The pimple ointment with an antibiotic: indications and contraindications

Skin health depends on many factors, sometimes a small rash quickly eliminated by the masks and scrubs, and in other cases will require more radical methods. Troubled skin needs proper treatment, and one of the most effective drugs for their health have ointment for acne antibiotics.

The content of the article

  • Review of tools
  • The effectiveness of remedies for acne with antibiotics
  • Testimony
  • Who are appointed
  • Manual application of ointments
  • Recommendations and facts
  • Who ointment with an antibiotic will be useful
  • Who must not use these ointments
  • Side effects
  • The effect on the liver
  • Dysbiosis
  • Allergic reactions
  • The recommendations of experts
  • Review of tools

    Acne, unfortunately, suffer not only in adolescence. Pimples and pustules are due to the activity of bacteria on the skin and without antibiotics in such cases is not necessary. If in the initial stages of the disease can get rid of acne without medicines in severe cases other treatments are ineffective and antibiotics are just necessary. Depending on the development of the disease the doctor prescribes medicines for internal or external use.

    1. Zener is a very common means, in which the antibiotic erythromycin. Has a high efficacy against skin diseases.
    2. Matt is applied with a dot area of inflamed pimple since the breach of the rules of application of ointment will cause skin burns.
    3. Skinoren is available in the form of cream or gel and Aslanova acid entering into its composition has anti-microbial properties, reduces the secretion of sebum.
    4. Isotrexin. It includes erythromycin.
    5. Dalacin copes with purulent lesions. It is often combined with other ointments. The drug does not cause irritation and dryness of the skin.
    6. Baktroban. The active substance is mupirocin, which kills pathogens, but can cause itching and redness.
    7. Benzamycin. The ointment has two main components, among which erythromycin and benzoyl peroxide. Cleans the pores and normalizes the sebaceous glands.
    8. Sintomitsinovoy ointment. Castor oil and make chloramphenicol ointment is able to penetrate deep into the skin and relieve inflammation.
    9. In addition to the treatment of destructive action on bacteria, enhances tissue regeneration, speeds healing and relieves itching, redness.
    10. Eritromicina ointment is from the same and additional antibiotic substances. Well relieves inflammation of the skin, dries pimples and removes Shine.
    11. Differin. The cream or gel contains adapalene and shows the cumulative effect against the black dots. The tool increases sensitivity to sunlight.
    12. Acts curiosin hyaluronic acid and zinc.
    13. Pinestar. In the ointment is an effective antibiotic erythromycin, which, when applied correctly after 4 weeks eliminates one third of the acne.
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    The effectiveness of remedies for acne with antibiotics

    To the group of antibiotics include substances that have a detrimental effect on pathogenic bacteria that have penetrated the skin. A drug with antibacterial properties destroys the cell membrane of pathogens that are suppressed by the process of respiration. The action of the main component of an ointment depends on the type of substance and its activity. The same ointment will not be effective for different rashes, so apply the product after careful examination and a doctor’s recommendation.

    Antibiotics have a bactericidal effect, thereby killing the bacteria on the skin, or exhibit a bacteriostatic effect slowing down their activity. Today there are a huge number of pathogenic microorganisms that reproduce and adapt to modern medicines. It is therefore difficult to find the right tool that will kill the infection and will not cause resistance.

    With self-application or incorrect application of the ointment with an antibiotic over time, harmful germs get used to them and medicinal substances lose their ability to destroy infection in the body. For these reasons, it is dangerous to self-medicate.

    Мазь от прыщей с антибиотиком: показания и противопоказания


    Despite the fact that the external use of funds with an antibiotic has no such strong action as to the reception of the tablets before treatment should visit the doctor’s office. Gels and ointments with antibacterial properties will help to quickly and permanently remove skin problems. Possible indications:

  • the treatment of acne;
  • inflammation on the skin;
  • furunculosis;
  • eczema;
  • dermatitis;
  • age spots;
  • teenage rashes;
  • scars and marks after squeezing pimples.
  • Since all antibiotics has its contraindications, they should be taken only after consulting a doctor.

