The mask of POLYSORB acne: the technology of production and usage characteristics

In the fight with acne, all means are good: from expensive drugs to a cheap medications. Not long ago, the popularity gained POLYSORB drug, which can be purchased in any pharmacy near point. The mask of POLYSORB from acne has already proven its properties. However, you need to determine whether you can use for cosmetic purposes tool that was originally created for internal ingestion.

The content of the article

  • What kind of vehicle?
  • Medicinal properties of the drug
  • Manual
  • Method of application
  • Features of use of the drug
  • Contraindications
  • The effect of POLYSORB on the skin
  • The recipe for the mask on the basis POLYSORB
  • The nuances of the procedure
  • The reception of the drug inside
  • The effect of the mask
  • The cost and analogues of the drug
  • Conclusion
  • Video
  • What kind of vehicle?

    POLYSORB – is a drug that belongs to the group of chelators. It is based on highly dispersed silicon dioxide. The tool has all the necessary properties expected of similar groups of medications:

  • lack of toxicity;
  • the lack of trauma to the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • a good evacuation from the body;
  • excellent sorption properties;
  • the lack of negative impact on the intestinal microflora;
  • good organoleptic characteristics (taste, odor, color).
  • Medicinal properties of the drug

    POLYSORB associated with toxins, allergens of different origin and products of metabolic processes by absorption and excretes. The drug nourishes the body toxins and microbes between them and blocks their metabolic processes. That is, in parallel with the adsorption appear and bacteriostatic properties.

    Also, the drug increases the rate of penetration of blood and lymph in the gastrointestinal tract of toxic substances due to the difference of concentrations of substances. All the described processes facilitate the functioning of internal organs, whose functionality is aimed at cleansing the body.

    POLYSORB binds and eliminates the following substances:

  • toxins;
  • poisons;
  • allergens;
  • the excess of bilirubin;
  • excess cholesterol;
  • ammonia;
  • components on the basis of ethyl alcohol;
  • remnants of medicines.
  • Manual

    The drug is used for the following pathologies:

  • intoxication of different Genesis in the acute and chronic form;
  • enteric infections, including poisoning;
  • in the complex treatment of dysbacteriosis;
  • diseases of septic nature which are accompanied by intoxication process;
  • intoxication with poisons or potent substances, medicines, alcohol;
  • allergies of various origins;
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  • the increased levels of bilirubin in liver disease;
  • chronic renal failure, accompanied by high levels of ammonia in the body;
  • for the prevention of pathologies in workers with occupational hazards.
  • Method of application

    For oral administration the preparation is to be diluted. The specified amount of powder is diluted in a quarter or half a glass of water. You should drink 1 hour before meals or drugs of other groups. Daily dose of the drug in the calculation of 1-2 g powder per 10 kg of body weight. Maximum -3,3 g per 10 kg. Is the calculation of the dose for adults.

    Calculation of dosage for children POLYSORB listed below.

    Маска из Полисорба от прыщей: технология приготовления и особенности использования

    The daily dose divided into 3-4 reception. The duration of therapy prescribed by a doctor individually. Its duration can vary from 3 to 14 days. After 2 weeks you need to repeat the treatment.

    Features of use of the drug

    In case of poisoning, poisoning and severe allergic reactions POLYSORB used for gastric lavage. Place the probe, through which flows a suspension of the drug. This procedure was repeated every 4 hours. In parallel, a means to get inside.

    Elimination acetonemic syndrome in chronic renal disease requires long-term therapy Polisorba. The nephrologists prescribe several courses of treatment to 30 days with a two week break between them.


    POLYSORB do not use under the following conditions:

  • individual intolerance;
  • exacerbation of ulcerative gastrointestinal disease;
  • ulcerative and erosive colitis and enterocolitis;
  • intestinal obstruction.
  • The effect of POLYSORB on the skin

    The active ingredient included in the composition, is also the basis of pharmacy clay that is widely used in cosmetic purposes. This proves the effectiveness and safety of the drug when exposed to the skin. The tool has anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and cleansing effect.

