The herpes virus type 6: detailed description

Вирус герпеса 6 типа: подробное описаниеHello, dear reader! Today I will tell you a story from my life about how I met an unusual herpes – the herpes virus type 6.

My friend this year gave her baby to kindergarten. After a couple of months, visit the child’s whole body went pink spots.

The girlfriend began to panic because they had no diseases at all.

At first she thought it was chicken pox – natural for kids disease, but then, namely, after the tests, it turned out that her baby has herpes virus type 6. How could a newborn baby get?

Variants, actually, a lot. How they were treated and what happened to them then? If you want to know the answers, then read the article carefully.

Herpes sixth type what is?

Agree, it is convenient when you have a familiar dermatologist. Of course, the friend I offered my services. Together we began to understand, to seek an answer to the above question and found this.

The sixth herpesvirus known as HHV-6 infection was discovered relatively recently, so all his potential has not yet been studied. It is widely distributed on our planet.

There is no country in which no patients with this diagnosis. The prevalence of this pathogen has surpassed even their simple counterparts: 1 and 2 types of herpes viruses. To be infected, mostly in childhood, as it is transmitted all sorts of ways and even airborne.

A carrier of HHV-6 infection can be the only people. After penetration into the body the virus quickly mastered it and stays there forever, but people usually don’t notice, as this erisipela in adults are asymptomatic.

Вирус герпеса 6 типа: подробное описаниеNotice it only in children whose immune system is too weak, so certain symptoms can appear as the child of my friend.

Disease due to the same pathogen cleverly disguises itself as other diseases. Therefore, in the past, when medicine was comparatively undeveloped, this pathology is simply not diagnosed.

That is why at the present time the number of infected people is growing.

Symptoms: how to identify HHV-6 infection and distinguish it from other diseases?

I’ll tell you what I saw with my own eyes, and what I told a friend. After a couple of months after the first visit of the kindergarten her child became lethargic and Moody.

He has a few times to raise the temperature to 37 degrees, but then sharply fell, so nobody paid much attention.

One morning a friend noticed the body of the baby fine pink rash –rasmotrenie spots located randomly close to each other. By the way, doctors call this symptom in different ways:

  • children’s roseolas;
  • pseudoranges;
  • sixth disease.

On the second day the rash had spread all over the body. Most interesting is that it doesn’t itch and never bothered. The temperature didn’t rise any more, the baby was active and cheerful throughout his illness.

The friend at first thought he had chicken pox, but then, having carefully considered the rash, I realized that chicken pox is not quite similar. I was also surprised by a strange rash on body in children.

Вирус герпеса 6 типа: подробное описаниеIt was a pinkish, slightly raised above the skin surface, flat and smooth.

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With similar symptoms I never experienced before, so sent a little patient at first, standard analyses, and then to specialized, which will explain a little later.

By the way, in the course of diagnostics it turned out that the temperature of the child was kept for 3-4 days and just before the rash.

After 5 days skin little patient was completely clear and more disease do not manifest themselves.

Some people have HHV-6 infection is generally asymptomatic. Even if the symptoms of rash appear, they are very quickly and completely. For some children the rash disappear in a few hours after it appeared, others stick to weeks.

To this day doctors continue to be confused HHV-6 infection with the usual fever and other pathologies, such as:

  • measles and rubella;
  • meningitis and otitis media;
  • with sepsi, and allergies;
  • bacterial pneumonia;
  • erythema infectious nature.

If your child appears similar symptoms, in the course of the medical examination insist that you were sent to a special analysis for the detection of herpesviruses.

Unfortunately, some doctors are unable to admit their mistakes, so they will strongly deny it and to insist on.

And you must be persistent, because the health of your baby depends on you, at least until then, until he grows up. Look closely at the photo and remember what it looks like herpes rash triggered by HHV-6 infection.

Complications of HHV-6 infection

My friend managed to avoid complications due to the fact that she noticed the problem. These complications are very rare and only special people with immunodeficiency. The most dangerous are:

  • meningoencephalitis;
  • myocarditis;
  • thrombocytopenic purpura;
  • mono (the same as herpes Epstein-Barr);
  • different types of pneumonia.

Sometimes herpes does not go unnoticed. In the background, can develop various kinds of allergic reactions such as intolerance to certain medicines or substances.

Вирус герпеса 6 типа: подробное описаниеAfter the first outbreak of the infection in the body goes to sleep and periodically again aktiviziruyutsya, but we don’t feel as against it is produced due to the disease immunity.

Our immune system is the main protection girisindeki. It produces special antibodies, which inhibit virus in the future, so the disease is asymptomatic and safe.

By the way, Komorowski (famous pediatrician) does not consider such infections something terrible and dangerous. On the contrary, he argues that it is better to move them in childhood, like chickenpox, then to be protected throughout life.

So, if your kid the same thing happened that the child of my friend, then don’t panic! With normal immune systems your child is not in danger!

How children become infected with HHV-6 infection?

We have long thought how the baby could be infected. It turned out that in his group there are children who have already had outbreaks of HHV-6 infection. The virus is transmitted with saliva and phlegm from the lungs, emitted during coughing and sneezing.

