The pimples on the ass: causes, treatment and prevention of rash

Pathological elements, causing itching, discomfort and cosmetic defects may disturb his appearance of not only the face and back but also buttocks area. The pimples on the ass of the causes of which are discussed later, require the correct differential diagnosis and treatment.

The content of the article

  • Causes of acne in gluteal region
  • Male causes
  • Women’s causes
  • Causes of baby pimples on the ass
  • As for the rash to determine pathology
  • The main treatment methods
  • Local therapy
  • Tablet medication
  • Other types of treatment
  • Folk remedies
  • Proper nutrition
  • Prevention of acne on the buttocks
  • Causes of acne in gluteal region

    There are General etiological factors and those associated directly with sex and age. Common pathological causes of rashes include:

    1. Malnutrition of the skin – the skin on the buttocks are constantly in contact with household items, sofas, chairs, and are in the «closed» state. This causes oxygen starvation of the cells of the epidermis, the formation of dry Lysacek dead upper layer and increased development of the pathological microorganisms.
    2. Synthetic underwear and clothing also contribute to the small penetration of air and excessive sweating.
    3. Hormonal imbalance depends on age and gender.
    4. Allergic dermatitis occurs in response to the action of allergens, household chemicals, or certain foods.
    5. Hypothermia becomes a provocateur of acne on the buttocks in the case of reduction of the response of the immune reactions of the body.
    6. Bacterial and viral infections.
    7. Fungal infection.
    8. Insufficient level of compliance with the rules of personal hygiene.
    9. Deficiency of vitamins.
    10. Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract in the form of dysbiosis.

    Male causes

    In addition to the General factors that may cause the appearance of lesions in any person, there are specific causes that contribute to the pathological process in the male body. These include:

  • the abuse of alcohol, spices – this factor is suitable for the female body, but more men are not willing to limit your diet;
  • elevated levels of testosterone and its sharp fluctuations characteristic of adolescence and puberty;
  • elevated levels of stress men often keep their emotions without showing others, and hoarding them, which has a negative effect;
  • receiving anabolic steroids for increasing muscle mass contributes to increased sebaceous cover.
  • Прыщи на попе: причины, лечение и профилактика высыпаний

    Women’s causes

    Factors provocateurs the formation of acne in women who are specific by sex:

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  • hormonal imbalance during pregnancy and lactation, during menopause;
  • changes of hormonal levels, connected with the phases of the menstrual cycle;
  • period after discontinuation of contraceptives;
  • the decrease in estrogen levels due to chemotherapy;
  • the use of mismatched personal hygiene;
  • wearing tight trousers.
  • Causes of baby pimples on the ass

    The appearance of lesions on the buttocks in the newborn associated with the organism’s adaptation to environmental conditions and the associated hormonal changes. This condition lasts several days and does not require intervention.

    Acne can appear on the background of food allergies in response to the reception of new products, citrus, seafood or household allergies if you use the wrong detergent, washes, powders with fragrances, etc.

    Прыщи на попе: причины, лечение и профилактика высыпаний

    Another reason is diaper dermatitis or diaper rash. Arise at untimely diaper change in the child.

    After 2 years of rashes on buttocks occur on the background of the following conditions:

  • hypothermia;
  • infectious diseases (chicken pox, measles, rubella);
  • herpetic infection.
  • As for the rash to determine pathology

    Punctate pimples are red in color, occur in the form of single elements indicate the presence of food or contact allergies, bug bites lice, fleas, ticks. Massive rash, accompanied by fever, headache, weakness, runny nose and other symptoms, indicate an infectious disease (rubella, measles). The rash is localized not only in the buttocks, throughout the body.

    Eczema and psoriasis occur rash papular character (in the form of small nodules, towering above the skin). Eczema symptoms can be in the form of vesicles – watery vesicles, which are separate from each other or may merge.

    Watery rashes can also occur from hypothermia, when chickenpox, herpes infection, scabies, allergic reactions.

    *A similar differentiation is needed to a dermatologist in order to distinguish acne from rash occurred on the background of serious diseases.

    The main treatment methods

    Acne arising in the buttocks, require the same attention as the pathological elements in other areas. Treatment must conform to the prescriptions of dermatologist. In the complex therapy included the use of local and systemic drugs, hardware treatment.

