The foot fungus treatment folk remedies: most popular recipes

Лечение грибка стопы народными средствами: самые популярные рецептыGood day, dear guests and regular readers! In this article we will discuss the treatment of foot fungus folk remedies.

Despite the simplicity and accessibility of national resources, they are not particularly popular nowadays, because pharmaceutical market is constantly updated and offers us a new highly effective antifungal drugs.

But in our time there are still those who do not accept traditional medicine and trusts the people. In alternative medicine do have a lot of effective recipes for combating athlete’s foot. Most importantly, be able to use them properly.

Most «running» traditional recipes against mycosis

First, let’s consider the most popular folk remedies against athlete’s foot. By the way, are they not worse than the medication offered in pharmacies. So those antifungal prescriptions.

Лечение грибка стопы народными средствами: самые популярные рецептыA solution of potassium permanganate is the most convenient way. Feet before going to sleep we recommend that you thoroughly steam clean away dead epidermis and grown sick of the nail, and then wrap a bandage soaked in a solution of manganese.

The solution should be sufficiently concentrated — saturated pink. Unfortunately, in our time to find potassium permanganate in the free market is not so easy. So if you don’t have one, you can use the other tips.

A 5% solution of iodine suggest to use for treatment of the epidermis contaminated with fungus, twice a day everyday.

Diluted with alcohol, propolis is used for compresses, applied on diseased nails and worn almost constantly. The longer you wear the wrap, the better. With the help of propolis can defeat a fungal infection a couple of weeks.

Steamed legs is recommended to sprinkle boric acid. An acidic environment is detrimental for fungus.

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Лечение грибка стопы народными средствами: самые популярные рецептыOn the night of the foot can be wrapped with gauze soaked in a solution of ammonia with water. For the preparation of the alcohol in an amount of 1 tbsp mixed with a glass of boiled water.

Baths of sea salt proven themselves against athlete’s foot. Read more about antifungal trays that are easy to do at home, read in a separate article.

Mixture: iodine + glycerin + vinegar essence should be diluted with water, and then RUB his feet, pre-steam them.

All of the above means prepared simply, but in order for them to cook, you need to buy some ingredients. If the opportunity to go to the pharmacy or a store is not present, can look for anti-fungal remedy in my fridge. Surprised?

Protivomikrobnye funds from the fridge

In the fridge you can find the following medicinal substances:

  • wine vinegar, which to RUB the foot;
  • Apple cider vinegar — 4 tbsp mix with salt in the amount of 100 grams, and then dissolve the mixture in five liters of hot water and get the tub;
  • baking soda, from which it is possible to make gruel for the sick nails, spreading it with a small amount of water;
  • garlic, which need to RUB the affected skin and nails;
  • the bow that is used as well as garlic;
  • coffee, trays of which are powerful antifungal agent (effective only natural coffee).

Herbal medicine from the athlete’s foot

If you are not allergic to herbs, you can use them for the treatment of fungal infections:

Лечение грибка стопы народными средствами: самые популярные рецептыOf celandine, you can prepare a decoction of four tablespoons per liter of water. Once the mixture boils, remove it in a warm place and insist five minutes.

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Further the drug should be used for compresses and lotions. Two weeks later, even advanced forms of mycosis will be destroyed.

Herbal: tysyacelistnik + mug + Artemisia + Plantago used for the preparation of infusions. Herbs pour boiling water and insist to cool. Infusion should drink three times a day before food.

Dry calendula flowers also can pour boiling water and infuse, and then use the product for daily wiping infected with athlete’s foot.

Dry collection: nettles + hunter + mint + chamomile + sage. These herbs made use of in dry form, namely to lay in your socks all day. This will eliminate odor and mildew.

Agree, people’s unconventional treatment of athlete’s foot easy and pleasant. Feedback about the recipes from this article, mostly positive. If you cook strictly according to instructions, the efficiency will be high. Try it and see.

Unexpected anti-fungal treatments

Some tips from alternative medicine are very unexpected, such as these:

  • The natural acidic environment, which is made by human then, for some fungi, is an ideal place of residence. Therefore, some of the sick need not to oxidize the foot, and Vice versa, mute acid.
  • To help in this, oddly enough, ordinary washing powder. Daily foot bath lasting 10 minutes in hot water with the addition of 100 grams of powder get rid of ringworm.
  • Glue BF can also be useful ill. They are advised to lubricate your epidermis once a day for two weeks.
  • Morning urine or urine (in common) also gets rid of fungal diseases. It is recommended to add a bath to be taken for ten minutes. Then the legs can be rinsed with water and dried thoroughly. The procedure is done daily for two weeks.
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    Now you know how to cure athlete’s feet fast by using funds from alternative medicine.

    This disease is hard to miss and ignore, as its symptoms spoil the aesthetics of the feet and interfere with normal life cares. To consider, looks like a fungus, you can in the photo. Learn more about the popular treatment of fungal diseases will help you video.

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    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)