    Who are appointed

    Ointment is applied at a youthful age and older people depending on the disease. Each different antibiotic indications and side effects. It is impossible to apply ointments for people with high sensitivity to the main component means. Many of antibiotics is prohibited in children under 12 years. For pregnant women and during breast feeding it is advisable to prescribe antibiotics only if there is a threat to the life of the mother and the risk to the fetus is fully justified.

    Мазь от прыщей с антибиотиком: показания и противопоказания

    Manual application of ointments

    Recommendations and facts

    Some antibiotics recommended in extreme cases when other therapies do not help. Such drugs need to be applied according to the instructions. Any ointment applied to clean skin area. You can use lotions, cleansing tonics and gels. Next, the affected rash area wipe dry. Layer of ointment should be thin to prevent burns or redness. Avoid areas around eyes, lips, and nose.

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    Antibiotic ointments can not be applied for a long time. Between treatment doing short intervals. Many drugs from the list combine and connect with other effective components. In addition to the agent used a moisturizer because the skin is severely dry, scaly. Subject to any rules the result will be visible already in the second week of application. Besides affecting the skin, the active substances also eliminate the infection and in other organs.

    Who ointment with an antibiotic will be useful

    Most often skin problems that happen in adolescence, but due to the influence of external factors, incorrect nutrition, many adults have acne and acne. The use of sunscreen is important first and foremost for people with problem skin, in the period of hormonal changes in women.

    Who must not use these ointments

    External funds with antibiotics is strictly prohibited in children under 12 years, pregnant women and people prone to allergic rashes. If on the face or other body parts are a few pimples, application of ointment is not required. In such cases it will be enough proper care according to skin type, a change in diet to a more healthy and balanced food as well as recreation.

    An independent application can not only cause the body’s resistance to a specific antibiotic, but also to show withdrawal symptoms after which the face appears even more rash.

    Мазь от прыщей с антибиотиком: показания и противопоказания

    Side effects

    Have antibacterial drugs have side effects that need to carefully examine before you apply the ointment on the affected area of the skin

    The effect on the liver

    Among them a negative impact on the liver because of its overload. She can not cope with a huge number of toxins and chemical substances that are released. In such situations, the liver increases the production of glycogen, and he, in turn, leads to poor health, irritability, fatigue and intense hunger.


    Another side effect is the impact on the intestinal microflora. Many people after treatment there is discomfort in the stomach due to dysbiosis. The active substance of the ointment kill not only pathogens but also beneficial bacteria.

    Allergic reactions

    Before applying any kind of ointment with an antibiotic is necessary to test for sensitivity, because often the body reacts with itching, redness or severe flaking on new stuff. In the affected area sometimes appears small rash.

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    Мазь от прыщей с антибиотиком: показания и противопоказания

    The recommendations of experts

    As with any drug, ointment for acne have advantages and disadvantages. Recommendations for the use of the following:

  • to monitor the body’s reaction to the ointment, to rule out allergies;
  • use the product only after inspection specialist and the diagnosis;
  • it is good to moisturize the skin during the treatment;
  • prior to application remove makeup and impurities with special means;
  • most often, the ointment is applied point;
  • a combination of drugs increase the effectiveness of antibiotic 2-3 times.
  • If one kind of ointment did not fit sensitive skin, you can always find an analogue with a less aggressive effect and to get rid of acne for a long time. Simultaneously with the reception of products for outdoor and indoor use, experts recommend to adhere to the rules of healthy way of life, to eliminate from your diet fatty, spicy and smoked foods. Should give up bad habits, apply makeup only good quality cosmetics.

    Do not use acne cream in large quantity, because it is easily addictive to the active substance. Improve the result of treatment means with immunomodulatory effect, antifungal, lactic acid bacteria to protect the gut. After completing the course of therapy, use tools to remove stains and traces of pimples and blackheads that are left on the face.

    When using tools based on antibiotics, it is important to remember about the negative consequences in case of violation of instructions, as well as uncontrolled use. If the person had a few inflamed pimples, it is better to consult a doctor and treat the skin to avoid the spread of infection and the need to use radical methods.