The incubation period zoster: how to identify the disease at an early stage of development?

Инкубационный период лишая: как выявить болезнь на начальном этапе развития?Hello! Today we continue the theme of skin diseases in humans. This time we will talk about shingles, including its nature, the pace of development.

Ringworm itself is a General word various diseases, localized on the skin and occurs small itchy elements that do not change to other cutaneous manifestations.

Experts call such diseases ringworm:

  • Weeping eczema;
  • Viral disease — herpes zoster;
  • Fungal infection, or colored;
  • Disease of unspecified nature — pityriasis versicolor;
  • The fungal disease ringworm, or barn itch;
  • Psoriasis, or psoriasis;
  • Microsporia.

Below will talk about some of them, particular manifestations and incubation period.

Herpes zoster

Инкубационный период лишая: как выявить болезнь на начальном этапе развития?Tinea refers to an acute infectious disease characterized by unilateral skin lesions in the form of rash and the presence of pain.

Pathogen — virus varicella that at the first meeting with the organism causes chicken pox, then goes into a latent form and is long kept in nerve ganglions.

With the weakening of immune forces of the organism, the virus activates and manifests itself as shingles.

The children had been ill at a younger age with chickenpox have the virus that is hiding in the nerve cells.

Only after several years the causative agent is activated, moves along the nerve fibers to the skin, where it causes inflammation.

The disease is characterized by not only expressed local symptoms, and common: pain, itching, burning, weakness, malaise.

The virus belongs to neurodermatosis pathogens, that is, it affects the skin and nervous system. When activated the virus? For disease need the following conditions:

  • Medications that reduce the immunity;
  • Chronic fatigue and stress, debilitating work;
  • Oncopathology;
  • As a result of radiation therapy;
  • In immunodeficiency (HIV);
  • After organ transplantation, receipt immunosupressivna therapy;
  • After severe diseases (viral, bacterial);
  • Old age.

The incubation period is very variable lichen in shingles. It may last several years that, in principle, is a latent form of the pathogen.

With a good immune status self-recovery occurs after 2-4 weeks.

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Looks like shingles?

Инкубационный период лишая: как выявить болезнь на начальном этапе развития?The disease starts with General manifestations: fever, tingling, itching and burning. In the course of the affected nerve trunks are formed pink spots, with a diameter of 5 cm.

The second day is characterized by the appearance of bubbles, they are small, filled with serous content. Most often, the elements are arranged on the same line, i.e. along the nerve.

After 8-10 days the vesicles dry up with the formation of the crust. After the disappearance of the local manifestations in some patients may persist neurological disorder from several months to a year.

The tinea

Инкубационный период лишая: как выявить болезнь на начальном этапе развития?This disease is known as ringworm or lice. Is fungal in nature, common among animals and in children.

You can become infected by direct contact when borrowed objects such as comb, towel, and clothes.

Symptoms: circular rash, itching, hair loss roots, their breaking, balding sections of the scalp.

The incubation period reaches the maximum 6 weeks, but usually the first symptoms appear earlier (5 days).

Appear on the skin rounded spots, the first can be one, then there are screenings. They are red, their surface is covered with crusts and scales.

If the affected scalp, the hair in that place break off at the level of 1-2 mm, sometimes up to 8 mm., that is look like trimmed (cutting).

In individuals with reduced immunity may be the temperature, abscess lesions and the regional lymph nodes.

Of pink lichen

Инкубационный период лишая: как выявить болезнь на начальном этапе развития?Disease infectious-allergic nature, is the second name Gibert. Often sick, the elderly, and after viral illnesses.

The exact causative agent is not installed, a role is given to the herpes virus.

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What period of time passes from the moment of infection to onset of symptoms?

The incubation period of possible pathogen pink lichen could be from 2 to 21 days. The first symptom — rounded parent stain.

It has a pink color, a diameter of 2 cm, gradually the center becomes yellow, then wrinkled and starts to peel off.

Some days later the child appear around the plaques, they are smaller in diameter. Gradually in their centre visible scales , and the edges of the border.

The wrong treatment , its absence or deficiency of the immune system can occur depriving a transition to a more severe form of the disease, for example, in annular lichen Vidal.

It is characterized by patches of considerable size, becomes chronic, recur several years.

Sun fungus

Инкубационный период лишая: как выявить болезнь на начальном этапе развития?Solar ringworm, aka tinea, is a fungal infection of the skin, affecting the Horny layer.

The disease is caused by two pathogens, the incubation period which can last from two weeks to several months.

The next period of clinical manifestations. Appear on the skin patches of different colors: yellowto-brown — pink.

They originate from hair follicles and grow on the periphery. Over time, they become the color of coffee with milk, and subjective feelings do not cause.

The spots flake off, forming small scales, hence the name «tinea». The primary elements tend to coalesce into large foci, but may be in an isolated form.

The arrangement of the elements without symmetry, but favorite places: back, chest, neck, abdomen, the outer surface of the shoulders and the lateral surface of the abdomen.

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It is noteworthy that the agent modifies the operation of the melanocytes, the cells responsible for pigmentation.

The fungus secretes azelaic acid which lightens the skin. For the reason that lesions appear brighter than healthy skin.

Patients with this diagnosis should know that pityriasis versicolor often accompanies such diseases as endocrine disorders, diabetes, diseases of the stomach and intestines, serious immunodeficiency.

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