The herpes virus: detailed description

Вирус герпеса: подробное описаниеDear readers, welcome to the site about skin problems! Do you know what the herpes virus? And if I say that he sure you have, what will you do?

Just calm down and not panic, not as bad as you think.

What I think you have it maybe? The fact that the herpes virus infected more than 90% of the population of our planet.

They are transmitted by all known methods, enter the human body often in childhood and remain in it for life. Want to know more about them? Let’s see.

To me often people come down with the flu on your lip. You know, this is not the only form of herpes. Herpes virus is very much the most common ones are 8 types, which offer to see.

Type 1 herpes viruses – the famous and incredibly common sore on the lips

Type 1 herpes virus, it is a simple type, is considered the most common and for good reason, as nearly every second person on the planet.

Even if you do not have symptoms of infection that it provokes do not think that you do not. The virus may be present for years in the body without symptoms, and this will continue as long as your immune system fails.

Often the first herpes virus infects only the skin around the lips, but under certain circumstances, such as immunodeficiency, may move to other parts of the body:

  • mucous membranes inside the mouth, nose and throat;
  • the skin of the extremities, namely the fingers;
  • The Central nervous system, which is extremely dangerous.

One of my friend, this virus caused herpes stomatitis, details of which you will read on this website in a separate article. Symptoms of infection is always the standard:

  • it starts with fever, General malaise, intoxication;
  • the affected area becomes inflamed, itchy and bothers;
  • it appears rash, initially transparent and elastic, in the future mutneyuschee;
  • rash opened, leaving behind an ulcer;
  • the ulcer heals to a week then disappears without a trace along with the rest of the symptoms.

By the way, the same features are characteristic for almost all types of herpes. Therefore, below we omit the symptoms arising due to herpes virus with a similar principle. What are these viruses? Of course, the second type or genital infection.

Type 2 herpes viruses – genital, genital, STDs

Type 2 is transmitted primarily through sexual contact, therefore, refers to STDs. All of the above symptoms appear and are localized in the genital area.

The virus is especially contagious during the period of exacerbation of the disease and has features that distinguish it from the former:

  • affect more women;
  • does not prevent infection of simple type;
  • can be in the body without symptoms (this is what happens to 70% of people diagnosed with «genital herpes»);
  • recurs very often (twice as often than the virus of the first type);
  • increases the risk of acquiring other genital infections.

By the way, sometimes 2 type confused with 1. All because the first type can move and settle down in the area of genitals.

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So, if you have symptoms in the intimate place, be sure to do the tests and determine the true cause.

Type 3 – chicken pox, shingles, herpes children

Вирус герпеса: подробное описание3 type of herpes viruses to this day is present in the body of those who had chicken pox. We all know how it manifests itself and what happens often in the age of 8 years.

If the child has had chickenpox, it’s good, because after his recovery, he developed lifelong immunity and smallpox will not tablet.

That is the opinion of all the parents, and I, as a physician, I want to warn you that chicken pox can come back again.

In the elderly or individuals with immune deficiency 3 type of herpes viruses sometimes recurs and turns into shingles. The symptoms are very unpleasant, the examples you see in the photo.

That ended in the herpes virus, giving noticeable symptoms. The rest zhiznedeyatel in the body in a specific way.

Due to some arise of congenital abnormalities, and others involved in the development of chronic fatigue syndrome and cancer (this is the assumption of modern scholars). Let’s look at basic information about the data insidious herpes viruses.

Type 4 – Epstein-Barr, infectious mononucleosis

Вирус герпеса: подробное описаниеThe representative of the family often is herpes asymptomatic lives in the body, but with a sharp decline in immunity gives a terrible syndrome – infectious mononucleosis.

The disease occurs in persons with immunodeficiency such as HIV-infected, people after operations or major treatment, newborn children.

Infectious mononucleosis – the defeat of the mucous membranes of the oropharynx and lymph nodes, as well as the most important organs in our body, namely the spleen, liver, and gastrointestinal tract. Main features:

  • sudden temperature races up to 40 degrees;
  • severe pain in the head and neck;
  • intoxication – nausea, vomiting, a feeling of being overwhelmed
  • swelling of the lymph nodes and the above bodies;
  • gray or white-yellow coating on the tongue and the tonsils;
  • papular lesions on the skin present up to 3 days, and then disappearing without a trace;
  • the presence in blood of specific lymphocytes – mononuclear cells.

5 type – herpesvirus-cytomegalovirus

5 is particularly dangerous is for pregnant women if they become infected during pregnancy in early or late stages.

Can provoke congenital abnormalities, namely failures of physical development, cerebral palsy, different types of mental disorders.

In adults after infection symptoms do not arise, but if there are, then like a normal sore throat. But for children the herpes virus is a very dangerous as it can give serious complications, such as:

  • blindness and deafness;
  • specific pneumonia;
  • inflammation of the digestive tract.

