The pills for herpes: a list of the most effective drugs

Hello, dear friends! What kind of pills for herpes you accept? Perhaps you first encountered this disease and don’t know what to do? If so, then read this article which describes the most effective and available antiherpetic drugs-pills.

In modern times against herpes different types are assigned such drugs:

  • Acyclovir;
  • Zovirax;
  • The he needs therapy with valtrex (Valacyclovir based);
  • Famvir.

These are the most effective drugs that speed up the recovery of herpes of varying complexity and severity. Let’s look at each of them in detail.

Acyclovir — proven antiviral tablets

Таблетки от герпеса: список самых эффективных препаратовIt is the most popular antiviral drug due to its high effectiveness against various herpes viruses.

It is often prescribed for rash on lips and on other areas of the face, but yet it is recommended for use against genital herpes infections.

Start treatment with Acyclovir should be immediately after the first signs of viral illness. If this is not done, then the treatment will be longer.

When the primary manifestation of girisindeki Acyclovir drink one tablet (with the highest dosage of the active substance) five times a day for five to seven days.

If the infection during this time does not pass or the drug was taken immediately after the first symptoms, the duration of treatment can be increased to weeks.

Таблетки от герпеса: список самых эффективных препаратовAt relapse of girisindeki on the body it is recommended to take a capsule three to four times a day or two twice in 24 hours.

If there is suffering from immunodeficiency (e.g., after treatment of serious disease or with positive HIV status), then the dosage is increased, but this can only be the treating specialist based on the age, sex, body weight of the patient.

Acyclovir for children, pregnant and lactating women is contraindicated. Pregnant this medication is sometimes prescribed, but only if the risk of complications of girisindeki superior to possible side effects.

If Acyclovir is assigned to the woman breast-feeding, she should immediately stop breast feeding.

The Acyclovir has unpleasant side effects:

  • generalized allergic rash on the body;
  • failures of digestion;
  • lethargy, depression and sleepiness;
  • hallucinations (in severe overdose);
  • the changes in the blood;
  • liver failure;
  • pain in the head and nausea;
  • shortness of breath.

Side effects are rare and only after a severe overdose, so Acyclovir is a relatively safe anti-viral medication.

Таблетки от герпеса: список самых эффективных препаратовAcyclovir began using a very long time why some strains of viruses developed him lasting protective immunity. Therefore, if the treatment does not give positive results in five days, then you need to change your medicine.

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At the present time the cost of the Acyclovir varies from 310 to 600 rubles. The price depends on the power of pills, but rather the number of active substances in them.

If Acyclovir didn’t suit you, then pay attention to its more modern equivalent — Zovirax.

Zovirax — reliable and modern antiherpetic drug

Composed of Zovirax the main active ingredient is Acyclovir, which complements a variety of useful additives: lactose monohydrate, microcrystalline cellulose, povidone K 30, etc.

Thanks to this drug has become more fast-acting that is important. Herpesviruses have not had time to get used to it, so Zovirax is prescribed in the first place, if Acyclovir is not suitable.

Zovirax can be taken with food since food does not affect absorption. Pharmacies are different types of Zovirax with different contents of active substance.

The standard dosage for adults with simple herpes (on the lips or intimate) is 200 mg five times (preferably every four hours). The course of antiherpetic therapy lasts 5-7 days, and if nothing happens, it continues for up to two weeks.

Таблетки от герпеса: список самых эффективных препаратовFor persons with immunodeficiency of different origin the dose can be increased to 400 mg/five times. To prevent a recurrence of girisindeki it is recommended to take 400 mg/two times.

Effectively a zovirax treat chicken pox and shingles is herpes zoster. To do this, take 750-800 mg five times. For a week the symptoms of these diseases disappear completely.

Zovirax, in contrast to Acyclovir, can be given to children, as long as the child’s age was more than 3 years. At this dose will be the same as in adults. But pregnant and breastfeeding the drug is contraindicated.

Side effects from above the Zovirax the same as Acyclovir, as it includes only Acyclovir may cause overdose with all the attendant negative consequences. Price standard package is 550 rubles.

