitor the timely removal of newly grown gun.

Thus, by the root of something, so to speak, feed on harmful bacteria, we significantly accelerated the healing process and getting rid of parasites.


Возбудитель стригущего лишая: как избавиться от бактерии и других паразитов?So, we understood that the causative agents of ringworm are different fungi. Medicine identifies three main, very similar, but differ in external components.

They all eat at the expense of the hair follicle, therefore the disease affects animals. But in humans it usually appears on the scalp under the hair.

For accurate diagnosis, the dermatologist uses a fluorescent light in which the scales and hair, damaged mushrooms will glow bright green.

Any treatment regimen prescribed by a doctor will be much more effective when patients remove hair from the root.

In the recovery process still need to ensure that newly grown fuzz has also been taken out.

Now, knowing why a person is sick ringworm, and understanding how the disease occurs, we will significantly accelerate and facilitate its treatment. Because only by knowing our enemy, we can steadfastly hold the line. Health to you!