6 type — HHV-6A and

A and b is a subtype of this type of herpes viruses. People often develops the first subtype, which, incidentally, may provoke multiple sclerosis.

Scientists have discovered the herpes virus relatively recently, so continue to study it and not yet know the full range of its destructive possibilities.

Especially the sixth herpesvirus:

  • proved his participation in the development of multiple sclerosis;
  • manifested by chronic inflammation of the CNS;
  • without treatment can become deadly.
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The first sign of infection 6 type of herpes viruses in many is a sudden rash. This is a specific rash on the skin, as in the photo.

She appears suddenly and as suddenly passes. At the same time increase cervical and occipital lymph nodes, but not all. The duration of the presence of rash on the body varies from several hours to 1-3 days.

7 type of herpes viruses – chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer of lymphoid tissue

This provokes the herpes virus and chronic fatigue syndrome, and scientists believe it affects the development of cancer of the lymphoid tissue. Symptoms of the presence of the virus in the body can be attributed to a bad mood:

  • excessive suspiciousness;
  • fatigue and sleepiness even after adequate sleep;
  • chronic depression;
  • nervousness, irritability;
  • insomnia at night;
  • increased to 37 degrees body temperature, which lasts six months or more;
  • lymphadenopathy (often cervical, but may increase and others).

Have experienced something similar? Then be sure to check for 7 the herpes virus. He has many, but its presence is difficult to guess.

You see, these symptoms more closely resemble the normal human condition in difficult periods of life.

Type 8 – Kaposi’s sarcoma, primary lymphoma, Castleman disease

Вирус герпеса: подробное описаниеThis representative is herpes family also poorly understood, but scientists have found that it is involved in the development processes of the above-mentioned diseases.

A person with a strong immune system, he will be in the body without symptoms, if the immune system is by some reason reduced, then it can be expected of all and even above complications.

After reading the article you certainly want to get checked for herpes viruses, and maybe not wanted, but I think it is better to know about their problems, than to live in ignorance.

How to check your body? For this you need to be diagnosed.

Diagnosis: how to determine the presence of herpes viruses in the body?

It should at least be tested for the antibody – ELISA. Why is this? The fact that after introducing viruses into the body it begins to produce special antibodies for each pathogen are special.

It is for the antibodies to see if there was a virus in the body. If the antibody does not, and no viruses. See how easy that was?

After passing the ELISA test will give you the result, for example, «IgG positive, IgM negative.» What does it mean?

Which means that you are contracted for a long time and now your body has antibodies, restraining the virus. But if on the contrary – «IgG negative, IgM positive»?

Then you can say that you have been infected recently and permanent antibodies in your body has not yet developed. Therefore, IgG is persistent antibodies, and IgM – time that are produced first.

Вирус герпеса: подробное описаниеSometimes ELISA will not give accurate results for certain reasons, for example due to too short a period of stay of the infection in the body.

Then is assigned the more complex and accurate diagnostic method is PCR to find viral DNA even at minimal concentrations in the body.

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In any case, modern diagnostics will find you have an infection if she really is. And then what will happen? And then you can prescribe treatment and advise you to calm down and move on.

To treat or not to treat: what to do with herpes virus?

My patients when I prescribe them a treatment, always know that the herpes virus is not excreted completely. I’m sure they explain that at the present time medicine has not yet invented drugs against girisindeki.

So all I can do doctors is to protect you from complications to remove the symptoms. To do this, are appointed by antiviral drugs and immune modulators and stimulants.

The most popular antiviral:

  • Acyclovir is probably at the present time you will find only analogues of this medicine;
  • Famciclovir is more effective than the previous, as recently established, has many analogues, which is the main component;
  • Valacyclovir is the second generation antiviral that comes in the form of ointments and tablets, which are affordable for everyone.

These drugs block the herpes virus, do not allow him to breed, and then cease his activity in the body. The weakened virus is easier to immunity, which causes him to go into «sleep mode» and the man again begins to feel completely healthy.

Normal immune system to cope with the herpes virus, and if not, then it needs to be strengthened with the help of immunomodulators and vitamins.

Immunomodulators can not be taken on their own, they are appointed by a physician and taken according to instructions, which the doctor will prescribe. Vitamins you can drink whenever you want, for the prophylaxis and strengthen the body.

For example, I to protect against herpes viruses in sports, tempers, strengthens the immune system with vitamins from fruits and vegetables, and what you want.

In any case, if you have signs of erisipela, be sure to consult doctors, for example, a physician and immunologist. You may need serious treatment, so in any case do not let the disease fester.

Now you know all the basic information about the herpes viruses. I hope after reading the article you will begin carefully and to take responsibility for their health.

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Author: Ksenia Borisova (dermatologist)