The plot from warts: the rites and prayers of healers

Hello, dear readers. Ancient times, our ancestors treated the warts with the help of various plots. Should we believe this unconventional treatment? How effective is this or is it all a myth? Our today’s article will help to figure it out.

The basis of any conspiracy

Заговор от бородавок: обряды и молитвы народных целителейEarlier people suffering from skin formations, appealed for help to the healers and witch doctors. Every plot of warts has its advantages and disadvantages.

To the magic words worked, you must perform all procedures correctly and clearly. If it does not work the first time, you can try to repeat the ceremony as possible, in the previous time something went wrong.

So, how to get rid of skin growths with the help of a conspiracy?

Most importantly, conduct the rituals on certain days. For this week, the woman should allocate only three days, Saturday, Friday and Wednesday.

On the other days to perform the rituals is impossible. Men are allowed to speak growths on Tuesdays, Mondays and Thursdays.

Hold the magic better in the waning moon. And most importantly you need to believe that the ritual will help. Here faith is the decisive factor for getting rid of tumors.

Conspiracies carried out at the growing moon

On cotton thread

For the first ritual you must take a cotton thread of length about 30 cm. Therapeutic manipulations are performed on the street or at the open window.

To output growth, therefore, needs to touch the thread of all growths that are on your body and tie on a string nodes.

The knots should correspond to the number of warts that you have touched. Thus it is necessary to speak these words: «Month, month you are young, take my wart with you.»

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Potato conspiracy

Заговор от бородавок: обряды и молитвы народных целителейThis is a fairly popular plot, for which you will need medium raw potatoes and matches the number to the appropriate number of warts on your body.

Get off at the nearest intersection, took out a match, touched first wart and the same end of the stick the match into a potato, saying: «One match is one of the wart».

Repeat this manipulation for each wart. After the tuber throws herself at a crossroads. Read a certain prayer, then you should immediately leave the intersection as quickly as possible, not turning around. Most importantly, on the way home with no one to start a conversation. Soon all skin lesions must pass.

Plot using celandine

This takes the juice of the fresh plant and leave at least one day.

When the sky is the waxing moon, go outside, spread all tumors present juice hand-to-month hands up and say the conspiracy (three times): «you’re a Month early, a month you’re young, take me with you, warts take from me, and I hurry back home».

The plots on the waning moon

Заговор от бородавок: обряды и молитвы народных целителейTo cure warts will help the Apple fall from the tree. This fruit is cut into three parts, and try to keep they were the same size. After you touch the wart every bite and throw.

You can also cut the Apple in half (for this ritual is often used for the potatoes), the two parts rubbed a knot, and then both parts of the product. between a silk thread, and buried in the ground. As soon as the rot, and leave the wart.

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Conspiracy with dry grass

Against tumors can help dry grass. To do this, after sunset breaks the beam old grass, he selected the longest blade of grass.

Then the straw needs to touch each wart with zagovornye words. After the blade is discarded.

Strong rite

If you suddenly appeared a lot of warts, it may cause severe damage guidance. For the removal of such growths, you can use the following rite.

You need to take a long thread to tie it at 13 knots. Each knot tied on one of the growths. Then a piece of thread with a knot and tie off to the foot of the frog (alive). Just need 13 frogs. After the done manipulations all animals go in the woods

Conspiracies Of Natalia Stepanova

Заговор от бородавок: обряды и молитвы народных целителейTo remove warts you can with the help of the rites of Siberian healer Natalia Stepanova. According to the opinion of many people, her spells are very effective and strong.


Take slices of beef and they are rubbed with skin nodules. After this, the meat is buried in the ground at the threshold. When the product will decay, disappear, and education.

Bacon with peas

You need to boil the peas and to put a piece of bacon. Only the peas have to speak:

«Peas, warts, fat. To the second account gap. First, the pea, the second – wart, the third fat. Amen.»

After these words, the fat you need to put in the gutter.

Very strong rite

Заговор от бородавок: обряды и молитвы народных целителейYou need to wait until nightfall, and when the sky is no stars, no moon. This night is cut whole wheat bread into 4 pieces. Buy bakery product in need of the odd day. Remember — you can’t take the change.

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Four pieces of bread are placed in the four corners of your room. Each piece began to speak, and in the morning collect and put them under different trees. Bread eat animals, devoured by birds, or it will simply rot. This, in turn, will cause the disappearance of warts.

Many who got rid of the tumors using the presented plots, claimed that healing occurred in a month or two. And before that, nothing helped.

Also note that after these rituals unpleasant skin lesions disappeared forever and never came back. All of these methods are harmless, so you can use them without fear. The most important thing is to believe that they will help. Be healthy!

Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)