The he needs therapy with valtrex: its advantages and method of use

The he needs therapy with valtrex is an antiviral latest generation product, created on the basis of the popular and highly effective Valacyclovir.

Its main advantage is a fast and full absorption. The amount of active substance in these tablets more than the Acyclovir and 500 mg. So many people he needs therapy with valtrex to make easier and simpler.

Drink antiherpetic he needs therapy with valtrex need:

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  • In primary herpetic lesions of the lips — one tablet twice a day for ten days.
  • In patients with recurrent herpes tablet/twice a day for five days.
  • Prevention of herpes — two tablets/twice a day. Emergency prevention must be done precisely at the moment when there are initial herpes symptoms preceding the rash.
  • WithТаблетки от герпеса: список самых эффективных препаратов the help of he needs therapy with valtrex it is possible to carry out the planned preventive maintenance. When the likelihood of recurrence of girisindeki increases (this occurs mainly in autumn and winter), ill drink one tablet once a day.

    Such prevention can be carried out 2-3 weeks, and then made sure the month long break.

    The contraindications of the above medicines standard: it can not be taken by pregnant or nursing mothers.

    Its only drawback is that it do not give to children under 12 years of age. Standard packing (10 tablets) he needs therapy with valtrex at the present time costs 700-800 rubles.

    Famvir — medication on the basis of Famciclovir designed recently

    This is another new antiherpetic remedy that is gaining popularity. Reviews about it, mostly good, many say its effectiveness from sex and facial herpes. Actually, Famvir is effective against all strains of herpes viruses, now known.

    Таблетки от герпеса: список самых эффективных препаратовIn the instructions for use States that the drug need to drink plenty of water, otherwise it will be a long time to be absorbed by the body.

    Universal and the most powerful dosage as follows: 500 mg/three times a day to one week.

    The most interesting that Famvir was effective even in the treatment of herpes in black people. As you know, the rest of our preparations for dark-skinned people are not suitable.

    The above-mentioned standard pills side effects in the form of:

    • disorders of the digestive system;
    • oppression CNS;
    • rashes on the skin;
    • weakness and headache.

    The cost of one package of Famvir varies from 800 to 900 rubles. The price is fully justified by the quality and broad spectrum of activity.

    Now you know what pills you need to drink from genital or any other herpes. And did you know how to take the pills? If not, then read.

    Rules for the treatment of herpes pills

    The main rule — the timely reception of tablets. When injected tablets in the stomach there is its dissolution and absorption. In this process, the active substances are released into the bloodstream and begin to circulate.

    They reach the affected cells, attack the virus and stop it from multiplying, so that the infection stops.

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    Таблетки от герпеса: список самых эффективных препаратовThe less virus in the body, the sooner will come the effect of the pill. That is why they need to take immediately after the appearance of the first symptoms of girisindeki.

    The second important rule of this treatment is the precision. Any drug, even the most secure, can adversely affect health if taken incorrectly.

    In any case be self-medicate and increase the dosage! Before taking any medication consult a doctor (a therapist, for example).

    Pills or ointments: which is better and more convenient?

    Almost each of the above drug is another dosage form is an ointment. In some situations, when girisindeki doctors recommend to use the ointment.

    External medicines are safer as less penetrate into the body and do not have such serious side effects as pills. So what better to take: tablets or ointments?

    If possible, then give preference to external medicines. They can be easy to treat recurrent herpes of a different nature.

    When the primary manifestation of infection is better to use tablets because they are more powerful. In addition, the treatment should consist of pills, if there is suffering from immunodeficiency or complications of girisindeki.

    Herpes rash may appear not only on the lips or in the genital area, but in specific places, such as in the nose. The stuff up there doesn’t, but the stuff works even in this case.

    That’s all, dear readers. I hope this article helped you choose the perfect product. Before taking pills you should definitely go to the physician, dermatologist or gynecologist and consult your doctor.

    Maybe he’ll pick you other medicines more safe or effective in your case. Read share with your friends on social networks and also don’t forget to subscribe for updates on the dermatology website. I wish you good health!

    Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)