The effectiveness of Inpages in the treatment of herpes

Эффективность Инфагеля при лечении герпесаDear readers, Hello! Have you tried to treat herpes with Infieles? If not, then be sure to try, but first read the instructions, which is presented in this article.

Personally, I really liked it. More to say, I often prescribe it to their patients, and they too praised. The basis of Inpages is interferon – a substance that stimulates the immune system.

If you have frequent recurrences of herpes on the lips, then the above medication will suit you best, as a cause of relapse is always a weakening of the immune system.

In addition to immunomodulatory actions, the gel has antiviral and antitumor effects. Thus, you get a complex drug as safe due to the fact that only applied topically.

Indications for use

  • any herpes on the body;
  • the frequent recurrence of the infection;
  • herpes stomatitis;
  • gingivitis.

I used this medication and tell you what: it really works, but only if you use it correctly and do not violate the dosage.

Contraindications Engages almost there, below you can see a list of the main.

The medication is used for:

  • individual intolerance of its components;
  • increased tendency to allergic reactions.

Part of Ipages present: 10,000 IU of human recombinant interferon Alfa-2b to 1 g of drug and excipients – aluminum hydroxide, polyvinyl alcohol.

If you have intolerance of at least one of these components, then better do not try the gel, as is likely, he will not do.

The cost and method of production

It means I was attracted to in the first place, as it is available to everyone. For a tube of 3 g will give you 120 rubles, and for a tube of 5 g – 150 rubles. Agree, it’s inexpensive, especially at the present time.

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The drug is produced only in the form of a gel in a convenient tube. We advise you to take just 5 grams, so as to cause a medication often have, and while savings are obvious.

How to use the medicine?

And you need to use exclusively locally – applied to the problem area. The gel can be applied not only on skin, but on mucous membranes, on which erisipela also frequently appears.

Эффективность Инфагеля при лечении герпесаIt is very convenient, isn’t it? You don’t have to use different drugs, as well as Infiel you can apply anywhere.

Apply medicine I recommend you 2 times a day at intervals of 12 hours. After applying do not touch the treated area for 10-15 minutes, as the gel slowly absorbs.

In some there is a feeling of tightening of the skin, but that’s okay, as there is alcohol which dries. And yet this effect is explained by the fact that the gel forms a protective film on the surface of the wound to protect from bacteria.

The duration of treatment is defined individually, and this should be done by the treating specialist, so be sure to visit a clinic and consult your physician before using Ipages. Usually the treatment is carried out for 3-5 days, no longer.

Few people know that the gel, which I describe today in the article, can be used for prevention of viral various diseases, e.g., SARS. You need to lubricate gel nasal passages twice a day.

Use of the drug thus permitted no more than 30 days, as described in the instructions for use.

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Is it possible to combine this medication with other?

Of course, you, as a drug for topical use with minimal systemic absorption. Therefore, you can be treated with this ointment, and also take antiviral pills, for example.

Do you have gel counterparts?

Эффективность Инфагеля при лечении герпесаAnalogues are available but few of them: Zovirax, Gerpevir, Was, Acyclic. It should be noted that not all congeners of Inpages stimulate the immune system.

Often they just antiviral, but the drug described in the article, complex. Therefore, if possible and if the doctor said so, then it is better to use Infiel.

Application of pregnancy and for the treatment of children: is it possible?

The gel can be used for children, but only after consultation with the pediatrician. During pregnancy it is also often prescribed, but only if no other choice.

And a tool is allowed to use feeding mums, but not in the chest.

What people say about the drug?

If you are still in doubt whether to try Infiel, then be sure to read the reviews about it. By the way, in 99% of cases they are positive. Below you can see the feedback of my patients.

Victoria writes:

«Get frequent recurrences of herpes labialis, had to go to the hospital. I was advised the gel, which I enjoyed for five days.


The effect appeared already on the third day, but the doctor told to stop treatment, so I kept it. Five days from rash nothing left and now she appears no more than once a year!»

Andrew writes:

«Tried this gel against herpes zoster. Sore it heals very quickly, but no other effects I noticed. The pain is not clear, creates an unpleasant, but bearable, sensation of tightening of the skin.


Anything bad (side effects) I did not notice, so I was left with a positive impression after the treatment.»

Anna writes:

«Very pleased with this drug! Jumped cold sore during pregnancy and the doctor advised Infiel.


At first I was afraid to use it, as women in position of medications generally contraindicated. But then I read the reviews, talked with my doctor and still decided. Using the gel, I cured the sore for four days! Very happy with the results and now recommend it to all!»

That’s all, my dear readers. Do not self-medicate, always consult doctors before using the medicines, including Inpages, despite its safety!

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Author: Ksenia Borisova (dermatologist)