The foot fungus treatment at home: how effective?

Good day, dear readers! Treatment of foot fungus at home have to be integrated. Otherwise, the effect will have to wait a long time and can be a relapse. What is a comprehensive home treatment? Let’s examine this topic in more detail.

The basics of antifungal therapy?

Лечение грибка стопы в домашних условиях: насколько оно эффективно?At the present time there are many antifungal drugs, among which are not particularly difficult to choose the perfect individual for every ill. In order for treatment to be effective, need to be treated diligently without interrupting the course and ignoring the advice of a doctor.

The most popular is «pulse therapy». What do you think, what is it? «Pulse therapy» is carried out using a powerful antifungal medicines that are drunk for long, but at maximum dosages.

Ill for full recovery should take a few courses «pulse therapy». Between courses made impressive breaks. The symptoms of athlete’s foot disappear after the first year. Subsequent are conducted to prevent recurrence.

Antimycotic medication is often pills, have fungicidal effect. In addition to them, it is recommended to use topical antifungal medications:

  • ointment;
  • creams;
  • talc;
  • lucky (special nails).

Traditional medicines can be alternated with folk remedies. Want to know which of them win the athlete promptly and safely for ill? A list of the best recipes you will find in a separate article.

How to choose medication for home use?

Лечение грибка стопы в домашних условиях: насколько оно эффективно?Absolutely all drugs against fungus of the feet and nails can be used at home. Therefore, the choice does not have to be limited. The main thing is to find the right medication, and it is necessary to consult a dermatologist.

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Keep in mind that the skin of each of us individually. For dry epidermis on the legs fit greasy moisturizing topical preparations.

If the fungal infection accompanied by wet skin defects, you should choose a drying preparations. If the disease affected not only legs but also arms, you’ll have to buy a separate medication to skin that is more sensitive than the epidermis on the feet.

Use topical antifungal drugs in the home correctly

Ointments, creams and other medication can not be applied for longer than two weeks. If the effect is not visible, replace the other drug with similar action. The most effective local medications are: lamisil, Amorolfine, Zalain, Candide.

To apply ointments and creams should on the prepared skin and nails. How to prepare for treatment? It can be done like this:

  • rasparte feet in the hot tub, which you can add various herbs or other healing ingredients;
  • remove all dead skin as possible;
  • cut regrown affected nails;
  • thoroughly wash and dry the infected places.

Only then it’s possible to apply a medicine. Ointments are overlaid with a thin layer and rubbed in until completely absorbed. Lucky will stay on dry fat-free nails.

Лечение грибка стопы в домашних условиях: насколько оно эффективно?To treat the skin and nails preferably before bedtime as they need to fully absorb the medication.

If the fungus affected only the epidermis, to cure it for a month, and even earlier. But with nails it’s much more serious.

A healthy nail plate after fungal grows very slowly. To use the medication will have to until the nail completely grows back. It will take six months to a year.

Treated with traditional methods at home

Traditional treatments it is easiest to use at home. Perhaps because of this, they prefer almost everyone who has encountered fungus. Listed below are the most popular recipes that can fight fungal infection fast:

  • To treat advanced forms of nail fungus can hydrogen peroxide. For this peroxide, moisten a cotton wool then apply it to the infected areas and wrap with cellophane to prevent evaporation. Recommended to steam the infected areas.
  • Garlic paste with salt is able to replace any antifungal ointment. Gruel every day we need to RUB the infected skin and nails. The only drawback is the unpleasant odor.
  • Vinegar (Apple or plain) should be added to the baths to steaming. It will soften Horny epidermis, making it easier to remove. In addition, vinegar whiten nails, which are due to the fungus becoming unnatural color.
  • Celandine and other herbs to effectively treat athlete’s foot. Celandine, namely juice, you should grate the affected areas, including marigolds. In chamomile can soar feet. Mint, nettle, sage, decided to lay dry socks that will prevent odor and excessive sweating.
  • If you don’t trust folk medicine, read online reviews about these tools. Often they are positive, which means that the recipes really work.Лечение грибка стопы в домашних условиях: насколько оно эффективно?

    Prevention of athlete’s foot — it’s easy!

    After fungal growth retreat, try to avoid a relapse (return of disease). Especially dangerous in this respect are the yeast. They often return because of the rules of prevention:

    • it is not necessary to walk around public places barefoot;
    • antifungal lacquer can be applied for prevention, it is colorless and looks aesthetically pleasing on the nails;
    • violation of the integrity of the epidermis is one of the main causes of infection mycosis, so all skin defects should be treated in time;
    • you can wear only natural high-quality shoes;
    • it is recommended to change socks frequently, especially if you often have to go to public places;
    • feet should be washed regularly.

    Now you know how to treat a fungus in the home. Remember, the earlier you start treatment, the faster you get rid of a fungal infection of the epidermis and nails, signs of which are shown in the photo.

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    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)