The treatment of acne: its beneficial properties for the skin

Acne is almost inevitable, as 90-100% of the adolescents suffer, and even 12% of adult women. In varying stages of severity is assigned the treatment of acne. But in the most severe form of this disease of the skin caused by hormonal changes.

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  • Wide application levomekol
  • Indications for use
  • Pharmacological composition
  • Counterparts ointment
  • Efficiency
  • Pros
  • Treatment for pimples ointment
  • The correct use of the drug
  • Mechanism of action
  • Contraindications
  • Cons and disadvantages
  • Wide application levomekol

    This cream, unlike its counterparts, it removes not only the obvious symptoms of acne and pimples and acts on the very cause of their appearance. Thus solves the root of the problem, not masking the acne, and curing their cause.

    The treatment is not a cosmetic remedy, and medication. Therefore, the ointment has strict rules for use.

    1. Apply strictly on problem areas.
    2. Do not use for prevention of acne. Because the ointment contains an antibiotic, which if used incorrectly can destroy the natural flora of the skin, causing severe irritation, dryness and other problems with the dermis.
    3. Do not use the ointment daily.
    4. Alternate several ointments with different active components that the skin does not get used to one drug. This can reduce the effectiveness of levonelle.
    5. After applying the ointment, leave it for a few minutes on the affected area.
    6. Frequency of use should not exceed the prescribed in the Instructions.

    Indications for use

    Levomekol ointment, which contains antibiotic, which means that it effectively fights with the following dermatological diseases of the skin and mucous membranes:

    1. Staphyloma infection of the skin.
    2. Purulent infection.
    3. Burns.
    4. Boils, carbuncles.
    5. Pressure ulcers, any stage.
    6. Corns, calluses.
    7. Any mechanical damage (cuts, abrasions, open fractures, etc.).
    8. Acne.
    9. With the aim of smoothing out of scars of any etiology.
    10. Erosion of the cervix.
    11. Violation of vaginal stitches.
    12. The removal of pain and inflammation associated with hemorrhoids.
    13. Cracked and sore nipples.
    14. Solar dermatitis.
    15. Severe skin allergies.
    16. Inflammation of any skin damage.

    Pharmacological composition

    The throat has the form of an ointment of white or white-yellow color with not very sharp specific smell. Sold in tubes with different dosage from 40 g to 1000g. It includes two active components, namely:

    1. Chloramphenicol – antibacterial ingredient that destroys disease-causing organisms.
    2. Methyluracil – healing component that promotes rapid healing of wounds and leaves scars.

    And in order that the ointment was applied to the surface of the skin more correctly, it consists of additional excipients:

    1. Polyethylene oxide – easy to apply creams and promotes the penetration of active ingredient deep into the underlying layers of the skin.

    Counterparts ointment

    Buy a nasal spray at the pharmacy, without a prescription. But as the ointment contains a fairly aggressive antibiotics, before you buy, consult a doctor and take sensitivity test, in order to prevent anaphylactic shock.

    Counterparts levomekol:

    1. Panthenol is perfect for those who have intolerance to the antibiotics.
    2. Alpohin-Forte – drug is effective for less complex cases of inflammation of the skin.
    3. Bimodal – prescribed for infections of the skin, caused by an imbalance of flora in the body.
    4. Runstop – the composition is suitable for people with neglected diseases of the skin caused by fungus.
    5. Proctosol – component perfect, for the treatment of hemorrhoids.
    6. Penestin – the drug is not effective for the treatment of bacterial infections.
    7. Aekol is a drug prescribed to patients who have gnomie wounds.
    8. Acerbine spray suitable for treating minor mechanical damage skin (abrasions, bites, cuts, minor rash).
    9. Solcoseryl gel preparation is applied only on clean wounds.
    10. Vhotel – used in gynecology.
    11. Epiderm – almost identical to the drug, but has a different active ingredient.


    As mentioned above, in the ointment composition includes an antibacterial agent, which allows you to cure the cause of acne. In order to ointment was more effective before its use, consult your doctor and make planting the tank from the source of acne. This procedure will help to determine which kind of bacterial infection you are suffering, and will help determine whether this ointment more effective. In most cases, lemarechal is effective as an antibiotic in its composition a wide range of action.

    In addition, the cream contains a wound healing substance, which in a short time relieves inflammation, redness, swelling, pain and symptoms of acne.


    1. Low cost.
    2. High efficiency.
    3. The minimum number of side effects.
    4. Fast action.

    Treatment for pimples ointment


    Левомеколь от прыщей: его полезные свойства для кожи

    Treatment levamisole is the most effective means, because fighting the cause of acne.

    The correct use of the drug

    As mentioned above the treatment is a medical tool that you need to apply the rules.

    1. Before use, test for sensitivity. Apply a small amount of ointment on your wrist, leave for a few minutes. If the skin remains unchanged — apply to problem areas.
    2. Apply on the skin for 15 to 20 minutes fixing a cotton swab or gauze.
    3. Do not apply on entire face.
    4. Use point.
    5. Treat pimples as they occur.

    Mechanism of action

    Левомеколь от прыщей: его полезные свойства для кожи

    Drug action involves several stages of treatment of acne. In the first stage, the ointment once on a problematic surface, softens it, so that the active ingredient penetrated into the deepest areas of the pimple. It then starts the second phase, in which the antibacterial component, it localizes the pathogen, it envelops and destroys the membrane, removing toxins and waste products of the bacteria out. In the third phase, the other component of the ointment soothes the skin, reduces inflammatory effect and performs a speedy healing of the wound surface, without leaving scars or pits. Through this triad of components levomekol, this drug is almost a perfect solution to combat problem skin.


    1. Intolerance to chloramphenicol, ethylene glycol, methyluracil.
    2. The presence of eczema, psoriasis and fungal infections. This is due to the inefficiency of this ointment to these skin diseases.
    3. Prolonged use may disrupt the natural flora of the skin and will be irritation, dryness, rash.
    4. You can’t use the ointment, in chronic infectious diseases of the skin.

    Cons and disadvantages


    Левомеколь от прыщей: его полезные свойства для кожи

    1. With prolonged use of the ointment ineffective.
    2. In people with intolerance to the components can cause severe allergic reactions.
    3. Incorrect use causes irritation of the skin.

    Doctors believe that oily skin is a prerequisite for the formation of acne. But not necessarily directly to the oily skin causes these problems. Using sebum Horny scales of the upper layer of skin (the epidermis) are connected with dust, which leads to the formation of pimples, blackheads and internal cysts are filled with fluid. The greatest concern they have, when formed on the visible areas — the shoulders, neck, chest and face.

    In the first stage, is formed a blockage in the excretory ducts of the sebaceous glands. There are reddish bumps (papules) is a type of inflammatory response of the body. Then in its place there is a whitish spot, which, since covered by a purulent crust. When the crust peels off, the skin may remain barely visible scar or stain.

    Sometimes the inflammation penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin. And covers the bottom of the follicle and the sebaceous glands itself. Consequently, there is a dense swelling pink at the same level, which can have a purple hue and is often inflamed.

    It is therefore very important to treat acne at the initial stages of their appearance.

    The treatment is an ideal ointment for the treatment of acne, in all stages of their evolution.

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