The remedy for allergies: how effective and how to properly drink it?

Энтеросгель при аллергии: насколько эффективен и как правильно его пить?Hello, dear visitors of the site! Nutritional disorders in infants happen for various reasons. Any violation in the work of the digestive tract are fraught with allergies.

What to do if your baby or older child had an attack of food hypersensitivity? The remedy for allergies will help you! In this article you will find a full description of this drugs. Happy reading!

General information

How to understand that of infants allergic to? Neither the baby does not pass the stage of breast-feeding without eating disorders, which often provoke hypersensitivity. It is used in the view:

  • skin rashes;
  • diathesis;
  • itching;
  • pain and disorders in the intestine.

To remove the above deterioration will quickly help Enterosgel — absorbent cure advanced security. Thanks to the security it is often prescribed to babies.

What is Enterosgel?

It is a powerful enterosorbent, the main component of which is metalquimia acid. This substance removes metabolites formed in the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, it is able to flush toxins, allergens, as well as to kill pathogenic bacteria.

An additional advantage of Enterosgel is the ability to restore the intestinal microflora:

  • promotes the growth of lactobacilli;
  • helps to restore the population of bifidobacteria and colibacteria.

The drug in the intestine prevents the absorption of vitamins and nutrients from food.

In what forms is now available Enterosgel?

Энтеросгель при аллергии: насколько эффективен и как правильно его пить?There is only one variety of this drug is white or almost white paste. Until 2015 there are form of gel for the preparation of suspension, but it was taken out of production because it is not dissolved and utilized by the body.

Price modern of Enterosgel varies from 200 to 300 rubles depending on the volume of the tube.

Counterparts: or Enterosgel, Polisorb — which is better?

The closest properties and the effectiveness of a similar drug, which is the topic of this article, is POLYSORB — is a powerful adsorbent, which also can be given to babies. Parents often question: which is better from these two drugs?

My answer to it is: the effectiveness of medicines is almost the same, but Enterosgel can restore the intestinal flora, and what is its advantage over Polisorba.

Allergy treatment by Enterosgel

Энтеросгель при аллергии: насколько эффективен и как правильно его пить?Perhaps, go to the main point — will talk about how to make the enterosorbent for the treatment of food hypersensitivity in children from the first months of life.

Pasta is now ready to use, which is convenient. To be treated with enterosorbent will have one to two weeks to achieve maximum therapeutic effect.

Treatment of food hypersensitivity character using Enterosgel need:

  • Mommy, breastfeeding, I recommend to take the paste two hours before or after meals fifteen grams three times a day. Due to the fact that the drug is to be applied in such a way that its effectiveness will increase. In addition, improved the quality of breast milk. Active ingredients of toothpaste will be better absorbed by the infant organism.
  • The instructions say that kids under six months old, the treatment you need to give 2.5 grams before each feeding. 2.5 grams is half a teaspoon. How to give the treatment to the baby to drink it, you ask? There is nothing complicated: simply mix Enterosgel in milk (breast) or in the water.
  • Enterosgel has aroma and taste, so the baby won’t suspect a thing and will not be capricious. Pasta does not need pre-diluted or ready as something different, which is very convenient. The dosage is small, so the baby can swallow it for once fully.

    Can I drink the treatment of women, the bearing of a baby?

    Let’s talk about whether it is possible to use the above paste against allergies during pregnancy. The doctors say that it is possible, even in the first trimester. The only contraindication is a tendency to constipation.

    Enterosgel, like any other sorbent may provoke them. If this happens, then you need to stop treatment. Through time this side effect will disappear on their own.

    What other side effects can have a drug?

    Enterosorbent can mute the effectiveness of other medicines, so drink it in for 1.5-2 hours before or after.

    Энтеросгель при аллергии: насколько эффективен и как правильно его пить?Other impairments among Allergy sufferers who consumed Enterosgel, was not observed. The only thing that can happen when a strong overdose, is nausea and flatulence.

    Contraindications this medicine is also not known. It cannot be taken only in case of individual intolerance or acute obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract. Babies pasta can be given in complex therapy with other drugs.

    Can cause intolerance to treatment? Maybe, but it happens in rare cases. The human body is unpredictable, so may respond to medication in different ways.

    Reviews and conclusion

    Concluding the article, I want to introduce you to the most useful reviews about Enterosgel and anti-allergic abilities.

    Pauline writes:

    Энтеросгель при аллергии: насколько эффективен и как правильно его пить?We have appointed the pasta after vaccination, because the baby went rashes on my body that itched terribly. The doctor said that you need to clean the body of toxins. In the lobby of the treatment to the baby very quickly relieved and the rash began to go very quickly. We were pleased with the result.

    Jeanne writes:

    Treated toothpaste your child from food Allergy. Helped perfect, allowing about rashes we still do not remember. I recommend to all!

    Elena writes:

    Энтеросгель при аллергии: насколько эффективен и как правильно его пить?Long chose between Polycarbon and Enterosgel. The pediatrician helped define, describing all the benefits of a second medication. Allergy after the pasta was almost instantly. The intestinal flora did not hurt. Great drug!

    If you’re looking for a safe sorbent with anti-allergic effect for your newborn, pay attention to Enterosgel. It is safe and easy to use, does not cause side deterioration and is easy to drink even the smallest.

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    The author: Elena Smirnova (dermatologist)

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