The iodine chicken pox: you can use or not?

Йод при ветрянке: можно использовать или нет?Hello, dear readers! Falling sick with chicken pox, we are ready to smear on everything, anything, if only to reduce the itching and to clean nasty watery persistent pimples. Many at the same time trying to apply the iodine with the chicken pox, what not to do.

Iodine is really a powerful antiseptic that is present in every home medicine Cabinet. The drug we used to treat cuts, grazes, wounds.

But why, then, when the chickenpox to use iodine is not recommended? If you’re interested, enjoy reading.

Is it possible to smear the watery pimples at a chicken pox iodine?

Йод при ветрянке: можно использовать или нет?As you know, pimples with chickenpox need to be processed from the first day of their appearance to complete disappearance. Is it possible to smear such a rash iodine? It is a normal issue, because this medication generic actions continues to be popular.

I’ll answer it this way: it is not recommended and this is for a number of reasons. Below I will detail each reason to not use the iodine for the treatment of watery itchy pimples.

The first reason

Iodine tends to amplify discomfort when the chicken pox like itching. Cauterizing them with a zit, you are going to aggravate the inflammation.

The above drug is too aggressive, so on the inflamed skin and directly into the wound it did not cause.

The second reason

Йод при ветрянке: можно использовать или нет?Few people know that this medication is the strongest allergen. Treating pimples with watery content in iodine, you can trigger allergies. Particularly sensitive to such allergen is the young delicate skin of children.

Iodine Allergy is manifested in the form of redness, itching, burning, and even small reddish rash. Think about whether you need additional the rash of chickenpox?

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The third reason

After applying on the epidermis above the drug begins to rapidly warm up. Watery pimples this effect is strictly contraindicated.

Warm the contents of the zit is an ideal environment for bacterial and viruses. Thus, instead of healing, you can strengthen the inflammatory process.

The fourth reason

Йод при ветрянке: можно использовать или нет?Children’s, and adult’s skin can get burned from contact with the iodine. We have already mentioned that this medication has high aggressiveness.

If you spread it too thick layer on the skin and repeat this procedure often (this is handled pimples at the windmill) instead of the desired effect could lead to more injury of the epidermis.

Burns medicines take time to heal and often require professional medical treatment.

And what then smear the pox?

Instead of iodine, you can use no less cheap and more safe products. Fortunately, today a lot of them. What drugs to use, you ask? Here is a small list of drugs that are recommended to cauterize the pimples with watery contents varicella:

  • Zelenka — proven effective remedy. She is not able to speed up the healing process of a pimple, however, can kill bacteria causing itch and inflammation. After Zelenka remain unattractive stains color juicy grass. They are difficult to, so you’ll have to deal with them.
  • Cool a solution of potassium permanganate, use wisely. It is important to observe the proportions and make the solution too concentrated. The fact that too concentrated solution of potassium permanganate, too, are burns. Want to know how to dissolve the potassium permanganate for the treatment of watery pimples in the chickenpox in children and adults? On this website there is a separate article about the use of potassium permanganate with the chicken pox.
  • Boric acid, or furatsilina (solution) is a medication for treatment of a rash on the mucous membranes. Sometimes pimples chickenpox appear not only on the skin, but on mucous membranes. Such rash zelenkoj and even more iodine will not smear. For the treatment of watery pimples on mucous recommend to use the above drugs. They safely affect the mucous membranes, relieve itching and disinfect.
  • General rules of conduct in case of chicken pox

    If you or your child got chicken pox, I recommend sticking to the simplest rules that will speed up the recovery and improve the condition:

    • rest not less than seven days (preferably from beginning of illness until full recovery);
    • drink more water that is bound is also hot drinks and juices (not allergenic);
    • follow a diet consisting of dairy products, fruits and vegetables in raw or heat treated;
    • often change bed linen and patient clothes, dirty clothes should be thoroughly washed and ironed, since they too are infected with the virus of chickenpox;
    • ventilate the room in which the patient regularly, as the cool fresh air will strengthen and invigorate the body, which, in turn, will develop immunity to chickenpox;
    • when the temperature increases do not take aspirin (replace it with any other antipyretic aspirin-free composition), as this medicine for chicken pox affects the liver;
    • try not watering watery pimples and not to take a bath, as the water spreads a virus that it can move from the affected areas of the skin healthy;
    • «swimming» can be performed with antibacterial wet wipes — treat their skin without affecting the pimples.

    That’s advice regarding the treatment of chickenpox in people of different age. The body needs to develop immunity to this disease alone. But then the disease won’t affect you. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

    At this point I will finish the story about the treatment of chickenpox and iodine, which, I remind, it should not be used for the treatment of watery pimples, jumped from the above disease.

    I hope after reading this article, you have learned something new and interesting. Share read with their friends and acquaintances in social networks. Subscribe and stay tuned website. See you on its pages!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)