The effectiveness of Zirtek when the chickenpox and methods of using drugs

Эффективность Зиртека при ветрянке и способы использования лекарстваDear readers, welcome to this site! Chickenpox on the skin and mucous membranes appear bumps, which quickly filled with watery clear content and constantly itchy. To endure the itching sometimes becomes impossible.

Fortunately, it can be alleviated by taking antihistamine medicines. Zyrtec when the chickenpox is assigned often enough and there are a number of reasons. In this article I want to tell you about the drug and learn to properly take it.

What species is available Zyrtec?

There are two forms of issue:

  • tablets;
  • drops.

The number of tablets in the package varies from seven to ten. Drops are produced in vials of 10 and 20 ml. the Main component of the drug is cetirizine dihydrochloride. The amount in the pill, and 1 ml drops of the same.

Are you curious about why the medicine has earned so much positive feedback? To understand why, you need to deal with its effects on the human body.

Effects and beneficial properties

As you know, the rash of chickenpox causes itching, which is caused due to an allergic reaction of the organism to the process of life viruses provocateurs. Humans react to rash in different ways.

Эффективность Зиртека при ветрянке и способы использования лекарстваSome of this itching do not feel, while others literally go crazy from it. It is especially difficult to tolerate this «itch» to children, as they are more mentally impulsive and unrestrained.

Comb the pimples not. What should I do? The answer is simple: make protivozudnoe antihistamines. Zyrtec is the perfect solution for suffering from chickenpox. Want to know why? What useful properties it has? Then read carefully.

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The above drug is a blocker of histamine H1-receptors. Simply put, its main effect is anti-allergenic. The ability of the drug can be describe as:

  • prevents the development of allergies;
  • makes for such a reaction;
  • protivozudnam has a powerful effect.

During the survey it was observed that the drug great impact on the inflamed skin. It eliminates the symptoms of allergic rashes such as pimples, itching, irritation and inflammation.

After taking the medicine the effect occurs in 20 minutes, which is a little, especially when compared with other antihistamines. The action continues Sirtica day, and in some cases even longer. Make it very convenient, as a single pill or dosage of drops per day.

Which is better: tablets or drops?

There is no fundamental difference, however, if the treatment prescribed to the child, which shows the dosage less than 10 mg of cetirizine dihydrochloride, the treated drops. The pills are very small, which divide them into equal parts difficult.


Эффективность Зиртека при ветрянке и способы использования лекарстваThe main indication to taking this medication are allergic dermatoses, accompanied by itching. What is dermatitis? It is different types of epidermal reaction, provoking the appearance of pimples, which itch and create discomfort.

Therefore, for the treatment of disease Zyrtec it is advisable to apply. Now let’s see if we can give this medicine children.

Used drops and pills properly in accordance with the instructions

The drug is ingested. The dosage depends on the age ill. It can be the following:

  • For the treatment of smallpox in adults and children aged 6+ is a tablet or twenty drops per day. Adults can drink this dose in one sitting. Kids better to take the drops and divide the dose by two times.
  • For children aged two-six years to ten drops (the older, the more dose) once a day.
  • For children one-two — five drops, divided into two doses;
  • For infants from six to twelve months to five drops once a day.
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    How to recognize an overdose and what side effects it can cause?

    The drug in the above doses is absolutely safe and the side effects does not. However, if at once to drink it in the dose of five tablets (50 mg of cetirizine dihydrochloride), you can receive:

    • gastrointestinal disorders;
    • malaise (weakness, a state of distraction, fatigue);
    • severe drowsiness;
    • sedative effect;
    • stupor;
    • tachycardia.

    If such feelings arose, it is necessary to quickly wash out the stomach to remove the medication from it.


    Zyrtec should not be consumed women who’s carrying a baby or breast-feeding. Why? The fact that its effect on pregnant women has not been studied.

    In addition, it is not prescribed to people with congenital individual intolerance to galactose or lactase deficiency.

    Price is an important factor

    At the present time, very few people can afford costly drugs. So the price is very important to us. Fortunately, with the cost of the drugs all right. Droplets can be purchased for between 300 and 320 rubles, and tablet — 200-220 RUB.

    Reviews and conclusion

    Zyrtec is an excellent antihistamine medication. It without a fear you can give ill and even infants. He quickly and permanently eliminates discomfort that accompany chicken pox. To fully evaluate this medication, let’s take a look at the reviews about it.

    Natalia writes:

    Эффективность Зиртека при ветрянке и способы использования лекарстваAppointed for the child. Really noticeable effect occurred on the second day. To drops the kid was constantly trying to scratch, which had to watch him literally around the clock. After medication it was better to fall asleep (given at bedtime) and less to complain about itching.

    Andrew writes:

    Эффективность Зиртека при ветрянке и способы использования лекарстваTaking the tablets with the varicella (chickenpox recently in adulthood). Itched catastrophically. After Zirtek the itching did not pass completely, but partially decreased. Maybe it’s in my body, which turned out to be highly sensitive to such stimuli.

    That’s all, dear readers. If the article was interesting, please do tell your friends from social networks. Signing up for updates, you can keep track of new publications on the website. All the best to you!

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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)