The patch of warts: review the best remedies for treatment

Пластырь от бородавок: обзор лучших средств для леченияHello, dear guests of our website. I’m sure many of you faced with the appearance on the body of warts.

Agree, this is a very unpleasant phenomenon, which not only prevents normal communication with others, but also causes a lot of negative feelings.

Yes, now the problem of benign skin lesions affect a large number of people. Some people believe that warts are caused by the uncleanliness of their carrier, but it is not so.

Most warts appear due to the activation in the human papillomavirus, which unfortunately is contagious. That is why sometimes you might see the emergence of several growths throughout the body.

In our previous articles described some drugs that remove skin lesions.

Today we want to tell you about another method of treatment of genital warts with the aid of patches. The names are different, like the producers, but the goal of treatment alone forever to save you from unpleasant skin growths.

What are the patches of warts?

Currently popular are the three kinds of patches:

  • Soliped;
  • Ultra Pro Dr. House;
  • Suda Epitact – pads to remove the growths.

Consider each type in more detail.


Пластырь от бородавок: обзор лучших средств для леченияThis patch of warts that contains salicylic acid. It is good that has warts softening effect.

Another active substance patch – sulfur, which penetrates deep enough under the skin, causing the affected area is antiviral activity.

Thanks to these two components shall be prevented and suppressed bacterial and fungal infection.

A great advantage of this medication is the price of 50 rubles.

How to use this patch?

Пластырь от бородавок: обзор лучших средств для леченияI want to say that when any entities, you first should consult the doctor who will be able to identify the reason of their occurrence and development of malignant tumors.

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Before use, you must steam the affected area, dry the surface with a cloth or towel. A piece of salicylic plaster firmly glued to the wart and leave it for two days.

After this time the plaster should be removed and the skin get soaked in warm water. Only after these manipulations you can gently remove the softened layer of the wart with a pumice stone.

For complete wart removal procedure sticking must be repeated 3-4 times but may require longer treatment.

Contraindications to the use of Salipada:

  • The period of gestation of a baby;
  • In the case of kidney failure;
  • If you have allergies to salicylates;
  • For children the use of Salipada not valid;
  • If the treatment site has burns or wounds;
  • If during treatment you are taking medicines containing resorcinol and zinc.

All of these contraindications are associated with high toxicity of salicylates comprising salicylic acid.

If you do not follow these recommendations, the use of Salipada can lead to serious consequences.

Side effects of

Often Sliped causes redness and itching of the skin. Its improper use and contraindications may cause allergic dermatitis.

But, if you do everything according to the recommendations, then after 5-7 days your wart will be gone.

Patch Ultra Pro H. Dr. House

Пластырь от бородавок: обзор лучших средств для леченияThis is a Chinese drug for the treatment of warts. However, this does not mean that it is not effective. In this region the Chinese have surpassed all expectations by creating a great tool at a very low price.

Part of this patch include 40% salicylic acid. This drug is ideal against dry calluses and warts.

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The patch includes a protective disc which prevents from the medicinal substances to healthy skin, thanks to which exposures are exactly the problem.

How to use?

As in the case of Salipada, the skin should steam for 5 minutes and thoroughly dried. Then on the damaged area apply the medication and left for 12 hours.

Repeat procedure until complete healing of the wart. With the help of this patch you can get rid of growths on the feet, hands and other locations.


  • Any dermatological disease;
  • The presence of skin lesions;
  • Individual intolerance of salicylic acid.

Reviews about this drug are positive. Can not but rejoice and cost from 50 to 400 rubles per 1 package.

The price depends on the base material of the patch, and the number of pieces in the package.

Epitact Pads Suda

Пластырь от бородавок: обзор лучших средств для леченияThis is a German patch in the form of cushions, which is designed to treatment warts. This is known in dermatology firm that specializiruetsya on the development of cosmetic products for foot care for over 85 years.

The advantages of this brand:

  • By all means, including adhesive – hypoallergenic;
  • Exclusively German quality;
  • All cosmetics are tested by dermatologists of the world;
  • High efficiency products.
  • The possibility of application in childhood.
  • Absolute security;
  • Natural ingredients.

The size of this patch is 10*10. In pack 5 pieces. It includes extract of thuja, so it is very effectively and quickly will save you from skin lesions.

How to use this tool?

Пластырь от бородавок: обзор лучших средств для леченияFrom the tip of the cut piece, suitable for the size of the wart and stick on the affected area. Change patch need 1 every 3rd day until complete recovery. The tool is ideal for removing plantar warts.

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The downside of this medication is its price. The minimum cost Suda Epitact 2500 rubles, which many cannot afford. But this drug has no analogues, and it allows you to get rid of growths in a very short period of time.

So, we told you about the three types of patches. They all go in different price categories, with its pluses and minuses. To purchase these medicines you can almost any drugstore.

Again I want to remind you that before the treatment you should definitely see a dermatologist to further you do not have any problems either by the growths or their treatment. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)