The infusion of the fungus: the most popular recipes and methods of use

Чистотел от грибка: самые популярные рецепты и методы примененияHello, dear readers. In today’s article we will talk about the fungus treatment celandine. Now this is a very common disease that most often affects the feet and nails.

It appears, as a rule, on the background of low immunity or disruption in metabolic processes.

In the pharmaceutical market there is a lot of money to treat illness, but they are quite expensive, due to which not everyone can afford.

That is why more and more people uses the services of folk medicine, in particular to the treatment of athlete’s foot, celandine. But how to use it correctly, you’ll see. Go!

That generally is celandine?

Celandine is a plant which, when broken, emit a poisonous juice. Despite this feature, it helps to cope promptly with the mycosis of nails and feet. Of juice make oils, ointments, tinctures, and then treat the affected areas.

Many people use the plant from fungus and be satisfied with the results. But the reviews we will talk later, but for now I will teach you how to treat fungus this plant.

When to start treatment

Treatment should begin at the first sign of nail fungus:

  • When the nail loses its color shade.
  • In case of loss natural healthy Shine to the nail plate.
  • The appearance of breakage and peeling.
  • After a strong thickening of the nail, the appearance of deformation, a variety of terrain on its surface.
  • With the defeat of the skin.
  • I have to say: doctors do not recommend self-medicating fungus at home. It is best to first consult with a specialist, who will tell you about how and when it should be treated with Chelidonium. The SAP is poisonous, causing may cause burns.

    I now turn to a detailed description of the methods of using plants.

    Treatment juice

    Чистотел от грибка: самые популярные рецепты и методы примененияAs mentioned above, against the fungus helps the juice of celandine. So to get taking the fresh plant, skip it through a meat grinder (or grind in a blender) and filtered through gauze.

    Be sure to use gloves, as the process of squeezing the juice you can get skin burns.

    Next, dilute the juice with 70% alcohol 1:1, then the solution is to insist in a cool and dark place for a day.

    Here’s our cure is ready, now we start treatment.

  • Well raspravam feet in hot water. Skin and toenails needs to soften for 10 minutes.
  • After the legs dry out, treat the nails, the skin of the feet and between the toes alcohol tincture. Be careful, try not to affect the healthy tissue.
  • Repeat the procedure a couple of times a day.
  • The first signs of recovery you will notice only a few weeks later. Yes, toenail fungus treatment activity very long, but all the same, celandine copes with its medicinal role.

    Oil treatment

    Athlete’s foot can be cured using oil of celandine. This tool is sold already prepared in the pharmacy, but you can cook it yourself.

    Чистотел от грибка: самые популярные рецепты и методы примененияTo do this, take the dried aerial part of plants, put them in a jar and pour the oil. It is better to take olive, peach, almond or apricot.

    If there are none, then it will come down and conventional – sunflower (unrefined). Refined oil any good will not bring.

    So, if you for the treatment use sunflower oil, first warm it thoroughly in a water bath.

    After it has cooled slightly, pour our celandine so that the oil covered the grass a few inches.

    After that, close the jar, wrap up and put in a dark cool place for exactly a week. Capacity will need to periodically shake the can.

    After this time, strain the infusion and add much more oil and all your medication will be ready.

    It should be applied like this:

  • Steam out the skin of the feet;
  • Wipe nails with hydrogen peroxide;
  • Rubbing the affected areas cooked.
  • Apply this remedy every day until complete recovery.

    Treatment tincture on water

    Чистотел от грибка: самые популярные рецепты и методы примененияGreat help with athlete’s foot, nail art on the feet and hands baths with the infusion of celandine. For this purpose, take 5 tablespoons of dried herbs, pour the 6 cups of water.

    The whole mixture boiled in a water bath, then diluted to the desired temperature with cool water.

    This infusion is added to baths for hands and feet. The procedure lasts half an hour, then you can safely lubricate the affected area with oil or juice of the celandine.

    All of the above treatments will give better effect if simultaneously with them to take antifungal drugs. Also can be treated with vinegar. About the therapy you can read in a separate article on our website.

    Infused vodka

    Чистотел от грибка: самые популярные рецепты и методы примененияYou need to take a dried herb, pour it in a half-liter jar and fill up half with vodka. All this was infused for 2 weeks in a dark, cool place. Then add to the solution another vodka – 150 ml pour another 350 ml.

    How to be treated by this method? Here attention is this infusion you need to drink 10 drops every 4 hours (before eating). Each week add another 10 drops. By the way, it will be a great prevention of fungi.

    Ointment with the juice of celandine

    Prepare the cream you can do. Take mutton or pork fat, add the lanolin and petrolatum. The basis include the juice of celandine (4:1) or chopped dry grass in the proportion 2:1. For a better safety of the ointment can add to it carbolic acid.

    And this composition a couple of times a day to treat fungus affected areas of the body.

    Patient testimonials

    Чистотел от грибка: самые популярные рецепты и методы примененияDespite the length of treatment reviews about this method is positive. Our ancestors used celandine for getting rid of the fungus. It was his poisonous juice burns the disease and does not develop it again.

    Of the minuses can be noted the fact that the grass is in bloom for long, but if its to dry for future use, it will save you not one disease, as the therapeutic spectrum of plants is extensive.

    Celandine is also used to treat warts and other lesions of the skin.

    Also, remember that the pure juice can cause skin burns, so be careful when using it.

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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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