The isoprinosine warts: ways of using drugs

Hello, dear readers. Today we tell about this tool as Isoprinosine, which is struggling with a skin formations such as warts.

So there really effective this drug is and how it helps to get rid of growths? The answers to these questions you will learn from today’s article.

What is this medicine?

Изопринозин от бородавок: способы применения лекарстваThe isoprinosine is a modern drug that has a pronounced antiviral and immunomodulatory properties. It is available in pill form.

How pills will help to cope with warts, you might think? Here it is necessary to remember what causes the appearance of skin growths – human papilloma virus.

Yes, warts is a viral skin disease that can not be treated by some ointments, creams, and other local funds.

All treatment should be based on an integrated approach with the use of antiviral drugs, one of which is Isoprinosine.

Thus, the action of the drug Isoprinosine warts is based on the immunomodulating influence that leads to a reduction in precipitation and strengthening of the body as a whole.

Properties of the drug

This is a very specific drug, which includes not the traditional substance, namely synthetic inosine pranobex, which is a biogenic purine.

Simply put, inosine is an innovative substance that is of animal origin, which has a positive effect on the flow of the body’s biochemical reactions.

Note that among the many different antiviral drugs, it is the Isoprinosine adequately passed all clinical trials, thereby confirmed its effectiveness in the treatment of skin growths.

Indications for use

Изопринозин от бородавок: способы применения лекарстваIs assigned to the drug during viral infection manifested against the background of a weakened immune system. If based on statistical data, Isoprinosine has proved effective in the following diseases:

  • HPV infection;
  • Measles;
  • Infectious mononucleosis;
  • SARS and the flu;
  • Infections caused by smallpox virus;
  • Herpes simplex;
  • Molluscum contagiosum.
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This drug if HPV can be administered only for treatment. It can be used to cure genital warts, Palmar-plantar education, flat and common warts.

Also the drug is used in surgical removal of the above growths on the skin, for example, during cryoablation, laser exposure, etc.

Recommendations for use

Like all famous medicines, Isoprinosine has its own usage instructions that should be followed in the treatment.

Calculation of medication is based on body weight of the patient. On average a day need to make one kg of weight 50 mg pranobex. The reception is divided into 3-4 times. That is, for an adult per day should take about 6 tablets.

Изопринозин от бородавок: способы применения лекарстваFor the treatment of warts in children the recommended doses are reduced, and they are half tablets per 5 kilograms of body weight.

Also dose drink during the day, not all at once. In order to get the maximum effect of Isoprinosine expands for 3-5 receptions.

Note that in the case of severe clinical manifestations treatment presented by drug prescribed depending upon the characteristics of the disease. This daily dose may be increased up to 8 tablets.

In any case, appropriate treatment, and the dose is appoint a doctor who will observe the course of the disease.

Side effects

In the treatment of this drug the likelihood of side effects varies from 0.1 to 10 %. Note the most common of them:

  • Pain in the joints;
  • Itching of the skin;
  • Nausea, constipation or diarrhea;
  • Exacerbation of gout, owing to increase of level of urea;
  • Dizziness and headache.
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Very rarely can be fixed with insomnia or Vice versa drowsiness.


Изопринозин от бородавок: способы применения лекарстваThe drug is contraindicated for people suffering from urolithiasis or chronic renal failure. Also Isoprinosine should not take in gout.

Children up to 3 years, weighing less than 15 kg application of medication is not recommended. It is based on the fact that this category of children were not subjected to clinical trials.

Also contraindications include hypersensitivity to the substances of the medication. This is especially true for those people who are prone to allergies.

When pregnant use the medication only on the doctor’s testimony in the case, when the benefits for the mother exceeds the risk for the baby. Studies in pregnant women have not been conducted.

Analogues Of Isoprinosine

Since the drug is not classified as cheap (from 400 rubles per 1 package), then many are looking for alternatives. Note that there is only one way – Groprinosin, which, however, is not much cheaper (only 50-70 roubles for 20 tablets).

Reviews about the medicine

Изопринозин от бородавок: способы применения лекарстваWe think the numbers will speak for themselves. According to studies, which were subjected to 78 patients with warts, the effectiveness of combined treatment was:

  • 93.6% of at genital warts;
  • 100% when flat or common warts;
  • 93,3 % with Palmar-plantar the growths.

Undesirable side effects were noted only in 4% of cases.


As you can see, copes Isoprinosine for treatment of skin lesions. Before taking still consult your doctor to avoid unpleasant consequences. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)