The baby does not necessarily have picked up an infection from their peers. Can infect even the parents showing affection and love. I believe that it is not necessary to blame someone and bother over this question.

Girisindeki have 90% of the population of our planet, and maybe even 100%, just not all they appeared.

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How to diagnose HHV-6 infection?

At the present time humanity is available high-precision diagnostic methods, for example:

  • ELISA analysis;
  • PCR-reaction.

The first test looks for antibodies to the infection in human blood. This is the most popular diagnostic method, with affordability and high accuracy.

Therefore, the ELISA test is assigned to the majority of people with symptoms of latent infections, including HHV-6 infection.

Вирус герпеса 6 типа: подробное описаниеPCR is a more complex analysis that looks for viral DNA. It is prescribed, if the first yields no results or if the diagnosis is in doubt.

It can be used to determine the concentration of virus in any biological fluid and to predict the possible development of the disease in the future, namely the frequency of recurrence.

Most likely, you will only need ELISA test. If the infection in the body is present, you will get the result «IgG-antibody positive.»

What is IgG?

Ig – immunoglobulins (antibodies), and G – class antibodies. There are other classes, such as M, knowing that, we can assume, when an infection has taken place and in what stage is the disease now.

G-antibodies to HHV-6 infection are considered constant, as are in the human body for life. They protect us from the frequent recurrence, and sometimes even from the first symptoms of girisindeki.

By the way, these antibodies are transferred from mother’s milk, and in utero through the placental barrier, and thereby begin to protect the baby before birth and continue to do so the first few months after him. That’s why it’s so important to feed breast milk!

Treatment of HHV-6 infection: required or not?

Вирус герпеса 6 типа: подробное описаниеWhat do you think? Most likely, you faced the above infection at the time and not know about it, so as not to see it. You’re not treated then?

So the treatment in the normal course of the disease is not required. It is only necessary in those cases when the disease becomes complicated or suffering from immunodeficiency.

If ill your child is, first show it to the pediatrician, and if you got sick, then consult your physician.

After determining the diagnosis the doctor will make the decision concerning expediency of treatment. Usually against girisindeki appointed special antiviral drugs:

  • Ganciclovir is the most effective against HHV-6 infection;
  • Cidofovir;
  • Foscarnet.

All these drugs have high toxicity, so not appointed children up to 12 years. However, in Western countries, if there is a risk of complications, Ganciclovir is assigned almost from birth.

Reading articles about herpes on this site, you’ve probably seen information about this antiviral medication like Acyclovir.

In this article, I don’t recommend it because the anti HHV-6 infection it’s useless. This drug is frankly outdated, so modern strains of herpes viruses not afraid of him.

Children under 12 years of age during the normal course of the disease can be treated using protivozanosnoy therapy. To bring the temperature down, you should give the child Ibuprofen or Paracetamol in the dosage prescribed by the attending physician.

At the present time against the heat more often prescribed Panadol and Nurofen as these drugs easier to take. At home you can bring down the temperature fluids and cold compresses.

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The advantage of a rash due to HHV-6 infection is the absence of itching and other uncomfortable sensations. Therefore, parents need not worry about what a child injure rash, combing it, and will bring additional infection.

Вирус герпеса 6 типа: подробное описаниеThroughout the sickness, I recommend you to actively strengthen the immune system. For this you need to drink vitamin preparations and supplements containing vitamins A, E and C.

If suffering from a immune deficiency, then he additionally appointed immunomodulators based on interferon.

The child of my friend was treated solely symptomatically. He has a fever and so quickly passed, so we were limited to only vitamins.

He is not 12 years old, which give it antiviral mommy took a chance and did the right thing.

So we figured out basic information about the HHV-6 infection. Any disease is easier to prevent than to treat, but not herpes infection, so as to avoid infection is almost impossible.

In the case of herpes, prevention is for prevent frequent recurrences and complications. Want to know what is this prevention?

Prevention of HHV-6 infection: how to avoid frequent relapses and complications?

The most important thing is to support the health of the immune system. If you have herpes and do not wish often to deal with his relapse, then observe the following tips:

  • Engage regularly in physical culture. Be sure to do morning exercises with their children, often outdoors, spend a weekend in the city or in the country. Fresh air – that’s what our bodies need for normal functioning.
  • Eat right, include in the diet plenty of fresh products – vegetables, fruits, etc. ditch unhealthy fast food, alcoholic beverages and any chemicals.
  • Fight with addictions. Any bad habits like Smoking and alcohol adversely affect us. If they are, then begin to fight take it off.
  • Time to treat disease. This is especially true of chronic diseases, which are aggravated in winter. In addition, the time necessary to treat viral and bacterial diseases, such as SARS, for example.
  • Observe the optimal schedule of work and sleep. Sleep at least 8 hours a day, avoid stressful situations, sparing feelings.
  • That’s about it. If you, dear reader, liked the article, then be sure to tell about what they read in social networks, your friends, and subscribe for site updates. Up to new meetings!

    Author: Ksenia Borisova (dermatologist)