    Mask for acne POLYSORB will achieve the following results:

  • activation of the local immunity;
  • the formation of an external barrier to harmful and toxic substances;
  • improving skin tone;
  • cleansing from acne;
  • smoothing fine facial wrinkles;
  • providing a drying effect;
  • the reduction in inflammation.
  • The drug can be used as teenagers and Mature people.

    Маска из Полисорба от прыщей: технология приготовления и особенности использования

    Application of POLYSORB should happen after you identify the cause of the rash, because in case of endocrine problems, the tool will not provide the necessary efficiency. In such cases, the action miracle masks will be temporary and the acne will soon appear again.

    The recipe for the mask on the basis POLYSORB

    In order to reduce the inflammation and clear the skin from the abscesses need to purchase the drug in powder form. The skin is pre-cleaned and steam. You can do the mask after bath.

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    1. In a glass bowl to fill a teaspoon POLYSORB and add a little water until you get the consistency of sour cream.
    2. The mixture should be checked at the time of individual sensitivity. To do this, a small amount is applied on the area with thin skin, e.g. wrist. Half an hour later evaluated the results. The absence of redness, itching, burning, swelling are indicators of normal tolerability.
    3. The mask can be applied all over the face or only on problem areas.
    4. In the first case, you need to avoid area around the eyes.
    5. If you apply the product only on problem areas, then use a cotton pad. Can be mass applied and a point on the inflamed elements by using cotton swabs.
    6. Wait until medication dries. It will be evident in the fact that will disappear the moisture and white mass will begin to crack.
    7. Wash your face with water and apply a nourishing cream.

    In the case of the effect of skin tightening after 2 hours you can make a moisturizing face mask. People in adulthood is often better not to use the drug in the form of a mask since the skin is deprived of the necessary moisture, and POLYSORB greater its «pull».

    The nuances of the procedure

    Preparation of the mask and its application has little nuances that must be considered for comfortable and effective use of the drug:

  • if you add more liquid, the dry thin crust that is hard to wash off from the face;
  • you should apply a thick layer;
  • not to keep the drug on the skin for more than 10 minutes (this will be enough to dry), because small particles will become too dry and sharp, can scratch your skin when flushed.
  • The reception of the drug inside

    To enhance the effectiveness of the fight against acne and black points POLYSORB used for topical application and ingestion. Treatment of acne the drug is used in the following manner: a tablespoon of the powder stirred with 100 ml of water and drink. This procedure is carried out three times a day for 3 weeks.

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    If necessary, after a week’s break you can again undergo a 21-day course of drug treatment.

    The effect of the mask

    After a few weeks of regular use visible results:

  • skin will have a matte finish and be smooth;
  • will redness disappear;
  • significantly reduced the number of abnormal cells;
  • less visible will be black dots;
  • restores texture and elasticity.
  • Маска из Полисорба от прыщей: технология приготовления и особенности использования

    The cost and analogues of the drug

    The drug is over-the-counter remedy, which can be purchased at any local pharmacy or division having the corresponding license. Available in the form of disposable bags (3 g) or in vials in powder form (12, 25 and 50 g).

    The price of the drug:

  • disposable bags – 35-50 rubles;
  • vials of 12 g – 110-130 rubles;
  • vials of 25 g – 190-250 rubles;
  • vials of 50 g – 305-400 rubles.
  • There are a number of analogues of POLYSORB on the basis of silicon dioxide and other surface-active agents:

    1. APSCO – treatment of produced powder for suspension. The active ingredient is silicon dioxide. Has the same properties as POLYSORB. The price for 10 grams of the drug – 82 ruble.
    2. Polifan – enterosorbent produced in powder and tablets. It has a different active substance – lignin. Made from wood of coniferous trees, so it is safe for pregnant women and children. Used for acne similar Polisorba. Price – from 50 to 200 rubles.
    3. Filtrum – full analogue Polifepan. Price for 10 tablets – 90 rubles.


    It is not necessary to endure the pimples and blackheads that spoil the appearance and add extra facilities. POLYSORB is a drug which should be used in the fight against inflamed «upstarts». The main thing is to use it wisely and under strict supervision of experts.


    Application paserba; preparation of solutions.