    Local therapy

    Ointments, gels, antiseptics, the main effect of which is aimed at the relief of the inflammatory process, drying and regenerative effect. Used for the treatment of:

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  • salicylates (salicylic acid) ointment is based on it is applied to pathological elements, the top is covered with a napkin;
  • zinc products (zinc ointment, Tindal, Curiosin) – dried, reduce inflammation, reduce activity of the sebaceous glands;
  • antibacterial drugs (Erythromycinbuy, Sintomitsinovoy liniment, nasal spray) – eliminate the redness, itching, discomfort, stop the reproduction of pathological microorganisms;
  • ointments azelaic acid (Skinoren, Isogel) – has a keratolytic and bactericidal effect;
  • retinoids (Adapalene, Retinoic ointment) – normalize the glands, eliminating clogging of ducts.
  • For the topical treatment uses baths with decoctions of herbs and sea salt, therapeutic masks, scrubs and lotions.

    Прыщи на попе: причины, лечение и профилактика высыпаний

    Tablet medication

    Therapy system equipment is conducted only after determining the causes of rash. If the etiologic factor was an allergen, appointed antihistamines (loratadine, Diazolin, Tavegil).

    When herpetic manifestations of the use of antiviral drugs in combination with immunoglobulins. Representatives antiviral drugs – Cicloferon, cream, Zovirax.

    If the cause of acne has become dysbiosis or other problems with the microflora, the doctor stops the choice on the following medications:

  • probiotics live Lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium that normalizes the qualitative and quantitative indicators of intestinal microflora;
  • prebiotics – substances based on organic synthetic compounds that promote the growth of normal microorganisms in the intestines.
  • Прыщи на попе: причины, лечение и профилактика высыпаний

    Other types of treatment

    Hardware therapy is used only in combination with systemic drugs. The most effective are the procedures:

  • ozone therapy;
  • mesotherapy;
  • vacuum cleaning of the skin;
  • cleaning with ultrasound.
  • *Hardware treatment has contraindications and is carried out only after consultation with specialists and a complete examination of the body.

    Folk remedies

    The majority of those who met with the problems of acne on the buttocks, prefers folk remedies because of their the security of being hypoallergenic and that no toxic effects.

    1. Medicinal baths. Decoction of chamomile strain and add to warm water in a basin. To sit down so that the problem area was immersed in the solution. You can add the decoction of other herbs (St. John’s wort, succession, sage).
    2. Collect a few leaves of plantain and after a thorough wash, chop and squeeze the juice. In its pure form, apply to cotton pad and treat the problem area.
    3. Infusion of marigold flowers. 2 tablespoons dry inflorescences pour a liter of water, bring to the boil and leave to stand for a day. After straining can be used twice a day, treating large areas.
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    Proper nutrition

    Proper diet in the presence of acne is the use of a considerable quantity of products, has cleansing properties, vitamins and mineral acids. Special attention should be given to products that are involved in the regulation of excretory system, in particular, sebaceous glands. These include asparagus, beef, seafood, bran.

    Diet should contain foods rich in vitamin A. It not only carrots, but also currants, sorrel, Rowan, spinach, corn. Together with retinol, the body is saturated with ascorbic acid.

    Preference should be given to the dishes steamed, boiled and stewed vegetables. Maximum excludes smoked, pickled and fried foods, spices, coffee, alcohol and carbonated drinks.

    Proper nutrition will not only restore the health of the skin, but also adjust the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system and strengthen the body’s immune system.

    Прыщи на попе: причины, лечение и профилактика высыпаний

    Prevention of acne on the buttocks

    Preventive measures consist in observing the following rules:

  • choose clothes and underwear made of natural fabric, correct size (at least, that did not happen rubbing the skin!);
  • to alternate between sedentary and active pastime;
  • to abandon abuse alcohol and spices;
  • timely treatment of chronic diseases of the body, including the endocrine and reproductive systems, intestinal tract;
  • to strengthen the immune system;
  • to limit the influence of stressful situations.
  • Compliance with the simple tips of the experts will help to maintain a healthy and attractive looking skin. Similar rules exist for the treatment and prevention of rashes, not only the buttocks, but any part of the body.