The plot from the hives: the recognized rites and prayers

Hello, dear readers. Since ancient times, our ancestors treated illness with ceremonies and incantations. To this day many families use such treatments.

And are there any such methods for dealing with hives and how you can quickly cure the disease folk remedies? Will try to find answers to these questions.

Generally manifests as urticaria?

Заговор от крапивницы: признанные обряды и молитвыUrticaria is a disease which is allergic in nature. It is expressed in the form of redness of the skin with itchy blisters.

In addition, urticaria may be accompanied by allergic cough, bronchospasm, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, and other symptoms.

Usually, this allergic reaction cause by the following factors:

  • The dander, which are in constant contact with the sick person;
  • The presence of an allergen in food products;
  • A consequence of taking certain medications;
  • Insect bites;
  • The pollen of flowering plants.

Those who suffer from this disease especially in the chronic form, constantly raises the question: is it possible in addition to medicines to cure the disease?

Very often medicines are powerless and instead find the cause of hives in your body, people resort to traditional healers and even magic, but is it as effective in the fight against disease?

The effect of the conspiracy on the person

Заговор от крапивницы: признанные обряды и молитвыPlot from urticaria is a some magic words – prayer that can bring healing. Some people are skeptical about such rituals, but because our ancestors in the old days it was treated only by such methods, and they always helped them to fight against diseases.

Prayer helped, you must present the faith to be healed. They act as a placebo effect and therefore still have a place in our world.

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So, the most effective is a rite of hives:

Take the red bag of any size, sleep in his small grits (it may be millet, rice, buckwheat) and begin to shake over his head. This plot is especially applicable to children. In the process of the ritual is to read three times prayer these words:

«The rash of sapota – children’s mate watch out, roll down, fall off the servants of God (name). Amen.»

As soon as I say the words, you should place the bag outside and empty cereal on the road. This method is applicable to any form of urticaria. If you believe our grandmothers, the healing comes the next day.

There is another effective plot from the presented disease. Take the nettle leaves, put on the table. Then they quickly moved to the top of the head of the patient and thrown with force under the table.

Along with this, say these words:

«Urticaria, hives, puternica» From servants of God (name) fuck off, more than not seem. And shows up – will pay! Went away! Shoo! Forever and ever. Amen.»

After the ritual bury beneath a Desk (as do cats), and discard the greenery. Conduct a ritual at any time of the day.

Conspiracy from heat hives

Заговор от крапивницы: признанные обряды и молитвыThermal urticaria, in contrast to conventional, a characteristic that arises when a person is very hot. While the whole body is covered with red blisters, which take a lot of discomfort.

If the patient does not stand up and comb them, then blisters are reborn in the sores, as this can cause the body will get infected.

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Now, there is one ritual that is able to save people from this disease.

Healers took herbal spitting (that’s the watery mass on the grass, which appears in the morning, like drool), wiped them yourself affected areas of the body and in a whisper saying certain words at least 12 times.

Special charms from some of the symptoms of urticaria

Заговор от крапивницы: признанные обряды и молитвыUrticaria is an allergic disease, which, as mentioned above, is accompanied by the concomitant symptoms.

So, Allergy is a runny nose, from which escape is possible by means of the following ceremony, which should begin at noon.

Before the sick man on the table lay a tube of plastic and metal and also a glass of water. While you are speaking magic words, you have to shed water through the tube at your crown, then hold down the end of the tube.

On the other side of the tube water you have to splash out on the table. After the end of the conspiracy, the remaining water should be poured into the street under any tree.

Plot from severe itching

The ceremony is held later in the evening. On the sore spot you have to affix a small piece of dough.

As soon as you begin to read zagovornye words, you should pull out the dough from the body and throw on the table:

«Saluda, leave the servant of God (name), go to hell, at the dog, don’t come back, let them itch, perepelytsa. Amen (3 times)».

The conclusion of the article

Заговор от крапивницы: признанные обряды и молитвыAll of these spells and rituals are traditional methods of healing from hives and is able to fight with any manifestations of disease.

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All this has come to our world from a distant time when there were no drugs and so they have proved their effectiveness.

A major plus in this treatment – plots are considered harmless for your health even if you do not feel relief, you feel worse, won’t be.

If you have previously tried your methods not helped, why try to conspiracies? And believe it or not – decide for yourself. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)