The spray from the chicken pox: the names and rules of application

Спрей от ветрянки: названия и правила примененияI welcome you, dear visitors of this website! Many believe that for the treatment of chickenpox it’s best to use medication in the form of a spray. This form is really convenient and easy to use. Spray from the chicken pox easy.

In this article I will describe the most popular drugs in the form of a spray that can quickly relieve the unpleasant symptoms of virus disease.

Benefits of pharmaceutical sprays

  • fast and comfortable to apply;
  • do not leave marks on the fabrics;
  • do not leave tangible traces on the body;
  • available in handy bottles with different capacity;
  • can be used in any conditions;
  • quickly relieve the itching and often have a cooling effect;
  • evenly applied to the whole body.

Float is a modern universal drug protivozudnam effect

This medicine comes in the form of a spray and is inexpensive. He is considered the perfect natural dermato-cosmetic product. The main action of the drug are:

  • fast removal of irritation.
  • reducing itching and inflammation.

Спрей от ветрянки: названия и правила примененияIn addition, the drug has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, astringent effects. These are the effects we need for the treatment of watery lesions on the epidermis.

In the composition Floaty has natural extracts of herbs: chamomile and calendula, and also a complex of biologically active substances.

Placeto suitable for children, adults, pregnant women and infants. With this medications you can quickly relieve the patient’s condition.

The spray is applied by spraying to the surface of the skin, while the spray needs to be kept at a distance of about 20 cm to Cause it as necessary, but not less often 2-3 times a day.

Float gives a light cooling effect, smells good and absorbs quickly. That is why this spray I decided to describe first. The price of drugs is equal to 300-400 RUB

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The epigenome is the cure for mucous

Quite often in cases of chicken pox, a rash appears not only in the epidermal cover, but also on mucous membranes. What to do in this case? To eliminate itching and burning will help the Epigenome — a modern safe spray, which is present glycyrrhizic acid.

Glycyrrhizic acid acts as:

  • stimulates the production of interferon;
  • quickly absorbed by the body;
  • restores mucous membranes;
  • eliminates itching, pain, inflamed.

The epigenome is effective against various viral diseases, including herpes simplex and herpes zoster — the main recurrence of the chicken pox.

Спрей от ветрянки: названия и правила примененияInterferon, referred to above, activates the immune response of the organism to the attack of pathogens of viral diseases. The price of the drug to some it may seem high at 900-1000 rubles.

The epigenome I recommend to use in that case, if the rash appeared on the mucous membranes of the genitals. The process should be conducted 5 times a day every day for 14 days. After there will be no new blisters, the number of treatments can be reduced to 3 per day.

The epigenome can be applied to pregnant and nursing mothers, as the drug can affect the health of the child. During the treatment of the affected rash areas of the body, the balloon with the drug to keep at a distance of 4-5 cm.

In order to handle hard-to-reach location of the rash (if the rash appeared intravaginally or in the urethra), use a special nozzle, which is sold with the medication.

D-Panthenol — a medicine that accelerates the regeneration of the skin

The main component of the spray D-Panthenol dexpanthenol is a derivative of Pantothenic acid. This acid stimulates the natural functions of the skin. To be precise, D-Panthenol works like this:

  • accelerates the process of wound healing;
  • accelerates the regeneration;
  • relieves inflammation;
  • nourishes and softens the skin.
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Spray with the same name helps to get rid of the itching that occurs when the chickenpox. It should be sprayed evenly on the affected Valderice areas of the body several times a day (as needed). The price of the spray varies from 100 to 150 rubles.

Classic drugs from chickenpox for outdoor use — Bocklin and Calamine

The effectiveness of the above drugs in the form of a spray is inferior to the two drugs:

  • Packlen;
  • The calamine.

These medications for external use are very popular in modern times. They were created specifically against chickenpox, so act on watery pimples efficiently and quickly.

Cooling hydrogel, Rocklin

Спрей от ветрянки: названия и правила примененияThe medication in this form simply and safely applied. His consistency is quite liquid, so when applied to injure the pimples is almost impossible.

Rocklin provides instant cooling effect, which greatly relieves itching. The best affordable medication to find. By the way, how much is it worth? Price in pharmacies does not exceed 1000.

Key benefits and actions Backline can be described as follows:

  • natural ingredients in which no chemical and toxic substances;
  • prevents the development of antibacterial infections;
  • prevents scars, which can appear in place of watery pimples;
  • speeds up the healing process;
  • easily and quickly distributed in the skin;
  • has no side effects.

Bocklin put on the affected body parts 3 times a day. In the first days of the disease when the rash is active appears, the medicine can be used more often.

Calamine lotion is a safe and effective remedy against the symptoms of chickenpox

The main component in the composition of Calamine is zinc. Due to this, the drug has the following action:

  • protivozudnoe, and almost instant;
  • drying, after which Valderice start to heal faster;
  • soothing and cooling, which positively affects the General condition of the sick.
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In addition, the drug disinfects and creates an invisible barrier to bacteria, able to survive for a long time. By the way, is a great tool that you can use instead of green stuff.

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Author: Anna Derbeneva (dermatologist)